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New anti-evolocumab antibodies could aid drug development

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Bio-Rad Laboratories has introduced a range of type 1 antibodies that inhibit the binding of evolocumab (Repatha) to its target, human proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9), a protein that has been shown to play a key role in the regulation of cholesterol levels. .

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Grifols’ Innovation Strategy in the Plasma Medicine Space


Plasma medicine is a critical and specialized field within healthcare, centering on the use of human plasma for the development and administration of life-saving treatments. Human plasma, the clear, liquid portion of blood, is composed of water, electrolytes, nutrients and crucial proteins such as antibodies, clotting factors and albumin.

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What to expect from PEGS Europe 2023: Day 2

Drug Discovery World

Novel platforms This session will begin with chariperson’s remarks from Lars Linden, PhD, Vice President, Head, Biologics Research, Bayer HealthCare, which will be followed by a keynote presentation by Agnieszka Kielczewska, PhD, Director, Research, Antibody Discovery and Screening, Biologics Discovery, Amgen.

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Transgene and BioInvent Receive Approval From ANSM to Proceed With Phase I/IIa Trial of Anti-CTLA4-armed Oncolytic Virus BT-001 in Solid Tumors

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By selectively targeting the tumor microenvironment, BT-001 is expected to elicit a much stronger and more effective antitumoral response and greatly increase the safety and tolerability profile of the anti-CTLA4 antibody. BT-001 is being co-developed through a 50/50 collaboration between Transgene and BioInvent. 19, 2021 06:30 UTC.

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