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10 clinical trials to watch in the first half of 2022

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Biotech stocks ended 2021 in a slump. But positive results from eagerly anticipated studies in breast cancer, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease could help turn the sector's fortunes around

The financial toxicity of treating cancer

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(Stat News) Today, a study followed 380 patients being treated at community oncology groups across the U.S. after they were diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. They told the researchers that insurance didn’t protect them from serious money problems.

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Mass production of revolutionary computer memory moves closer with ULTRARAM™ on silicon wafers for the first time


A pioneering type of patented computer memory known as ULTRARAM™ has been demonstrated on silicon wafers in what is a major step towards its large-scale manufacture.

Charles River Laboratories to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

BioTech 365

Charles River Laboratories to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Charles River Laboratories to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference WILMINGTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS –(BUSINESS WIRE)–$CRL #CRL–Charles River Laboratories International, Inc.


Lessons in Supply Chain Digitization from PepsiCo and Conagra

Speaker: Craig Weiss, ConAgra Brands; Mari Roberts PepsiCo; and Matt Elenjickal, FourKites

Supply chain digitalization is key to success as market volatility, widespread disruption & stiff competition for consumer dollars puts pressure on every aspect of the supply chain. Register to hear how 2 global brands are accelerating digital transformation and increasing efficiency & automation throughout their operations.

As three biotechs head to Wall Street, a battered sector braces for a pullback

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Amylyx, CinCor and Vigil raised about $480 million combined, a sign of continued investor interest in biotech IPOs. But industry analysts expect fewer and smaller offerings in 2022 due to investor fatigue from high valuations


The disdain of big pharma

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Drug companies raised the prices on hundreds of medications on Jan. 1, with most prices up 5% to 6% on average.

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AI providing the edge against cancer?

Pharma Phorum

The global R&D pipeline is dominated by potential treatments in oncology and this is also where the investment is flowing.

Pfizer, BioNTech bet mRNA can make a better shingles vaccine

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The pharma company, already partnered with BioNTech on vaccines for COVID-19 and influenza, will pay $225 million upfront to further expand its work with the German biotech

A realistic view of healthcare in 2022

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Yes, there will be changes in healthcare in the coming years but put away the thoughts that telehealth and wearable devices will revolutionize healthcare. More and more patients demand a level of service they want with the increased costs of health insurance premiums.

Simple pH adjustment may enable a preventative Covid-19 nasal and throat spray


Mechanical engineering and materials science professor David Needham has shown that a slight increase in solution pH might be all it takes to turn a metabolic inhibiting drug, traditionally used to treat gut parasites, into a promising prophylactic/preventative nasal spray and early treatment throat spray for COVID-19.

3 Ways End-to-End Visibility Helps Minimize the Risks of Ocean Freight

Download this playbook to learn how end-to-end visibility helps to mitigate risk associated with the ocean freight market.

New blood test can identify presence of cancer

Pharma Times

The test is a technological first in determining the metastatic status of a cancer without using prior insight of the primary cancer presented


Lilly pours more money into genetic treatments for neurological diseases

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For $50 million, Lilly has secured rights to a technology that's meant to transport nucleic acid therapies in a way that's more targeted and better tolerated than other methods

Good Rx? Actually not

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GoodRx promotes itself as a company that allows you to compare drug prices and find coupons at over 60,000 pharmacies across the country, but actually, most pharmacists hate it. When they say compare prescription drug prices, they mean the cost of a prescription if you aren’t using insurance.

Researchers develop first fully 3D-printed, flexible OLED display


MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (01/07/2022) — In a groundbreaking new study, researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities used a customized printer to fully 3D print a flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display.

4 Silver Linings of the Chaotic Ocean Freight Market

Speaker: Peter Tirschwell, Chris Stauber, Sarah Barnes Humphrey, and Audrey Ross

Join this webinar exploring the silver linings that have emerged from the chaotic ocean freight market. The discussion will highlight solutions that prioritize digitization and build a more efficient international supply chain. Jan 25 at 10am CT.

Gritstone bio trumpets first data for ‘multivariant’ COVID jab

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A COVID-19 vaccine that could work against multiple variants of the coronavirus – developed by US biotech Gritstone bio – has generated encouraging immune response data in its first clinical trial.

After years of decline, drugmakers' price hikes may have bottomed out

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Inflation in 2021 may have offered drugmakers a catalyst for taking slightly bigger increases on a list price basis. But rebates to insurers are still keeping net price rises lower


The most significant threat to American healthcare

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The estimated numbe r of annual deaths attributable to obesity among U.S. adults is approximately 280,000 based on H.R.s from all subjects and 325,000 based on H.R.s from only nonsmokers and never-smokers. As the N.Y.

Blood test helps predict who may benefit from lung cancer screening


HOUSTON ? A blood test, combined with a risk model based on an individual’s history, more accurately determines who is likely to benefit from lung cancer screening than the current U.S.

The Smart Data Revolution: How AB InBev Drives Efficiency with Visibility Data

Speaker: AB InBev and FourKites

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how leveraging the right data to make quick, well-informed decisions is the key to success in supply chain & logistics. Join FourKites and AB InBev to learn what’s possible with a data-driven supply chain strategy & real-time transportation visibility.

Digital health innovation in 2022: Anticipating healthcare trends ahead of the J.P. Morgan week

Pharma Phorum

We spoke with Tanja Dowe, ahead of the annual J.P.

Biogen brings in a successor to Spinraza

Bio Pharma Dive

The company spent $60 million to secure global rights to an experimental drug developed by Ionis Pharmaceuticals to treat spinal muscular atrophy

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Shingles is new focus for Pfizer and BioNTech in mRNA vaccine development partnership

BioPharma Reporter

Pfizer and BioNTech, in what will be the third mRNA vaccine collaboration between the two companies, are teaming up on the development of a potential first mRNA-based vaccine for the prevention of shingles. Bio Developments

Chang’E-5 lander makes first onsite detection of water on moon


A joint research team led by Profs.

Modernizing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Speaker: Nimesh Patel, Gregory Demitrack, and Sarah Barnes Humphrey

Register for our upcoming webinar to better understand the state of the pharmaceutical supply chain. FourKites partnered with Accenture to survey supply chain executives working in pharmaceuticals, biotech, cell and gene therapy, medtech, and other related industries.

Merck backs startup bringing AI to fertility treatment

Pharma Phorum

It’s no secret that fertility treatment is expensive and has a low success rate, placing a big financial and emotional burden on would-be parents. Now, a Canadian startup aims to tackle that problem though the use of artificial intelligence.

AstraZeneca adds to rare disease drug pipeline with Neurimmune deal

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Neurimmune, which will license to AstraZeneca an early-stage treatment for a rare form of cardiomyopathy, is probably best known for its invention of the antibody that became Biogen's Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm

FDA Authorizes COVID-19 Vaccine Booster for 12- to 15-Year-Olds, Shortens Booster Interval


Amid skyrocketing cases of Omicron across the US and worldwide, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made a couple of amendments to the emergency use authorization (EUA) of Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine, including a booster dose for individuals between 12 and 15 years of age.

Forecasting capacity degradation of lithium metal batteries using a data-driven approach


With the long-term goal to realize carbon neutrality, lithium battery has acquired a growingly central role in the development of human society. The accurate yet efficient prognosis on battery state of health (SOH) remains vital in ensuring a safe and reliable operation.

Minimizing Retail Supply Chain Disruptions in 2021 and Beyond

Speaker: Izaac Moran, Customer Success Manager, FourKites; Glenn Koepke, SVP of Customer Success, FourKites; and featuring interviews with supply chain experts from Dollar Tree and Best Buy

Register for our upcoming webinar to see how savvy retailers including Dollar Tree and Best Buy are leveraging real-time visibility across their end-to-end supply chains in creative ways to drive agility and thrive in today’s unpredictable environment.

Another big AI deal as Sanofi taps Exscientia for 15 new drugs

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If the last couple of days is an indication, 2022 is already shaping up to be the year of big-ticket alliances between big pharma companies and specialists in artificial intelligence-driven discovery. Shortly after Amgen unveiled its $1.9

Avrobio stops work on rare disease gene therapy after unexpected study results

Bio Pharma Dive

The biotech's treatment was one of the furthest along in testing for Fabry, a rare inherited disease that's become a target for gene therapy developers

3 Reasons Why a Talent Community is Valuable for Life Science Recruitment


Have you ever been asked to join a company’s talent community during a job search? If so, then you must know that these talent communities are becoming a vital recruitment strategy for employers. .

Study sets framework for precision surveillance of colorectal cancer


A team of Vanderbilt researchers has revealed some of the mechanisms by which polyps develop into colorectal cancer, setting the framework for improved surveillance for the cancer utilizing precision medicine.

An Innovative & Creative Problem Solver Approach to Selling in the Medical Device Space

Speaker: Steve Goldstein, Sales Leader

Currently in sales or involved in a business that depends on strong sales results? Join Steve Goldstein, Sales Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Medical Device Sales Leader from Gold Selling LLC. You will absorb critical strategies to become a trusted partner in greater sales success.