Sun.Sep 18, 2022

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School start times and late screen time exacerbate sleep deprivation in US teenagers

Medical Xpress

With the school year underway around the U.S., parents and caregivers are once again faced with the age-old struggle of wrangling groggy kids out of bed in the morning. For parents of preteens and teenagers, it can be particularly challenging.

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There's a nationwide shortage of Adderall even as prescriptions reach an all-time high

NPR Health - Shots

NPR's Scott Simon speaks to journalist Ike Swetlitz about the current shortage of the attention deficit disorder drug, Adderall.

Drugs 89

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My Loved One Is in the Intensive Care Unit—What Should I Know?

JAMA Internal Medicine

This JAMA Internal Medicine Patient Page describes how individuals can support loved ones while they are being cared for in the intensive care unit.

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Which pharma companies have the most supplementary protection certificates?

Drug Patent Watch

This chart shows the drug companies with the most supplementary protection certificates (SPCs). SPCs are used in European Union and select others to encourage pharmaceutical innovation by compensating for the…. The post Which pharma companies have the most supplementary protection certificates? appeared first on DrugPatentWatch - Make Better Decisions.

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Running Decentralized Trials at Scale: Planning for Success

There’s been a rapid shift towards decentralization in clinical trials & it’s clear why. The potential for reaching a larger pool of recruits is possible when sponsors can bring more trial activities to the patient. Tele visits, digital consent, new monitoring sensors, & direct-to-patient supply are virtual tools that existed before the pandemic, but now there’s swift adoption of these methods because they’ve been proven to help launch & complete trials more effectively.