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Biogen's all-important Alzheimer's drug enters the review gauntlet

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On Nov. 6, aducanumab will go before a panel of experts who will review it and make recommendations to the FDA. Meanwhile, the drug has also caught the attention of a powerful cost watchdog group

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Half a million-dollar bonus for cancer drug price increase

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WHAT NOW: The idea that most pharma companies are here to serve patients is a canard. Pharma CEO’s serve themselves with big salaries tied to drug prices and keeping drugs from coming off patent.

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Efficacy and Safety of Hydroxychloroquine vs Placebo for Pre-exposure SARS-CoV-2 Prophylaxis Among Health Care Workers

JAMA Internal Medicine

This randomized clinical trial evaluates the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine to prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in health care workers with exposure to patients with COVID-19 at 2 hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Supreme Court & Potential Implications for our Health Care System

Triage Cancer

The passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has left a vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Pfizer pushes deeper into China with stake in cancer biotech

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The $200 million investment in CStone Pharmaceuticals puts Pfizer in charge of selling a cancer immunotherapy in the world's second largest drug market

Launching a new drug: How much to spend on DTC?

World of DTC Marketing

HERE”S THE DEAL: Determining how much to spend for the launch of a new drug is a challenge we all face and you have to be ready to shift funds from channels that are failing to provide the lift in brand awareness to channels that hit the bullseye on your objectives.

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The ancient Neanderthal hand in severe COVID-19


Credit: Professor Svante Pääbo and Professor Hugo Zeberg. This figure appeared in the publication in Nature. Since first appearing in late 2019, the novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, has had a range of impacts on those it infects.

5 FDA approval decisions to watch in the 4th quarter

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The world's attention will be on the FDA as it considers initial data from coronavirus vaccine developers. But several other important drugs, including a CAR-T therapy and an Ebola antibody, will also be on the agency's agenda

CRISPR Technology Edges Closer to Commercial Use


While CRISPR has been used as a research tool for the most part, the technology is moving toward commercial applications

Regeneron’s antibody cocktail active against coronavirus, cuts symptoms

Pharma Phorum

Regeneron’s antibody cocktail seems to reduce levels of coronavirus and improve symptoms in patients, according to early test results. This first data comes from a descriptive analysis from the seamless phase 1/2/3 trial that Regeneron hopes will hurry the medicine dubbed REGN-COV2 to market.

The Exclusion of Older Persons From Vaccine and Treatment Trials for COVID-19

JAMA Internal Medicine

This cross-sectional study evaluates the risk of exclusion for older adults in randomized clinical trials for treatment and vaccine interventions in coronavirus disease 2019

Regeneron says antibody drug may speed recovery of patients with mild COVID-19

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Preliminary study data suggest the treatment could help people whose bodies aren't already fighting off infection, a finding the biotech is discussing with regulators

Face masks unlikely to cause over-exposure to CO2, even in patients with lung disease


Credit: ATS New research findings contradict statements linking wearing face masks to carbon dioxide poisoning by trapping CO2.

Novel nasal spray reduces viral replication by up to 96%: according to COVID-19 challenge study

BioPharma Reporter

Ena Respiratoryâs preventative nasal spray treatment could reach human trials within four months, following results from an animal study released today which showed the spray reduced COVID-19 replication by up to 96%. Drug Delivery

FDA launches Digital Health Center of Excellence

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The FDA has launched its Digital Health Center of Excellence (DHCoE), as the agency continues with its commitment to advancing use of technology such as mobile health devices, software and wearables to create medical products.

Preclinical done right: The importance of using relevant animal models in gene therapy studies

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Gene therapy is no longer an approach for the future. It's a technique used now

Timing the life of antimatter particles may lead to better cancer treatment


Japanese team aims to detect oxygen concentration in tumors using upgraded medical imaging scan Credit: Taiga Yamaya, CC-BY Experts in Japan have devised a simple way to glean more detailed information out of standard medical imaging scans.

First UK patient given GSK’s experimental arthritis drug in COVID-19 trial

Pharma Times

Drug is being investigated in up to 800 hospitalised patients nationwide

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Voting Guide – Exercise Your Rights

Triage Cancer

Your vote matters – decisions are made by those who show up. It is our civic duty to cast our vote for the people we want to represent us and support issues that we care about. In our democracy, we get to have a say about who our elected officials are at all levels of government.

Gene therapy solution: The value of a CDMO as your end-to-end partner

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As gene therapy research continues to expand, innovators in this space will need CDMOs with highly specific expertise, facilities, and equipment

Einstein’s description of gravity just got much harder to beat


Astrophysicists put general relativity to a new test with black hole images Credit: L. Medeiros; C. Chan; D. Psaltis; F. Özel; UArizona; IAS.


Researchers Discover Genetic Errors and Rogue Antibodies in Cases of Severe COVID-19 Infection


While it remains unclear why some people become more gravely ill than others when infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, researchers have found that an immune deficiency may be part of it.

Study: Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Appears to Be Safe and Effective in Older Adults


Moderna published second interim analysis of its open-label Phase I trial of its COVID-19 vaccine, mRNA-1273, in The New England Journal of Medicine

Sales targets and bonuses drove Celgene, Teva drug price hikes, lawmakers charge

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An 18-month investigation by the House Oversight Committee targeted the pricing practices behind the top-selling drugs Revlimid and Copaxone

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Thousands of excess deaths from cardiovascular disease during the COVID-19 pandemic


Credit: University of Leeds A major new study has identified 2085 excess deaths in England and Wales due to heart disease and stroke during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. On average, that is 17 deaths each day over four months that probably could have been prevented.

FSD Pharma Phase II COVID-19 trial gets go-ahead

Outsourcing Pharma

The companyâs Phase II trial of ultramicronized PEA has received FDA approval and expects to begin dosing patientparticipants as early as next month. Clinical Development

Pfizer Adds Second Checkpoint Inhibitor to its Pipeline with $200 Million Stake in CStone


Pfizer invested $200 million into the company for a nearly 10% stake to support the development of a checkpoint inhibitor aimed at the oncology market in China

Merck research chief Roger Perlmutter to retire, leaving immunotherapy legacy

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Under his leadership, Merck developed a once overlooked cancer drug into Keytruda, now a top-selling medicine and foundational treatment for more than a dozen types of tumors

nTIDE Sept 2020 Jobs Report: Unease rises as numbers fall for Americans with disabilities


Influence of Prone Positioning on Electrocardiogram in a Patient With COVID-19

JAMA Internal Medicine

This case report presents the electrocardiographic findings a woman in her 50s with COVID-19, fever, and shortness of breath, with comorbidities including morbid obesity and obstructive sleep apnea


Draper’s Tumor-on-a-Chip Parallels In Vivo Findings of Checkpoint Inhibitor Efficacy in Mice


Draper, in one of the latest lab-on-a-chip advances, has shown that its dynamic, in vitro tumor microenvironment can be used to distinguish tumor responses against two different checkpoint inhibitors in three mouse lines

New data bolsters Sarepta gene therapies for two deadly muscle diseases

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The results disclosed at a medical meeting on Monday show that all patients tested have seen their motor skills stabilize or improve when history suggests they wouldn't

Conservation planning in Amazon should prioritize aquatic biodiversity, study concludes


Simulations using field data suggest focusing on the protection of species that live in rivers and lakes can be more efficient than the approach most used now, which focuses on terrestrial biodiversity. Credit: Rafael Leita?o


Effects of Time-Restricted Eating on Weight Loss and Other Parameters in Patients With Overweight and Obesity

JAMA Internal Medicine

This randomized clinical trial examines the effect of 16:8-hour time-restricted eating on weight loss and metabolic risk markers