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With Eli Lilly data, another drug emerges to stop breast cancers from returning

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The highly anticipated results could signal a change in how some patients with the most common form of breast cancer are treated — and drive up the costs of care

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How Are Biopharma Companies Evaluating Partnerships in the Rare Disease Space?


Panel Summary from the World Orphan Drug Congress 2020. Last month, executives from leading international biopharma companies came together at the World Orphan Drug Congress 2020 to discuss how they are evaluating new opportunities in the rare disease space.

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Ageism within pharma

World of DTC Marketing

WHAT”S HAPPENING? As more and more pharma companies merge and the industry consolidates good jobs are going to shrink, Unfortunately, what I’m hearing and seeing is that the industry is passing on older candidates with experience in favor of younger candidates who may be perceived as more technology literate. Kathy was someone who impressed me from the first time I met her. Her knowledge of all aspects of pharma marketing was like an encyclopedia.

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Deep learning helps explore the structural and strategic bases of autism?


Credit: KAIST and IEEE Spectrum (Image usage restrictions: News organizations may use or redistribute this image, with proper attribution, as part of news coverage of this paper only.)

FDA sets back Novartis plans to expand use of SMA gene therapy

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The agency has asked Novartis to run a new study of the Zolgensma formulation that Novartis aims to bring to older patients with spinal muscular atrophy

Quantitative Biomarkers in Clinical Research Imaging Trials


Quantitative imaging techniques are defined by the Radiologic Society of North America’s Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance (RSNA QIBA) as ”… the extraction of quantifiable features from medical images for the assessment of normal, or the severity, degree of change, or status of a disease, injury, or chronic condition relative to normal.”

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Provide shady spots to protect butterflies from climate change, say scientists


Credit: Andrew Bladon Researchers have discovered significant variations in the ability of different UK butterfly species to maintain a suitable body temperature. Species that rely most on finding a suitably shady location to keep cool are at the greatest risk of population decline.

AC Immune drug fails in blow to another Alzheimer's hypothesis

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Negative results for the experimental drug semorinemab dents a theory that Alzheimer's disease may be caused by tangles of the protein tau in the brain

Could a COVID-19 breath test help UK out of lockdown?

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A potential COVID-19 breath test has been unveiled in the UK, as the country desperately searches for alternatives to crippling lockdown measures to prevent the disease from spreading.

AstraZeneca, Under Fire for Vaccine Safety, Releases Trial Blueprints

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Experts are concerned that the company has not been more forthcoming about two participants who became seriously ill after getting its experimental vaccine

New study reveals why flu can be devastating for pregnant women


Pre-clinical study suggests virus does not stay in the lungs but spreads throughout the mother’s body Credit: RMIT University New research helps explain why flu can lead to life-threatening complications during pregnancy, suggesting the virus does not stay in the lungs but spreads throughout the mother’s body.

Keys to success when interacting virtually with health authorities

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Due to COVID-19, health authority meetings are now virtual. Learn how you can flourish in this arena


Novavax Begin Phase III Study of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate in the U.K.


The late-stage study is part of an agreement struck between the company and the U.K. government last month that includes providing 60 million doses of the vaccine, should it be approved

Roles and Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Coordinator

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Clinical Research Coordinators are tasked with many responsibilities throughout the day. Learn more about how to balance each role and responsibility effectively. Site Management Study Coordination

New insights into colorectal cancer: Growth factor R-spondin suppresses tumor growth


Researchers have found a surprising effect of the stem cell-regulating growth factor R-spondin in intestinal cancer. Credit: Marianne Lähde Colorectal cancer constitute the third most common cancer in the Western world.

Blueprint's bet on itself pays off with rare disease drug data

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Study data show Blueprint's first approved cancer drug, Ayvakit, could also work to treat a rare disease, a result that sent the company's shares higher

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FDA Plans New, More Stringent Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccine EUA


Although the updated guidance has largely remained under wraps, sources who spoke to The Washington Post hinted that the new rules would make it more difficult for an EUA to be granted to a vaccine ahead of Nov. 3, the day of the U.S. elections

A Covid-19 Vaccine for Kids May Not Arrive Before Fall 2021

NY Times

While scientists are rushing to develop an immunization for adults, no one has started the process yet for children

Technique permits convenient, precise optical imaging of individual proteins


Credit: Graphic by Shireen Dooling Often considered the workhorses of the body, proteins are among the most important biomolecules critical to life processes.

Merck matches Roche in search for next cancer immunotherapy

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The maker of Keytruda unveiled data for three experimental cancer drugs, including results for an anti-TIGIT therapy that compare favorably to those for a similar medicine being developed by Roche

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Gilead Settles Kickback Claims with U.S. Government for $97 Million


The company allegedly used a foundation as a conduit to pay the copays of Medicare patients who were taking Letairis, Gilead’s pulmonary arterial hypertension drug

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Johnson & Johnson Begins Large Trial of Its One-Shot Vaccine

NY Times

Unlike some of its competitors, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine does not need to be frozen and may require just one shot instead of two

Controlling ultrastrong light-matter coupling at room temperature


Credit: Illustration: Denis Baranov, Chalmers University of Technology Physicists at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, together with colleagues in Russia and Poland, have managed to achieve ultrastrong coupling between light and matter at room temperature.

FDA decision on Bristol Myers cell therapy could come down to the wire

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The FDA could decide the fate of Bristol Myers' multiple myeloma treatment ide-cel four days before a key deadline related to the pharma's buyout of Celgene passes


FDA Advisor Recuses Herself from COVID-19 Vaccine Review Over Conflict of Interest


The move was announced due to the advisor’s role in overseeing a clinical study for Moderna’s mRNA vaccine candidate

MindMed aims for Nasdaq listing after Compass’ magic mushroom-fuelled IPO

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Compass Pathways and its potential magic mushroom depression drug went public last week – and now psychedelic therapy firm Mind Medicine is aiming to follow suit by up-listing its shares on the Nasdaq.

Exercise hormone may modulate genes associated with replication of novel coronavirus


Brazilian researchers observed that in uninfected adipocytes, the hormone irisin altered the expression of genes that regulate ACE-2, which encodes a protein to which the virus binds in order to invade human cells.

Roche buys Inflazome as pharma interest in targeting inflammation grows

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The wide-ranging role of an inflammatory protein known as NLRP3 has made it a hot drug target — particularly for Roche, which has now bought two startups developing drugs to block it

Bristol Myers Squibb’s Opdivo shows benefit in oesophageal cancers

Pharma Times

Data presented at 2020 ESMO virtual congress


Innovate UK funding for new precision cancer treatment technology

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Sixfold Bioscience and Medicines Discovery Catapult awarded Innovate UK grant to pursue ground-breaking project.

New approach to exotic quantum matter


Credit: ICFO While in a three-dimensional world, all particles must be either fermions or bosons, it is known that in fewer dimensions, the existence of particles with intermediate quantum statistics, known as anyons, is possible.

J&J, beginning final test, shares first data on coronavirus vaccine

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The early study results were used to support the drugmaker's recent decision to start a large Phase 3 study that, unlike other large tests underway, will evaluate a one-shot regimen

Digital tech has health benefits for dementia patients, project finds

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The Leeds Dementia Pathfinder project supported patients and carers with tech devices


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