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As COVID-19 becomes a business, vaccine makers confront thorny pricing questions

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Yearly vaccinations could be required after the pandemic ebbs. Will drugmakers change how they approach pricing their shots

The other COVID-19 health crisis in Oncology

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY : COVID-19 has caused substantial increases in the number of avoidable cancer deaths due to diagnostic and treatment delays. People who need healthcare are avoiding it because of COVID-related concerns, and in some cases, it costs them their lives. Where are healthcare companies?


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Promising new approach to stop growth of brain cancer cells


Credit: The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (Friday, February 12, 2021 – Toronto) — Inhibiting a key enzyme that controls a large network of proteins important in cell division and growth paves the way for a new class of drugs that could stop glioblastoma, a deadly brain cancer, from growing.

Clinical trial set to test efficacy of mixing Sputnik V and COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

BioPharma Reporter

Health officials in Azerbaijan have granted approval for a clinical trial to take place in that country combining Russiaâs Sputnik V vaccine with the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot in adults 18 years and older. Markets & Regulations

Editas names new CEO in latest executive shakeup

Bio Pharma Dive

James Mullen, chair of Editas' board and a former Biogen CEO, will replace Cynthia Collins in a critical year for the gene editing biotech

Let your agency do what they do best

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: There are some excellent digital agencies dedicated to pharma. Greater-Than-One and InTouch Solutions are just a couple. Agencies have experience in leading and developing cutting-edge digital pharma marketing solutions, but they need your help to really be effective.

COVID-19 Long-Hauler Therapy Space Beginning to Take Shape


While the space is just beginning to emerge, therapies for long-haul COVID-19 patients are still very much an unmet need


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A gene therapy pipeline takes shape for a cluster of rare diseases

Bio Pharma Dive

Lysosomal storage disorders, diseases of cellular metabolism gone wrong, are the focus of a fast-expanding lineup of experimental genetic medicines, a research boom that recalls biotech's roots

Elements of a great pharma website

World of DTC Marketing

OPENING: Online health seekers decide whether to stay on your website within the first five seconds of landing on your homepage. They decide if your site addresses their questions after looking at 1.24 pages. Here are what I found in over two years of research with online health seekers.

Semaglutide Brings Significant Weight Loss in Obese Patients

NY Times

In a clinical trial, participants taking semaglutide lost 15 percent of their body weight, on average. Obesity Diabetes Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Clinical Trials Weight New England Journal of Medicine Northwestern University Novo Nordisk A/S

State Drug Importation Bills Just Got More Personal in California

Pharmacy Checkers

With lies and deception, Big Pharma has used the threat posed by rogue websites and counterfeit drugs to push back against U.S. state legislation to gain access to lower drug prices in Canada.

AbbVie exploring how CRISPR gene editing can improve cell therapies

Bio Pharma Dive

Using technology from Caribou Biosciences, AbbVie hopes to engineer "off-the-shelf" CAR-T cells that can better withstand attacks from the immune system

AI in pharma: Can it be used in DTC?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: AI in the pharma industry has the ability to transform certain capabilities. DTC marketers can tap into AI to help deliver relevant messages to certain audiences, but they shouldn’t let AI do all their thinking.

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Yes, allergy seasons are getting worse; blame climate change


Credit: William Anderegg If you live with seasonal allergies and feel like the pollen seasons feel longer and longer every year, you may be right.

6 Tips for Finding Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Let’s review the six tips for finding work during the coronavirus pandemic


FDA clears Lilly's COVID-19 antibody cocktail for emergency use

Bio Pharma Dive

In a late-stage study of people recently diagnosed with COVID-19, the dual-antibody drug sharply reduced the risk of hospitalizations and death

Jazz Pharmaceuticals to acquire GW Pharma for $7.2bn

Pharma Times

Jazz will add GW's plant-derived cannabinoid treatment Epidiolex to its roster


Liquid biopsy for colorectal cancer could guide therapy for tumors


Blood and urine samples identify disease that lingers after initial therapy Credit: PETER HARRIS A new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St.

Bristol Myers Takes $470 Million Write-off and Scraps Orva-Cel CAR-T Program


The company’s head of drug development, Samit Hirawat, told analysts in a conference call last week that the decision was about working with the best drugs, particularly in a crowded field like BCMA

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New data on AstraZeneca vaccine add to worries over coronavirus variant from South Africa

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South Africa will use other shots in its immunization campaign after AstraZeneca's offered "minimal protection" against the variant that's spread throughout the country

Early data back J&J and AC Immune’s Alzheimer’s jab

Pharma Phorum

Shares in Swiss biotech AC Immune have risen sharply after it said a vaccine in development for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) hit the mark in a phase 1/2 trial. .

Lemurs show there’s no single formula for lasting love


Brain imaging reveals that not all monogamous mammals are ‘wired for love’ in the same way Credit: David Haring, Duke Lemur Center DURHAM, N.C.

Synairgen’s inhaled COVID-19 treatment included in US trial

Pharma Times

Trial is sponsored by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID

In surprise finding, Roche arthritis drug cuts risk of COVID-19 death in large UK study

Bio Pharma Dive

researchers running the sprawling RECOVERY trial showed that adding Actemra to standard treatment can save lives, a powerfully positive result in a long-running debate about the drug's utility in COVID-19

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Navigating the Minefield of Organ Donation During the COVID-19 Pandemic


When all is said and done, there will have been many forgotten victims of COVID-19. With the SARS-CoV-2 virus showing up in more and more human organs, will potential recipients be among them


Nanoparticle gel unites oil and water in manufacturing-friendly approach


Novel gel-creation method could open applications in water filtration, other applications Credit: N.

performance-io strikes multimillion-pound deal with STEM’s Rob Wood

Pharma Phorum

Rob Wood has acquired a large minority stake in performance-io through a multimillion-pound deal that will see him join the specialist online performance marketing agency’s executive board.

US secures 200 million more vaccine doses from Pfizer, Moderna

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With the orders now finalized, President Biden said the U.S. would have enough doses to vaccinate 300 million Americans by the end of the July

Janssen Shows 35% Drop in Mortality with Prostate Cancer Drug


A final analysis of the Phase III TITAN study shows that Janssen’s ERLEADA®, when added to androgen deprivation therapy, significantly improved overall survival in patients with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC) compared with placebo

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Can super-Earth interior dynamics set the table for habitability?


Are super-Earths capable of creating conditions that are hospitable for life to arise and thrive? Credit: Image is courtesy of Yingwei Fei. Sandia Z Machine photograph by Randy Montoya, courtesy of Sandia National Laboratories.

First look inside BioNTech's Marburg site as it starts production for COVID-19 vaccine

BioPharma Reporter

BioNTech announced this morning it has started the production of mRNA at its new facility in Marburg, Germany: which will become one of the largest mRNA manufacturing sites in Europe. Bio Developments

FDA approves Regeneron drug for rare, genetic form of high cholesterol

Bio Pharma Dive

The biotech set an average annual price of $450,000 for the first-of-its-kind drug, which treats a condition that affects about 1,300 people in the U.S.

Genentech Could Regain the Blindness-Related Disease Market with New Treatment


After announcing topline data from two identical Phase III trials, Roche’s Genentech has doubled down on data and are now showing positive results from four studies for its newest blindness-fighting treatment

Scientists awarded Fulbright scholarships to study climate and the environment


Lora Harris and Christina Goethel to begin research exchange in Finland and Iceland Credit: University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) Associate Professor Lora Harris and Ph.D.

Ireland is open: The biologics boom boosting the Irish economy

Pharma Phorum

The life sciences industry has an important role in the Irish economy, with sectors such as biologics booming across the country. Rory Mullen, head of biopharma at Ireland’s economic development agency IDA Ireland tells pharmaphorum why business is blossoming in the Emerald Isle.

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A new startup gets Takeda's backing to take complex genetic medicines 'off the shelf'

Bio Pharma Dive

Ensoma Therapeutics debuts with a lucrative alliance with the Japanese pharma and an unusual way to deliver genetic medicines into the body

South Africa Pauses AstraZeneca Vaccine Rollout Over Small but Dismal Study Results


South Africa has delayed the distribution of the AstraZeneca-University of Oxford COVID-19 vaccine after data suggested it “provides minimal protection” against mild disease from the South African variant