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5 FDA approval decisions to watch in the 1st quarter

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By March, the FDA expects to conclude reviews of key drugs for heart failure, Duchenne's and multiple myeloma, as well as decide on whether to clear Biogen's controversial Alzheimer's treatment

Covid vaccine profits and the strain on supply channels

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SUMMARY: Pfizer and Moderna will sell $28 billion of Covid-19 vaccines this year. Pharma companies will make an estimated $40 billion on the global COVID-19 vaccine market this year, which will be split between Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Novavax, and others.


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How to harness artificial intelligence to boost business and make our world more human


Welcome to the World of Hyperautomation Credit: World Scientific Two centuries ago, the Industrial Revolution began to automate “blue-collar” work, allowing higher profits and wider societal improvements like the reduction of famine and the increase in living standards.

FDA Says Data Does Not Support Changes to COVID-19 Vaccine Doses


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a statement this week about dosing schedules for COVID-19 vaccines, saying that any dose changes would be premature.

Celgene's cell therapy spinout nets $292M from blank-check merger

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With additional financing, Celularity will have $372 million to back development of experimental off-the-shelf treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases

The future of pharma depends on its employees

World of DTC Marketing

MINUTE READ: Big pharma should take a good, hard look at small biotech companies and try to better understand how they succeed and are able to make strategic decisions faster without multi-levels of bureaucracy.

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WHO weighs in on COVID-19 vaccine second dose delay

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The World Health Organizationâs vaccine advisory group recommends the two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine should be delivered 21 to 28 days apart: although it adds that the maximum time period between doses could be up to six weeks in some situations. Markets & Regulations

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Pfizer beats Sarepta to the start of first late-stage Duchenne gene therapy trial

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The first patient enrolled in a Phase 3 trial of Pfizer's treatment was given the experimental one-time therapy on Dec.

Are we heading towards Medicare for all?

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IN SUMMARY: The Democrats control the Senate now, A poll last April shows that 69 percent of registered voters support Medicare for All, a plan that would create a national health insurance plan available for all Americans. The poll was conducted by the Washington, D.C.

Uncovering how plants see blue light


Credit: Nitzan Shabek Plants can perceive and react to light across a wide spectrum. New research from Prof. Nitzan Shabek’s laboratory in the Department of Plant Biology, College of Biological Sciences shows how plants can respond to blue light in particular.

Top Life Sciences Startups to Watch in 2021


BioSpace is proud to present its NextGen Bio “Class of 2021,” a list of up-and-coming life sciences companies in North America that recently launched

5 questions facing gene therapy in 2021

Bio Pharma Dive

Gene therapy developers will need to address a series of setbacks that have shaded optimism in the sector's fast growth

10 things DTC marketers should focus on in 2021

World of DTC Marketing

KEY TAKEAWAY: Consumer behavior has changed due to the pandemic, and DTC marketers should be aware of how consumers will evaluate and choose prescription drugs.

Unravelling the mystery that makes viruses infectious


Credit: University of Leeds Researchers have for the first time identified the way viruses like the poliovirus and the common cold virus ‘package up’ their genetic code, allowing them to infect cells.

Operation Warp Speed in Talks with Moderna for Half-Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine


As Operation Warp Speed struggles to ramp up vaccinations, one of the approaches under consideration is cutting the doses of the Moderna vaccine

A new, well-connected biotech aims to fight cancer with viruses

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Founded by industry veteran Arie Belldegrun's venture capital firm, IconOVir Bio raised $77 million to push its lead drug — derived from the common cold — into clinical testing

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Are healthcare agencies really this clueless?

World of DTC Marketing

PONTIFICATION: Healthcare agencies need to be the agents of change and lead by example. Speculation or buying into the temporary changes brought on by the pandemic are unrealistic.

Scientists developing new solutions for honeybee colony collapse


Grant establishes network of bee researchers at four UC campuses Credit: Boris Baer/UCR The University of California, Riverside, is leading a new effort to stop and reverse a worldwide decline in honeybees, which threatens food security and prices.

Biggest Novel Drug Approvals in 2020


Here’s a look at the top 10 novel drug approvals of 2020, loosely based on projected earnings in the upcoming years

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Biogen pushes further into gene therapy for the eye with new deal

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Partnering with German biotech ViGeneron bolsters Biogen's pipeline of drugs for eye diseases, which includes assets acquired through its buyout of Nightstar Therapeutics

CRUK scientists develop drug that targets KRAS pathways

Pharma Times

KRAS mutations are found in several hard-to-treat cancers

5 Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2021

Pharma Marketing Network

Throughout the year 2020, pharma marketers were forced to explore new strategies in order to keep up with the many evolving trends. Pharma marketers have quickly learned how to adapt to these trends and are prepared to take on new opportunities in 2021.

Transition metal ‘cocktail’ helps make brand new superconductors


Concept of high entropy alloys provides a discovery platform for new superconductors Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University mixed and designed a new, high entropy alloy (HEA) superconductor, using extensive data on simple superconducting substances with a specific crystal structure.

Sarepta gene therapy misses goal in key muscular dystrophy study

Bio Pharma Dive

Company executives, however, blamed "improbably bad luck" for study enrollment that resulted in more older patients with milder disease receiving placebo, and pledged to press on

Clinical Catch-Up: December 28, 2020-January 1, 2021


It’s not particularly surprising that there wasn’t a lot of clinical trial news between Christmas and New Year’s, although there was some. Here’s a look

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine may work against new virus mutation, scientists say

Pharma Phorum

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine appears to work against an important mutation in the new coronavirus variants causing havoc in the UK and South Africa, according to research from the drugs giant.

Mouse study finds link between gut disease and brain injury in premature infants


Credit: C. Zhou, C. Sodhi and D.

How an all-or-nothing bet on 3 Bristol Myers drugs came undone

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With no decision from the FDA on approval of an experimental cancer cell therapy, an agreement by Bristol Myers to pay out more money as part of its Celgene acquisition fell apart

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WUSTL Researchers ID Elusive Cause of Chiari 1 Brain Malformation


This news, published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, enables researchers to develop early screening methods before the most serious symptoms arise, and thus intervene

FDA and doctors warn against extending COVID-19 vaccine dose gap

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Tinkering with the dosing schedule of COVID-19 vaccines runs a “significant risk” to public health, the FDA has warned in a statement after the UK announced plans to prioritise the first doses of two approved shots.

Mount Sinai launches psychedelics research center


Credit: Mount Sinai Health System The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has launched a new center for psychedelics research.

Leading $105M biotech funding, Bayer deepens cell therapy investment

Bio Pharma Dive

A Series B investment in Senti Biosciences will support the startup's research on off-the-shelf candidates, as Bayer places another bet on cell therapy

Biopharma CEOs on What to Expect at 2021 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference


BioSpace spoke to executives from four companies about their expectations for the conference and the coming year


AstraZeneca/Oxford University's COVID-19 vaccine set for UK rollout

Pharma Times

Shot was approved by MHRA on 30 December

A new approach to study autoimmune diseases


Research team determines that the “Immune only” focus of current research must be updated to better understand autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis Credit: Indiana Biosciences Research Institute Indianapolis, Ind.

FDA says changing coronavirus vaccine dosing could put 'public health at risk'

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In an unusual statement, FDA chief Stephen Hahn and top official Peter Marks opposed altering vaccination regimens without further evidence, calling proposals to do so "premature "

New Year, New Price Hikes on Hundreds of Prescription Drugs


As the sun rose on a new year, approximately 70 companies raised the price of hundreds of prescription drugs by an average of 3.3

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