December, 2020

Telehealth will be worth about $25 billion in 2021

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: Deloitte predicts that the percentage of virtual video visits to doctors will rise to 5% globally in 2021, up from an estimated 1% in 2019. While 5% may not sound like much, consider that 8.5 billion doctor’s visits, worth a total of approximately US$500 billion.

UK authorizes AstraZeneca, Oxford coronavirus vaccine, but questions linger

Bio Pharma Dive

The first public vaccinations with AstraZeneca and Oxford’s shot will begin early in the New Year. But it’s still unclear how effective the vaccine is, or the best way to use it


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Iowa State University Approaches COVID-19 Using Nanotechnology


The vaccine will be able to be administered without needles and in one dose. It also won’t require refrigeration

In the News: November Regulatory and Development Updates


Remote Document Review Leads to CRL: Be Careful What You Wish for? The FDA’s halt of onsite inspections has created a wealth of problems.

Ivory Coast creates first marine protected area


Credit: CEM Ivory Coast has announced the creation of its first Marine Protected Area (MPA). The MPA will cover 2,600km2 (1,000 square miles) of pristine ocean off the coast of Grand-Béréby, protecting marine biodiversity including threatened shark and turtle species.


Clinical Development in Inflammatory Diseases: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Journal for Clinical Studies

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disease characterised by an inflammatory polyarthritis that preferentiallyaffects the small joints. RA is… Current features Volume 12 Issue 6

A new normal for digital health?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY : According to Harvard Business Review, “digital health solutions and technology will play a crucial role in the difficult work of optimizing processes and systems for greater efficiency, financial viability, and enhanced outcomes.

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Boston Doctor Develops Severe Allergic Reaction After Getting Moderna Vaccine

NY Times

The patient, who has a severe shellfish allergy, recovered quickly with treatment. Until now, reports of severe reactions had been linked to the Pfizer vaccine.

You Have a Product – Now What? Key Considerations for an Effective Commercial Strategy


Whether a sponsor develops a new product or plans to license an exciting new asset developed somewhere else, commercial success or failure will depend on its understanding of the market and ability to develop an effective commercial strategy.

New drug inhibits the growth of cancer cells


Blocking gene expression in mitochondria in mice stops cancer cells from growing Credit: Hauke S. Hillen A newly developed compound starves cancer cells by attacking their “power plants” – the so-called mitochondria.

Therapeutics for ‘COVID-19 Long-Haulers’ Exploding onto the Scene as 2020 Ends


BioSpace spoke with just a couple of companies endeavoring to make 2021 a happier new year for survivors now suffering from the life-altering after-effects of COVID-19


Is digital the future of medicine?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: McKinsey estimates that global digital-health revenues—from telemedicine, online pharmacies, wearable devices, and so on—will rise from $350bn last year to $600bn in 2024. I’m not so sure. EHR’s have been a failure.

In milestone, FDA clears coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer, BioNTech for emergency use

Bio Pharma Dive

Vaccinations are expected to begin within days of the historic decision, which follows early approvals in the U.K., Canada and Mexico

Thoughtful Gifts for Individuals with Cancer

Triage Cancer

At Triage Cancer we believe in sharing resources that might be helpful to the cancer community. Today, we introduce you to Mend Together. Keep on reading for some thoughtful gift ideas for the person in your life coping with cancer. .

DNA analysis could pinpoint ‘long haulers’ among COVID-19 patients

Outsourcing Pharma

The analytical tool, developed via Bionano Genomics, maps structural variations in DNA that are known to cause disease and are tied to symptom severity. COVID-19

Genome 114

Self-collected saliva samples prove effective for diagnosing COVID-19


SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 Virus, is Mutating, But So Far, Slowly


Viruses mutate, and SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is not different. Luckily, it appears to mutate relatively slowly. Meanwhile, researchers are beginning to get a grip on the virus’s evolution

Pharma websites need disruption

World of DTC Marketing

Walk into any corporate pharma HQ, and you’re likely to see a mission statement that’s pure b t about how patients come first. We all know that Wall Street and sales come well before patients. Want proof?

Researchers of the Year: The RECOVERY team

Bio Pharma Dive

The U.K.'s 's RECOVERY trial proved a cheap steroid could keep COVID-19 patients from dying, and showed two other widely considered drugs didn't work — crucial findings in a sprawling and sometimes messy global hunt for coronavirus treatments

Moderna Vaccine Is Highly Protective and Prevents Severe Covid, Data Show

NY Times

The positive review likely ensures that the F.D.A. will grant emergency authorization for a second coronavirus vaccine this week for millions of Americans.

Human Rights Day: Safe and Affordable Imported Medicine and the Internet

Pharmacy Checkers

Today is Human Rights Day, a day commemorating the United Nations’ 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Crystals may help reveal hidden Kilauea Volcano behavior


Credit: Image credit: USGS Scientists striving to understand how and when volcanoes might erupt face a challenge: many of the processes take place deep underground in lava tubes churning with dangerous molten Earth.

Is China Using CRISPR to Create Super Soldiers?


Has China discovered a super-soldier formula through the capabilities of genetic engineering? A U.S. government official claims this is exactly what is happening

The immediate future of DTC

World of DTC Marketing

As we look forward to 2021 DTC marketers should be noting the changes in consumer attitudes and the way they request new treatments. Much has changed but a lot is also the same. Business magazines are writing about the “digital future” of healthcare but are consumers ready?

AstraZeneca to buy Alexion for $39B

Bio Pharma Dive

The deal launches AstraZeneca, a company that has been growing mostly because of newer drugs for cancer and diabetes, into the market for rare disease treatments

Green light for UK trial of nasal coronavirus vaccine

Pharma Times

The trial is expected to begin next month, with first data anticipated in the second quarter of 2020

Trials 107

Best Features of Mobile Workstations in Pharmaceutical Production

Pharma Mirror

The future of pharmaceutical manufacturing is mobile. Advances in cloud computing and the onset of Industry 4.0 has led to the proliferation of mobile IT solutions for manufacturing, including pharmaceuticals.

Largest study of Asia’s rivers unearths 800 years of paleoclimate patterns


The SUTD study will be crucial for assessing future climatic changes and making more informed water management decisions. Credit: SUTD 813 years of annual river discharge at 62 stations, 41 rivers in 16 countries, from 1200 to 2012.

Experts Say Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccines Outweigh Risks of Reported Temporary Side Effects


After four people in the Pfizer-BioNTech's and three people in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine trials developed temporary facial weakness or paralysis, some people became concerned that it could happen to them. But experts suggest that the condition, known as Bell’s palsy, is fairly prevalent in the p

Trials 112

Is DTC effective?

World of DTC Marketing

According to a study in the Journal for American Board of Family Medicine “respondents (76%) said they were likely to ask a health care provider about advertised drugs; 26% said they had already done so.

Moderna's first FDA clearance brings the US a second coronavirus vaccine

Bio Pharma Dive

The FDA's emergency authorization of the biotech’s shot bolsters an immunization campaign in the U.S. that’s just beginning

Wishing You More Affordable Medicine This Christmas

Pharmacy Checkers

With some stops and starts, this blog has become far more focused on policy, regulatory matters, law and politics — and less on everyday consumer issues relating to drug prices.

New Zealand secures COVID-19 vaccines from Novavax and AstraZeneca

BioPharma Reporter

New Zealand now has enough COVID-19 vaccines for everyone in the country, says the government, as it announces two new supply agreements with Novavax and AstraZeneca today. Markets & Regulations

Incredible vision in ancient marine creatures drove an evolutionary arms race


Credit: Katrina Kenny Ancient deep sea creatures called radiodonts had incredible vision that likely drove an evolutionary arms race according to new research published today.

A Timeline of COVID-19 Vaccine Development


Vaccine development is an arduous process, taking about 10-15 years on average to accomplish. But with the imminent worries surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic putting unprecedented pressure on our healthcare systems and economies, unprecedented measures needed to be put in place

Should pharma be in the app business?

World of DTC Marketing

Consumers downloaded 204 billion apps in 2019, and mobile use has been increasing during the pandemic. Apple, with its new privacy requirements, is challenging app developers and brands while Facebook cries fowl. It will have little effect on app use, though, for consumers.

US pays another $2B to buy more doses of Pfizer, BioNTech coronavirus vaccine

Bio Pharma Dive

The new deal will provide the U.S. with 100 million additional doses of Pfizer and BioNTech's shot, but the much-needed supply won't be available for several months