How To Become A Clinical Research Coordinator

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The Clinical Research Coordinator is the backbone of any clinical trial. In my opinion, the clinical research coordinator position is the best place to start your clinical research career.

The Riverside Clinical Research Location

Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research, conveniently located in beautiful, vibrant Edgewater – at 1410 S. As a major contributor to Edgewater’s medical community, Riverside Clinical Research is known for its innovations in medicine.


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The Most Common Entry Level Jobs In Clinical Research

Clinical Trial Gurus

Clinical research jobs are plentiful and range well beyond clinical research associates or study coordinators. In this video, Chris and I mention some common entry level clinical trial positions that do not get the attention they deserve

3 Ways to Fast Track Your Career in Clinical Research


If you’ve spent some time working as a clinical research associate (CRA) and are looking to advance your career, you might be wondering where to start. Here are three ways to advance your career in clinical research.

Squashing the Stigma about Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research

Psychological research indicates that stigmas or unfair social attitudes, which place groups of people or things into certain categories, are often created as a way for some people to deal with things they don’t understand. Incorrect and damaging stigmas can even apply to clinical trials. .

3 Barriers Between Patients and Clinical Research

Find Me Cure

As part of our patient advocacy efforts, at FindMeCure we are dedicated to creating a bridge between patients and the world of clinical research. Today let’s take a look at some of the barriers to trial participation and the issues that break the trust patients have in research. .

The need for a centralized platform for clinical research study


Clinical Trial Management (CTMS). Clinical Trial Budget Management. ☰ The need for a centralized platform for clinical research study. Clinical research teams are constantly challenged to do more with fewer resources. ICH Good Clinical Process.

Protocol Deviation Findings and PI Oversight In Clinical Research

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Protocol deviations are inevitable in every clinical trial, and realistically, they occur at every site no matter the level of experience, training or oversight.

Protocol Amendments and What They Trigger In Clinical Research

Clinical Trial Gurus

In clinical research trials, protocol amendments are a very frequent occurrence. In this video I break down what cascade of events should occur from a regulatory and site training perspective whenever a new protocol amendment takes place

How To Become A Clinical Research Associate- The Shortest Version!

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Let us simplify the complex: becoming a clinical research associate is difficult but it is possible and thousands have achieved this goal by applying themselves, enhancing their skillset, and working their way up the clinical research career pathways that the life sciences industry allows.

Why It's Never Been A Better Time To Be A Research Naive Physician in Clinical Research

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In this webinar, Chris and I discuss the clinical research opportunities for clinicians in the decade of the roaring 20’s for the life sciences industry! It truly has never been a better time to get started as a clinical research investigator.

CRA Academy Guest Lecture On Clinical Research Career Development

Clinical Trial Gurus

We were fortunate enough to get The CRA Academy instructor, Ashley Margo to share free tips and strategies for how prospective clinical research career seekers can better position themselves in the job market

Elligo Health Research Teams With Laguna Clinical Research Associates

BioTech 365

Inside the UK’s leading efforts to restart clinical research

Pharma Phorum

A herculean national effort has seen 69% of paused studies due to COVID restarted under the National Institute for Health Research’s (NIHR) Restart Framework. The post Inside the UK’s leading efforts to restart clinical research appeared first on.

CRA and CRC Relationship In Clinical Research Is Make or Break For A Study. Why Both Are Critical!

Clinical Trial Gurus

I have often said that the most important and least discussed dynamic in clinical research is the clinical research coordinator and clinical research associate relationship. In this interview with a clinical research coordinator, we explore the topic furthe

Quantitative Biomarkers in Clinical Research Imaging Trials


The advantages of using quantitative imaging in clinical research studies include the generation of mineable translational data sets and a reduction in variance across clinical site assessments.

Migraine Clinical Trials at Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research

The medical and research professionals at Riverside Clinical Research are planning on conducting research studies for this condition. An award-winning research facility, Riverside Clinical Research, has earned a stellar reputation for clinical research trial trendsetting.

Hyperkalemia: A Riverside Clinical Research Study

Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research is conducting a clinical trial for the purpose of the further study of hyperkalemia. Riverside Clinical Research volunteers are compensated for their time and travel and no insurance is necessary.

Clinical research in 2021: A new era of collaboration and innovation

Pharma Phorum

The clinical research community has been disrupted in a number of ways due to COVID-19 and sparked a spirit of collaboration and innovation. Worldwide Clinical Trial’s Aman Khera gives five predictions of how clinical research could change in 2021.

Australia, NZ appealing to clinical researchers: Greenphire

BioPharma Reporter

Clinical DevelopmentThanks in part to swift COVID-19 response and relatively low infection rates, more sites and sponsors are looking at the region to locate their studies.

Social Media’s Role in Clinical Research

Forte Research Systems®

Its role in clinical research has many recruiting and retention benefits. Social media connects users worldwide, helping people stay connected. Patient Recruitment

Clinical Research Career Questions and Pathways Answered!

Clinical Trial Gurus

Dan Sfera answers questions about the clinical research industry in an effort to help viewers. One of the biggest area of interest how to break into the research industry without prior experience. Clinical research attracts people because of its stability and earning potential

The Future of Clinical Research?!

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The future of clinical is heading towards several key areas of medicine which are mentioned in this video. Site owners should consider entering or expanding into these areas. Likewise CRAs and coordinators in these areas should also expect an increased demand in their skills

How Can A Clinical Research Coordinator Handle Their Workflow?

Clinical Trial Gurus

Depending on the research site, Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) are responsible for several clinical trial activities ranging from regulatory document management to patient intake or budget negotiations.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Coordinator

Forte Research Systems®

Clinical Research Coordinators are tasked with many responsibilities throughout the day. Learn more about how to balance each role and responsibility effectively. Site Management Study Coordination

A Clinical Study at Riverside Clinical Research: Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT)

Riverside Clinical Research

Do you suffer from Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT) and think you might be interested in participating in a clinical study about PSVT? You can call the professionals at Riverside Clinical Research at 386-428-7730 Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m.

The Definitive Guide To Breaking Into The Clinical Research Industry

Clinical Trial Gurus

Several strategies for breaking into the clinical research industry are outlined in this video.

How To Put Yourself In The Clinical Research Industry!

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The clinical research industry is filled with opportunities for almost anyone, regardless of their level of experience. However, one of the most direct paths into the industry starts by finding ways help sites with patient outreach, access to physicians and branding.

CRAACO event unites clinical research and care

Outsourcing Pharma

This year the conference brings its content, focused on the intersection of clinical research and patient care, from the real world to the virtual one. Clinical Development

Decentralised trials – aided by tech – could boost clinical research

Pharma Phorum

Bringing clinical trials to patients – rather than the reverse – could be the key to improving recruitment into studies and making them faster, cheaper and more likely to succeed, according to one clinical research organisation (CRO).

Improving Diversity and Disparities In Clinical Research Participation

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Sponsors, CROs and sites are beginning to take steps towards making the clinical research industry more inclusive. This video points out that inclusivity can come from enrolling diverse patient samples or by enlisting physicians from diverse backgrounds.

Project Manager Getting Back Into Clinical Research After 9 Years

Clinical Trial Gurus

Returning to the clinical research industry is highly achievable and requires minimal training. One of the first steps to returning is to renew any GCP certificates and reviewing basic clinical research principles.

Clinical Research Coordinator Shares His Career Journey

Clinical Trial Gurus

Fortunately there are many options for anyone with enough research experience. Dan Sfera interviews a coordinator with over five years about possible career pathways.

How Black Women In Clinical Research Founder and Study Coordinator Got Her Career Started!

Clinical Trial Gurus

As a matter of fact, it was the inspiration for starting Latinos In Clinical Research for my team and I! Danielle Coe did not wait for an opportunity, she created one and is a perfect example of passion and ambition intersecting to launch a clinical research career

Survey identifies factors in reducing clinical research coordinator turnover


Danielle Buchanan, BS, clinical translational research coordinator III in the Department of Neurology, and Daniel […]. Medicine & Health Clinical Trials Medicine/Health

Craig Lipset on Clinical Research in a 2020 and Beyond World

Clinical Trial Gurus

Craig Lipset is one of the biggest thought leaders in the clinical research industry.

Bayesian Methods: Transforming the Future of Clinical Research

Journal for Clinical Studies

Today, a range of Bayesian methods or techniques are being used to drive some of the most important scientific advancements… The post Bayesian Methods: Transforming the Future of Clinical Research appeared first on Journal for Clinical Studies.

Clinical Research Coordinator Interview Questions For Both Inexperienced and Experienced Candidates

Clinical Trial Gurus

Many people now realize that the clinical research site is key for advancing their career within the clinical research industry.

Clinical Research Site Owner Gets 28 Years in Prison For Research Fraud

Clinical Trial Gurus

This is the type of story that should be featured on American Greed and is also an unfortunate story of a clinical research site owner who lost control of his addictions and ambitions while continuously attempting to cover up lie after lie

COPD Clinical Trials at Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research

Clinical research and the findings that are uncovered within the clinical trial process are vital to. addition, major medical breakthroughs could not happen without the contribution of clinical trial. Riverside Clinical Research is conveniently located at 1410 S.

Verily hires former FDA leader to head clinical research platforms

Outsourcing Pharma

The life-sciences data outfit has chosen former FDA principal deputy commissioner Amy Abernethy to serve as president of its clinical research business. Clinical Development

Clinical Research Coordinator Discusses Challenges With Virtual Patient Visits

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A Clinical Research Coordinator talks about some of the barriers that he has encountered while working on remote clinical trials.

Adding Clinical Research To A Small Physician Private Practice

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New clinical research site owners are not aware that there is typically a considerable amount of time before a new site can be profitable.