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Sanofi buys an mRNA startup in another bet on 'off-the-shelf' cell therapy

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Tidal Therapeutics is the second biotech developing more convenient cell therapies that the French pharma has recently acquired, part of a broader expansion in oncology

Social media and prescription drugs: A study

World of DTC Marketing

QUICK READ: A two-month analysis of social media and prescription drugs found the number one reason online health seekers use social media is to share and ask questions about medication side effects. I also found an abundance of medication misinformation based on personal experiences and hearsay.

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In the News: March 2021 Regulatory and Development Updates


Each month, Camargo’s “In the News” series highlights important changes and advancements in the regulatory and development space and explores how those changes could impact your program. Rare Disease Clinical Trials Most Often Terminated Due to Regulatory and Recruitment Issues.

Organizing For The New Normal

Triage Cancer

It's spring. We're starting to emerge from, well, a lot of things. Over the past year, I've heard just about every kind of organizing/decluttering/reordering response to our pandemic isolation and work-from-home shifts.

Researchers lay out hypothesis for rare side effect linked to AstraZeneca vaccine

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The EMA has reiterated the benefits of the shot outweigh the risks, but the safety concerns are another hurdle to the vaccine's rollout in Europe

Pharma not ready for imminent future

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QUICK READ: Changes are on the horizon for healthcare and pharma, yet very few pharma companies are prepared for the changes that are coming.

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FDA Approves Novel Non-Stimulant Treatment for ADHD


Shares of Supernus Pharmaceuticals were climbing in premarket trading this morning after Friday’s announcement the U.S. FDA approved the company’s non-stimulant treatment for ADHD in pediatric patients 6 to 17 years of age

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New CAR-T therapy from Bristol, Bluebird effective but too costly, ICER finds

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The influential drug cost watchdog recommended a discount of between 37% and 54% to the $419,500 list price the companies charge for Abecma, a multiple myeloma cell therapy cleared by the FDA in March

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Healthcare is about profits, not patients

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QUICK READ: The nation’s largest for-profit hospital chains saw higher profits , and some more than tripled their net income compared to last year. Some are also increasing their profit margins by forcing out healthcare staff who have seniority and earn more.

GenomeFrontier, Ziopharm Non-Viral Vectors Could Transform CAR-T Cell Therapy


Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T) therapy is one of the biggest cancer therapy breakthroughs of our time, but as with any precise science, there is still some fine-tuning to be done to overcome safety risks, limited payload capacity, and the prohibitive cost of manufacturing

Tattoo made of gold nanoparticles revolutionizes medical diagnostics


Ionis cuts jobs at a former spinout and inks new deal with Sobi

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Some seven months after acquiring the rest of Akcea Therapeutics, Ionis is laying off most of its subsidiary's staff and turning to Sobi to sell its drugs

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What do future healthcare CEOs look like?

World of DTC Marketing

QUICK READ: The compensation for pharma CEOs is starting to be reported and it’s off the charts. Bob Bradway of Amgen bagged a $20.1 million compensation package in 2020, a slight increase from his $19.6 million total the previous year.

HIV Research is at an Inflection Point, Offering Hope for a Cure


Recent advances are giving researchers hope that a functional cure or possibly even complete eradication of the virus is possible

Researchers develop a technique to produce transplantable livers in the laboratory


AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine possibly linked to rare blood clots, EMA says

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Europe's drug regulator affirmed the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks, but recommended the shot's label be updated to warn of the newly established side effect

Digital tool will be tested against COVID-19 ‘brain fog’

Pharma Phorum

Beyond Reference Management: How Literature Management is a Win for the Life Science Organization

Pharma R&D Today

Scientific literature is a critical component to virtually all aspects of a life science enterprise, including Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and R&D.

Brain disease transmitted by tick bites may be treatable


Credit: Laboratory of Molecular Immunology at The Rockefeller University Tick-borne encephalitis is a disease just as nasty as it sounds.

FibroGen admits misleading safety data for anemia drug, dimming prospects

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In a surprising announcement, the company said data used to tout the safety of the anemia pill roxadustat included “post hoc changes” that executives became aware of during regulatory review

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The next generation of immunotherapy? Innate Pharma targets NK cells

Pharma Phorum

Clinical-stage oncology biotech Innate Pharma is on a mission to harness the power of natural killer cells to fight cancer. Catherine Longworth spoke to CEO Mondher Mahjoubi to find out the science behind this next generation of immunotherapies. .

Researchers Are Hatching a Low-Cost Coronavirus Vaccine

NY Times

A new formulation entering clinical trials in Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam could change how the world fights the pandemic.

University of Tartu scientists develop materials for future fusion reactor


Credit: The energy source of the Sun and other stars is determined by the fusion reaction between two hydrogen nuclei. Imitating this process in a reactor would enable to produce so much energy that satisfy the world’s energy needs forever.

Bluebird executive joins Flagship startup Tessera as CMO

Bio Pharma Dive

David Davidson is leaving Bluebird bio after nearly a decade as the gene therapy developer's top doctor. His new home, Tessera, just raised $230 million to advance its "gene writing" research

Novartis bags EU, UK licences for MS therapy Kesimpta

Pharma Times

Kesimpta is the first self-administered B-cell therapy for patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis


CEOs of COVID-19 Vaccine Makers See Boost in Salaries


BioSpace takes a look at the annual compensation for the chief executive officers of vaccine developers

Billboard and storefront ads for cannabis linked to problematic use in teens


Credit: adrienblanc (via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

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With new data, Merck could be first to bring immunotherapy to early kidney cancer

Bio Pharma Dive

Keytruda has become the first drug of its kind to succeed in the so-called adjuvant setting in renal cell carcinoma, continuing an industry-wide push to establish immunotherapy in earlier lines of cancer care

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Human trials for world's first AI-designed immuno-oncology drug

Pharma Times

The drug was discovered through an AI-design platform within just eight months of project initiation

Vaccine Manufacturers Race to Beat Wild Card COVID-19 Mutations


Vaccine makers are working to create boosters or modify their existing vaccines to better respond to the variants

Parkinson’s discovery points to possible future treatment approaches


More than 20 years after the discovery of the parkin gene linked to young-onset Parkinson’s disease, researchers at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa may have finally figured out how this mysterious gene protects the brain Credit: The Ottawa Hospital More than 20 years after the discovery of the parkin gene linked to […].

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Lilly claims promising finding in failed study of COVID-19 drug

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Baricitinib, an oral tablet already authorized to treat COVID-19, fell short of goal in a large Phase 3 study. But Lilly also reported treatment led to a substantial reduction in death

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Thousands to benefit from five-minute breast cancer treatment

Pharma Times

NHS England is rolling out Roche's new combined treatment Phesgo, which drastically cuts administration time


Diltiazem cream: uses, side effects and availability


Diltiazem cream (diltiazem hydrochloride cream) is a medicine prescribed in the UK to manage chronic anal fissure. Today I will answer the most common questions surrounding the use, availability and treatment with this cream. Summary: What is diltiazem cream used for?

Balancing between build-up and break-down of bone


Researchers at Osaka University define the complex role of SLPI, a secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor, in coordinating the biphasic action of parathyroid hormone on the metabolism of bone Credit: Osaka University Osaka, Japan – Despite what some people think, bone is not merely a passive component of the body.

Acadia, with drug application rejected, calls out FDA for backtracking

Bio Pharma Dive

According to Acadia, the FDA took issue with the main study used in its drug approval submission. That surprised the company, since regulators had never seemed concerned with the study's design

Vaccitech Confidentially Files for IPO in the US


At this time Vaccitech hasn’t priced its offering, although the report suggests they might sometime this month