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Biotech M&A tracker: After hitting new heights, deals have slowed down. Here are the latest.

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Deals were few and far between last quarter. But the recent history of biopharma M&A suggests they'll return. Keep track of them as as they happen with BioPharma Dive's new database


HCP’s use of social media: the good and the not so good

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: A survey of more than 4,000 physicians showed that virtually every physician uses social media for personal reasons, while two-thirds use it for professional reasons.

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Regulatory Strategy Considerations for Working with the FDA vs the EMA, Part 1


As regulatory requirements become increasingly harmonized across the globe, the development and marketing of pharmaceutical products worldwide are also becoming more streamlined.

How to address patient privacy and data-security concerns in clinical trials


The post How to address patient privacy and data-security concerns in clinical trials appeared first on Clinical Trial Recruitment & Management Services.

Bluebird to wind down business in Europe amid gene therapy struggles

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Shares in the biotech sunk in value Monday as the company also announced new safety concerns for one of its leading programs

Sometimes I believe that stupidity is a contest in this country

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: Health misinformation, especially around COVID vaccines, leads to too many people deciding that the vaccine is really a way to control us.

Increase in extreme precipitation in the northeast caused by Atlantic variability and climate change


Results explain the increase in heavy rain and snow events across the northeast Credit: Figure by Huanping Huang. Recent record-breaking rainfall across the northeastern United States is part of a larger trend.


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Merck wins approval for Keytruda combo as kidney cancer treatment

Bio Pharma Dive

Clinical testing showed a clear benefit to using Keytruda with Merck and Eisai's Lenvima in patients with previously untreated advanced renal cell carcinoma


Forget COVID, diabetes is a national emergency

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: Treating Americans with diabetes now costs more than the U.S. Navy’s annual budget. And the world’s richest nation is losing this battle — even before COVID. 85 percent of people with diabetes are overweight.

Ep. 014 – RJ Lewis and Diane Bartoli of ePocrates Discusses the State of eCME – August 9, 2021

Pharma Marketing Network

Tune in with the Pharma Marketing Network for an insightful conversation with R.J.

Virtual reality technology transforming COVID-19 drug discovery

Outsourcing Pharma

Nanomeâs virtual reality tech is being put to use by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and top pharma firms to study COVID-19 and explore drug candidates. Preclinical Research

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Eyeing future outbreaks, Moderna partners with Canadian government on vaccine plant

Bio Pharma Dive

While Canada has already secured more COVID-19 vaccine doses than it needs, the factory to be built is geared toward combating future pandemics

A HUGE opportunity for pharma websites

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY : Falsehoods have been shown to spread faster and farther than accurate information, and research suggests that misinformation can have negative effects in the real world, such as amplifying controversy about vaccines and propagating unproven cancer treatments.

Cambridge team says AI could diagnose dementia with one scan

Pharma Phorum

Researchers at Cambridge University in the UK are trialling an artificial intelligence system that they think could spot the signs of dementia after a single brain scan.

FDA OKs Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna Boosters for Immunocompromised


The amended EUA is aimed at patients who have undergone solid organ transplants or those diagnosed with conditions that have an “equivalent level of immunocompromised


Roche sets bar in early lymphoma treatment with Polivy study results

Bio Pharma Dive

Positive data for the Swiss pharma's antibody-based drug could be a benchmark for CAR-T therapies, which other developers aim to move into early lymphoma treatment, too

The first step in a great pharma marketing organization starts with recruiting

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: Pharma marketing is in a funk. Somewhere over the last decade, the passionate people who believed that helping patients was the first step in excellent marketing have been replaced with people who want to know the ROI of everything.

Gene therapy specialist bluebird exits “untenable” European market

Pharma Phorum

Europe market has proved so hostile to gene therapies when it comes to pricing and reimbursement for gene therapies that bluebird bio has decided to quit the market altogether, according to Andrew Obenshain, president of its severe genetic diseases unit.

Mattel Introduces 6 Women in Science Barbie Dolls to Inspire Next Generation Girls


British vaccine developer, Sarah Gilbert, has been honored with a Barbie doll. This one-of-a-kind doll looks just like her with long auburn hair, oversized black glasses and wears a pantsuit.

FDA rejects FibroGen's kidney drug in major blow to company

Bio Pharma Dive

While the decision was expected after a negative advisory panel last month, it's a significant setback that could trigger cost-cutting at the biotech, which said it will discuss next steps with partner AstraZeneca

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Key metrics or DTC marketers

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: DTC metrics change by product life cycle and DTC managers usually have to justify their budgets. Never report just raw numbers. You should tell a story on the value of your marketing using metrics that senior managers understand. That which you can’t measure shouldn’t be done?

Can COVID-19 be Eradicated? New Zealand Researchers Say “Yes”


COVID-19 probably can be eradicated globally, just like polio, according to research just published in BMJ Global Health. That assumes, however, that a high rate of vaccination occurs globally and that there is a quick response to emerging variants

Sensyne, Oxford University deploy AI to find asthma targets

Pharma Phorum

Oxford University and UK clinical artificial intelligence (AI) company Sensyne Health will partner on a project to find new drug targets for people with hard-to-treat asthma.

FDA authorizes third coronavirus vaccine dose for immunocompromised people

Bio Pharma Dive

A CDC advisory panel is expected to vote on Friday to recommend the additional dose, after which certain people with weakened immune systems can receive a third shot of Pfizer's or Moderna's vaccine

Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine capacity to hit 4 billion doses in 2022

BioPharma Reporter

Pfizer and BioNTech are lining up orders of their COVID-19 vaccine for next year and beyond, predicting total capacity in 2022 to rise to 4 billion doses. Markets & Regulations

COVID-19 Vaccines Expiring in Wealthy Nations as Developing World Struggles


In India, only 8.3% of the population is fully vaccinated, while Sudan, Myanmar, and Ethiopia all have blank spaces beside their names in that category

BioNTech says repeat doses may be better than modified COVID-19 jab

Pharma Phorum

BioNTech has suggested that giving booster doses of its current Comirnaty (BNT162b2) COVID-19 vaccine may be a preferable strategy to modifying the Pfizer-partnered shot.

CDC advisory board unanimously backs third dose of Pfizer, Moderna vaccine for immunocompromised people

Bio Pharma Dive

People with weakened immune systems could start receiving an additional shot as early as this weekend. The panel's vote followed the FDA's authorization on Thursday

UIC studying IV drug as potential COVID-19 treatment

Outsourcing Pharma

The University of Illinois at Chicago has been given $6m from the US Department of Defense to develop a potential treatment for severe cases of COVID-19. COVID-19

Fecal Transplants Could Be New Tool in Fight Against Age-Related Decline


Recent animal research reported in Nature Aging on Monday suggests fecal transplants may actually reverse the signs of brain aging

UK cues up more Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines as price row looms

Pharma Phorum

The UK government has started ordering COVID-19 vaccines for a 2022 booster campaign, including a 32 million-dose order for the Pfizer/BioNTech shot, even before third doses for 2021 have been given the go-ahead.

VA leaves Aduhelm off coverage list, recommending against controversial Alzheimer's drug

Bio Pharma Dive

The decision, which does provide for certain exceptions, is another bump in what's become a rocky market rollout for Biogen's medicine

Importance of achieving true patient centricity in clinical trials

Outsourcing Pharma

A leader from Longboat by Advarra outlines what it really means for a study to be patient centric, and how to succeed in achieving patient-centric trials. Patient centricity

Bluebird bio Takes Hit with FDA Clinical Hold on Gene Therapy


The hold is related to a report of a SUSAR of myelodysplastic syndrome in a patient treated with eli-cel, also known as Lenti-D, in a Phase III clinical trial

FDA starts speedy review of Keytruda for adjuvant kidney cancer

Pharma Phorum

Merck & Co is looking at a decision from the FDA in December on its application to market Keytruda as a post-surgery treatment for people with kidney cancer, after a priority review.

Biden embraces Medicare drug price negotiation as Democrats seek to widen health coverage

Bio Pharma Dive

But the proposal, which features several familiar and long-debated policy ideas, could face an uphill battle in Congress as the drug industry lines up against it

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Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine maintains antibodies to six months, study shows

Pharma Times

Variants studied included Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Iota