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5 FDA approval decisions to watch in the second quarter

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A long-awaited reckoning for Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug and the review of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine are among the top FDA decisions expected before the end of June

Pfizer positions COVID vaccine as a yearly booster shot

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QUICK READ: Pfizer is already positioning their Covid vaccine as a yearly maintenance shot. In other words, they want to milk this cash cow for every penny they can get out of the healthcare system.


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Russian biologists discover a transmissible cancer lineage in the Far Eastern mussels


The disease can have an adverse effect on the populations of these molluscs, which are extensively farmed in Russia. Credit: SPbU ‘A transmissible cancer was first discovered in dogs in the middle of the 19th century.


Caribou Biosciences is Armoring Cells to Fight Disease Through CRISPR


The company’s overarching aim is to edit and equip cells with molecular tools, through CRISPR, to eliminate certain cancers


FDA approves first CAR-T cell therapy for multiple myeloma

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Approval of Bristol Myers Squibb and Bluebird bio's Abecma expands use of CAR-T treatment beyond leukemia and lymphoma

What’s the call to action on DTC?

World of DTC Marketing

TEASER: What DTC marketers and consumers do as the result of seeing a relevant DTC ad differs by a wide margin. DTC marketers would like to think that patients ask for the advertised drug when visiting their doctor, but that’s largely untrue.

Clearing of woody weeds in Baringo County, Kenya, may yield major livelihood benefits


A new study suggests that clearing the invasive woody weed Prosopis julifora and grassland restoration in Baringo County, Kenya, may have significant financial benefits for local stakeholders and contribute to climate change mitigation.

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A year with COVID-19: The impact of data on pharma marketing

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Learn how three pharma brands used data to validate and adjust their promotional spend in 2020

Should doctors refuse to treat obese patients?

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IN BRIEF: Doctors are not required to treat obese patients who won’t do anything to lose weight but the problem is more than reminding patients they need to get exercise and drop pounds.

Inflammation-fighting protein could improve treatment of rheumatoid arthritis


Credit: Photo by Cori Kogan, Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane SPOKANE, Wash.

AI algorithm automates analysis of cystic fibrosis scans

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Artificial intelligence software company Thirona has released PRAGMA-AI, technology that automates and accelerates CT scans in cystic fibrosis analysis. Clinical Development

FDA advisers reassert case against approval of Biogen's Alzheimer's drug

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In a new editorial, three of the agency's advisers reiterated that they see "no persuasive evidence to support approval of aducanumab at this time "

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Allocating DTC budgets

World of DTC Marketing

I N BRIEF : DTC managers usually have a tough time allocating DTC budgets, but once you layout your brand objectives and better understand your audience, the choices become clearer.

Less sugar, please! New studies show low glucose levels might assist muscle repair


Skeletal muscle satellite cells found to grow better with less glucose in vitro Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have shown that skeletal muscle satellite cells, key players in muscle repair, proliferate better in low glucose environments.

Pfizer and BioNTech ramp up COVID-19 vaccine production to 2.5 billion doses

BioPharma Reporter

Pfizer and BioNTech expect to expand COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing capacity to up to 2.5 billion doses by the end of 2021, thanks to the optimization of production processes and the recent initiation of production in Marburg, Germany. Bio Developments

FDA turns back Keytruda, delaying immunotherapy's arrival in early cancer

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Merck & Co.'s 's drug could've been the first immunotherapy approved in the so-called neoadjuvant setting. Its rejection might indicate a higher bar for others with similar ambitions

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Personal responsibility in our healthcare

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IN BRIEF: At some point, we need to realize that good health is our personal responsibility. All prescription drugs don’t make us healthy; they just mask a potentially unhealthy lifestyle that eventually will cost patients and our healthcare system a lot of money, time, and pain.

New drug to regenerate lost teeth


Antibody for USAG-1 shown to stimulate tooth growth Credit: Kyoto University/Katsu Takahashi Japan — The tooth fairy is a welcome guest for any child who has lost a tooth.

Global Vaccine Passports Edge Closer, Speeding Arrival of the Next “Normal”


Vaccine passports are an interim step that can speed the return of some semblance of normality by allowing the rapidly growing numbers of vaccinated people to travel more easily and to attend typically crowded sporting events, concerts and religious services

A biotech shelves its Huntington's drugs after trial failures

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Two drugs developed by Wave Life Sciences didn't appear to have an effect on disease-causing proteins, another setback for Huntington's research after disappointing results last week from Roche and Ionis

8 amlodipine alternative drugs for blood pressure


Amlodipine is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the UK and the most prescribed high blood pressure ( BP ) medication. When patients are diagnosed with high blood pressure and a drug is recommended, amlodipine may be the first choice, but not always.

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Tracking receptor proteins can unveil molecular basis of memory and learning


Scientists from Japan employ a novel two-step method of labeling neurotransmitter receptor proteins to track their localization efficiently Credit: Shigeki Kiyonaka The neurons in our nervous system “talk” to each other by sending and receiving chemical messages called neurotransmitters.

How Long Will COVID-19 Vaccines Be Effective? Six Months and Counting


A current Phase III trial of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has confirmed the protection remains high for at least six months after the second dose. In a statement, Pfizer and BioNTech reported the vaccine was 91.3% effective against the disease

Manufacturing mix-up could blunt supply boost from J&J vaccine

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One vaccine batch being manufactured for J&J by Emergent Biosolutions failed quality checks, reportedly ruining material sufficient for up to 15 million doses

Novartis UK signs digital partnership with Cievert for chronic disease management

Pharma Times

Initiative is aiming to support NHS patient care in rheumatology and dermatology

Chemo for glioblastoma may work better in morning than evening


Study indicates timing of chemotherapy could improve treatment for deadly brain cancer Credit: Washington University School of MEdicine An aggressive type of brain cancer, glioblastoma has no cure.

Precigen CEO Envisions a Transformative 2021 with Precision Medicine Therapy


The year 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic created a number of challenges for individuals and companies. Despite these hurdles, Maryland-based Precigen still managed to achieve its clinical milestones in oncology

UniQure says hemophilia gene therapy likely not cause of study volunteer's cancer

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The determination, made by UniQure and an independent lab, could ease safety concerns spurred by the patient's diagnosis in December

phactMI: Delivering accurate drug information to point of care, part II

Pharma R&D Today

Part 2: The challenges that can restrict access to the latest and most accurate information on medications. Healthcare professionals are the ones tasked with safely prescribing, dispensing and managing medications.

Unique macro-vertebrate at risk from blood sport and climate change


ALS Patients Fight for the Right to Try Patient-Centric Trial Design


Lisa Stockman Mauriello was diagnosed with ALS in January and is seeking access to Biogen’s tofersen (BIIB067) through the Right to Try Act. Her case has reinvigorated the ALS community and its fight for expanded access to investigational therapies for this cruel, always fatal disease

Pfizer, BioNTech's vaccine protects 12- to 15-year-olds from COVID-19 in study

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The positive finding should pave the way for broader use of the vaccine among adolescents, an important step for reaching herd immunity against the virus

Lilly and GSK/Vir antibody pairing offers resistant COVID-19 hope

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Two antibodies targeting different parts of the COVID-19 virus spike protein, from Eli Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline/Vir Biotech, can cut viral load dramatically within a week. .

A statistical solution to processing very large datasets efficiently with memory limit


Scientists develop a statistical randomness-based framework to optimally classify extremely large datasets without needing large memories Credit: Ryo Maezono from JAIST.

Orphazyme Drug Misses Both Endpoints in Rare Muscle-Wasting Disease Trial


Orphazyme announced its Phase II/III clinical trial of arimoclomal for inclusion body myositis (IBM) failed to hit both its primary and secondary endpoints

Pfizer vaccine data show durable protection, hint at efficacy against virus variant

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Updated Phase 3 study results could position Pfizer to file for full approval of its vaccine and might have implications for its plans to develop a booster shot

Key Sessions From the AI in Healthcare Virtual Summit

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The AI in Healthcare Virtual Summit focused on AI methods and tools that are set to transform healthcare, medicine, and diagnostics along with the latest applications within the industry. .