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US pauses distribution of Regeneron, Lilly antibodies over omicron concerns

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The decision follows worrisome results in lab studies that indicated omicron can evade both drugs and leaves the U.S. with fewer treatments to respond to the variant's spread

We’re tired of Covid and it’s causing patients harm

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With days to go before Christmas, Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Of reworking plans to adapt to the latest virus risks. Of searching for at-home tests and not finding them.


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PDUFA VII: Implications for Developers of Cell and Gene Therapies


One of the biopharmaceutical industry’s most closely watched forthcoming regulatory developments is the FDA’s imminent reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA). PDUFA VII , as the reauthorization is commonly known, will cover the fiscal years 2023-2027.

No more annual flu shot? Scripps Research and collaborators find new target for universal influenza vaccine


Credit: Julianna Han, Ward Lab at Scripps Research LA JOLLA, CA—Scientists at Scripps Research, University of Chicago and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified a new Achilles’ heel of influenza virus, making progress in the quest for a universal flu vaccine.

Lessons in Supply Chain Digitization from PepsiCo and Conagra

Speaker: Craig Weiss, ConAgra Brands; Mari Roberts PepsiCo; and Matt Elenjickal, FourKites

Supply chain digitalization is key to success as market volatility, widespread disruption & stiff competition for consumer dollars puts pressure on every aspect of the supply chain. Register to hear how 2 global brands are accelerating digital transformation and increasing efficiency & automation throughout their operations.

Bluebird hit with another hold for sickle cell gene therapy

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Study enrollment and treatment of sickle cell patients under 18 will be paused for safety reasons, another hurdle in a series of setbacks for the company

Value-based healthcare can help reduce costs

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According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), in 2021, the average cost of employee health insurance premiums for family coverage increased by 4% from the previous year to $22,221. The average annual premiums for an individual’s plan also increased 4% to $7,739 this year.

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Bringing cells closer to form new tissues


Watch video on YouTube: [link] Credit: Professor Nobuhiko Yui, TMDU Watch video on YouTube: [link] Tokyo, Japan – The field of tissue engineering is constantly exploring the possibility of using different properties of various biomaterials to achieve tissue regeneration.

Novartis wins FDA approval for new heart drug, but faces uphill sales battle

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Leqvio, which Novartis acquired for nearly $10 billion two years ago, arrives with high sales expectations. But uptake could be slow as insurers and doctors weigh the drug's safety and cost-effectiveness

Why social media is critical to any digital patient recruitment strategy


The post Why social media is critical to any digital patient recruitment strategy appeared first on Clinical Trial Recruitment & Management Services. Blog clinical trial patient recruitment decentralized trials hybrid trials patient centricity regulation changes

Watch: DHC Roundtable Discussion

Pharma Marketing Network

Lewis, Founder and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions and Tap Native and the Chief Collaborator at Pharma Marketing Network, moderated a deep dive discussion on the topic of physician-level data (PLD) with a focus around drivers for the tool, its usage, and successes learnings about its function in pharma, and the where it’s heading.

3 Ways End-to-End Visibility Helps Minimize the Risks of Ocean Freight

Download this playbook to learn how end-to-end visibility helps to mitigate risk associated with the ocean freight market.

Wildlife cameras show how foxes, racoons, stone martens and domestic cats get along in Berlin before and during Covid 19 lockdowns


Avoid or compete, eat or be eaten, exploit or cooperate – biotic communities are shaped by species interactions in many different ways. Urban environments represent a special case as human presence and influence may have fundamentally changed the rules of the game.

Moderna vaccine weaker against omicron, but third shot boosts protection

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As a result of new laboratory data, the biotech company is deemphasizing more complex "multivalent" booster shots in favor of further study of its existing formulation and an omicron-specific version

Bias in artificial intelligence impacts drug development: AiCure

Outsourcing Pharma

According to an expert from the clinical insights company, prejudice in AI can impact patient outcomes as well as the ability to develop effective treatments. Clinical Development

Deloitte: Artificial intelligence technology investments prove top priority for biopharma leaders

BioPharma Reporter

The pandemic has focused biopharma industry minds on digital innovation, finds a Deloitte report. Markets & Regulations

4 Silver Linings of the Chaotic Ocean Freight Market

Speaker: Peter Tirschwell, Chris Stauber, Sarah Barnes Humphrey, and Audrey Ross

Join this webinar exploring the silver linings that have emerged from the chaotic ocean freight market. The discussion will highlight solutions that prioritize digitization and build a more efficient international supply chain. Jan 25 at 10am CT.

Space telescope ushers in new age of astronomy


A “game changing” new telescope will be blasted into space tonight to embark on a lonely 1.5-million-kilometre orbit around the Sun to provide a clearer view of the ever-expanding universe.

Sanofi to buy cancer immunotherapy biotech for $1B

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The French drugmaker is interested in Amunix Pharmaceuticals' technology, which could allow for more precise delivery of biologic drugs into cancerous tissue

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NICE backs Aimmune’s peanut allergy drug Palforzia for children

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Children in England with peanut allergies could be among the first in Europe to get access to Aimmune’s oral immunotherapy Palforzia, after the drugmaker agreed a supply deal with NHS England.

Time to put patient voice first in cancer research: GRYT Health

Outsourcing Pharma

The organization is working to give oncology professionals the chance to hear directly from patients about their unique experiences, concerns, and hopes. Patient centricity

The Smart Data Revolution: How AB InBev Drives Efficiency with Visibility Data

Speaker: AB InBev and FourKites

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how leveraging the right data to make quick, well-informed decisions is the key to success in supply chain & logistics. Join FourKites and AB InBev to learn what’s possible with a data-driven supply chain strategy & real-time transportation visibility.

Disarming a blood-clotting protein prevents gum disease in mice


Blocking function of a blood-clotting protein prevented bone loss from periodontal (gum) disease in mice, according to research led by scientists at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), part of the National Institutes of Health.

COVID-19 pill from Pfizer authorized by FDA in major pandemic milestone

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Paxlovid is the first oral treatment for COVID-19, a potentially valuable new tool as the fast-spreading omicron variant fuels a sharp surge in cases across the U.S.


Sanofi buys US immuno-oncology biotech Amunix for $1 billion

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Sanofi has bolstered its immuno-oncology pipeline with a $1 billion agreement to acquire Amunix Pharma of the US – its fourth bolt-on deal of 2021.

Dogs, VR, and rock stars: OSP’s favorite items of 2021

Outsourcing Pharma

It has been a pleasure for the OSP team to connect with a long list of fascinating industry minds and share the stories; here are a few of our favorites. Markets & Regulations

Modernizing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Speaker: Nimesh Patel, Gregory Demitrack, and Sarah Barnes Humphrey

Register for our upcoming webinar to better understand the state of the pharmaceutical supply chain. FourKites partnered with Accenture to survey supply chain executives working in pharmaceuticals, biotech, cell and gene therapy, medtech, and other related industries.

Dietary fiber improves outcomes for melanoma patients on immunotherapy, research shows


CORVALLIS, Ore. Melanoma patients receiving therapy that makes it easier for their immune system to kill cancer cells respond to treatment better when their diet is rich in fiber, according to a large, international research collaboration that includes the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy.

Duchenne patient dies in Pfizer gene therapy study

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The tragic news follows changes Pfizer recently made to the design of another study testing the therapy due to side effects seen in some participants

Mydecine, Maya team up on digital tools for psychedelic drugs

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Psychedelic medicines developer Mydecine has joined forces with digital health company Maya to make digital tools that will be used alongside its drug candidates for mental health and addiction disorders.

Merck’s Covid Pill Is Authorized by F.D.A. for High-Risk Adults

NY Times

The F.D.A. said the drug should be prescribed mainly when other treatments were “not accessible or clinically appropriate.”. Merck & Company Inc Food and Drug Administration Pfizer Inc Coronavirus Omicron Variant Molnupiravir (Drug) Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Paxlovid (Drug

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Minimizing Retail Supply Chain Disruptions in 2021 and Beyond

Speaker: Izaac Moran, Customer Success Manager, FourKites; Glenn Koepke, SVP of Customer Success, FourKites; and featuring interviews with supply chain experts from Dollar Tree and Best Buy

Register for our upcoming webinar to see how savvy retailers including Dollar Tree and Best Buy are leveraging real-time visibility across their end-to-end supply chains in creative ways to drive agility and thrive in today’s unpredictable environment.

Brain stimulation may facilitate rehabilitation of children with arthrogryposis


HSE academics joined researchers from the Turner Scientific Research Institute for Children’s Orthopaedics to study how the brains of children with arthrogryposis control elbow flexion after muscle transplantation.

GSK's long-acting HIV shot approved for preventive use

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The landmark FDA approval makes Apretude the first injectable treatment in the U.S. for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis

FDA sets out its stall on digital tools for remote clinical trials

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The FDA has published draft guidance on how digital health technologies (DHTs) like smart and wearable devices can be used to capture data remotely from patients in clinical trials – an approach that has come to the fore since the start of the pandemic.

COVID-19 vaccine development: What the next wave of vaccines in 2022 could look like

BioPharma Reporter

As 2021 draws to a close, we take a look at the COVID-19 vaccine development landscape and some of the candidates progressing through clinical trials. Bio Developments

An Innovative & Creative Problem Solver Approach to Selling in the Medical Device Space

Speaker: Steve Goldstein, Sales Leader

Currently in sales or involved in a business that depends on strong sales results? Join Steve Goldstein, Sales Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Medical Device Sales Leader from Gold Selling LLC. You will absorb critical strategies to become a trusted partner in greater sales success.