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Sarepta, continuing its gene therapy push, helps launch a startup

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The biotech has joined a group of investors to form a new gene therapy developer led by one of its longtime executives and backed with $107 million

Pharma still doesn’t understand transparency

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As development towards a COVID-19 vaccine continue so do the number of people who have said they won’t get vaccinated. The only way to get people on board with a vaccination is complete transparency about the product yet both J&J and Pfizer remain silent.

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Cause of Alzheimer’s disease traced to mutation in common enzyme


Mutation to MARK4 makes proteins stickier and more likely to clump in brain Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have discovered a new mechanism by which clumps of tau protein are created in the brain, killing brain cells and causing Alzheimer’s disease.

Time to Reassess Tocilizumab’s Role in COVID-19 Pneumonia

JAMA Internal Medicine

In this issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, 3 important articles explore the use of tocilizumab in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pneumonia. Tocilizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds human interleukin 6 (IL-6) receptors.

Gilead's Veklury becomes first FDA-approved drug for COVID-19

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The U.S. regulator granted a full approval after allowing emergency use earlier this year. New results from an WHO study, however, raise questions about the drug's ultimate effectiveness

Pharma managers too far removed from patients

World of DTC Marketing

As people move up the pharma ladder, their work often revolves around internal management issues, training, and endless meetings to motivate their employees rather than focus on patients. Pharma likes to believe its own propaganda that everything they do is patient-focused, but that’s a canard.

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IBM and Pfizer Believe Machine Learning Can Predict Alzheimer’s Risk


Researchers with Pfizer and IBM developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model that they claim can predict eventual onset of Alzheimer’s disease with 71% accuracy based on a language sample. They published the research today in The Lancet eClinicalMedicine

Facing vaccine doubts, US grapples with building confidence in coronavirus shots

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The CDC, for example, doesn't support vaccine mandates for healthcare workers or essential employees, an agency official told experts convened by the FDA Thursday

10 Trends for online health seekers

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IN SUMMARY: Online health seekers are using the Internet differently since the pandemic. Treatment options are researched more, and people are using, but not relying, on social media to gather information on what’s best for THEM.

What cold lizards in Miami can tell us about climate change resilience


Credit: Photo courtesy Day’s Edge Productions It was raining iguanas on a sunny morning. Biologist James Stroud’s phone started buzzing early on Jan.

Johns Hopkins Scientists Discover Possible Key to Controlling COVID-19 Immune Response


They believe that by inhibiting factor D, it would reduce the inflammatory reactions that make COVID-19 so deadly

Intellia cleared to start key CRISPR drug study in UK

Bio Pharma Dive

The trial would be the first test of a systemically administered gene editing treatment that uses the Nobel Prize-winning technology to alter DNA

Projections on pharma digital ad spending wrong

World of DTC Marketing

GOOD MORNING: eMarketer is promoting a report on pharma’s projected digital ad spending in the coming year, and from my conversations with pharma insiders, it’s wrong. There will be an investment in new digital platforms but display and search spending, I believe, are going to decline.

Research to bring more secure software for autonomous battlefield operations


Credit: U.S. Army Operational Test Command photo/Tad Browning WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Drones and other unmanned machines can save human lives on the battlefield, but adversaries could hack into their artificial intelligence software.

WHO: remdesivir shows little effect on COVID-19

Outsourcing Pharma

The agencyâs Solidarity Therapeutics Trial examined a range of drugs repurposed for COVID-19 treatment, finding nearly no effect on patient mortality. Clinical Development

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Coronavirus vaccine trial leader Larry Corey on the tough FDA, policy decisions to come

Bio Pharma Dive

The co-leader of an NIH network of coronavirus prevention studies spoke with BioPharma Dive about the FDA's big vaccine meeting this week and what will come next

Toxic positivity and grief: The reality of living through cancer

Pharma Phorum

Cancer doesn’t end when treatment stops – it’s a lifelong journey and people need support throughout, says patient advocate Megan-Claire Chase. No one gets through cancer unscathed. People are usually left with a mixture of treatment aftereffects, toxic positivity, and lingering anger to deal with.

Rethinking the link between cannabinoids and learning


Credit: Illustration by Rita Félix, PhD. Cannabinoids have a strong influence on how our brains work and how we behave. Many people are only aware of the recreational aspect of cannabinoids.

Mixing Branded and Unbranded on One Page—Is it Worth the Risk?

Pharma Marketing Network

A marketer’s decision to take one promotional route over another—branded versus unbranded—is often critical. But what we increasingly see, is that when branded and unbranded ads appear on the same page—a company page on Facebook, a third-party web publisher, a blogger, etc.—the

Doctors are consumers too! How DTC media impacts HCPs

Bio Pharma Dive

The findings have implications for how pharma teams should think about their DTC and HCP efforts — they are no longer two separate marketing channels

FDA Greenlights Restart of AstraZeneca’s Phase III COVID-19 Vaccine Study


After nearly a month in limbo, AstraZeneca will resume Phase III testing of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate in the United States

Fats fighting back against bacteria


Droplets of fat inside our cells are helping the body’s own defence system fight back against infection, University of Queensland researchers have discovered.

Novartis launches digital health hub in Canada

Pharma Phorum

Novartis is opening a new digital health innovation hub in Canada to help develop “scalable, digital solutions” for patients and healthcare providers. The Canadian Biome Digital Innovation Hub will be based in Montreal at the artificial intelligence research institute, Mila.

Biogen is running out of safety nets

Bio Pharma Dive

Third quarter earnings underscore just how vital it is that Biogen secure approval of its experimental Alzheimer's drug, given the challenges elsewhere in its business

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Novartis Sees Glimmer of Hope for Branaplam in Huntington’s Disease


After discovering promising indicators on the path to the development of Branaplam (LMIO70) for spinal muscular atrophy, Novartis now hopes to repurpose the drug for the treatment of Hungtington’s disease

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Final two journals in the 2020 pilot program use Subscribe to Open to publish volumes OA


Using Behavioral Science in A Digital World

Pharma Mirror

By Rotem Shor, Medisafe Chief Technology Officer Technology and health have experienced a convergence in the last few years, leading to a new state of digital health that is transforming how we live and work.


CRISPR Therapeutics reports remissions, one death in cancer cell therapy study

Bio Pharma Dive

The biotech is one of several attempting to develop "off-the-shelf "CAR-T therapies. While trial results show potential, high-dose treatment was paused following a patient's death

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Pfizer: Expanding North Carolina Gene Therapy Facility and Adding Jobs


Pfizer is continuing to invest in gene therapy research and development and other areas going on throughout the company, specifically in its North Carolina sites in Chapel Hill and Kit Creek

Ancient Maya built sophisticated water filters


Maya imported zeolite and quartz to filter drinking water Credit: David Lentz Ancient Maya in the once-bustling city of Tikal built sophisticated water filters using natural materials they imported from miles away, according to the University of Cincinnati.

UK trials digital ‘health passport’ to help borders reopen

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Regular fliers are used to long queues to clear security – but a rigorous COVID-19 testing regime could be added to pre-flight checks backed by a digital “health passport” to prove passengers are free from the coronavirus.

FDA clears AstraZeneca to restart large coronavirus vaccine study

Bio Pharma Dive

The drugmaker's U.S. trial has been on pause since early September after an unexplained illness in one participant triggered safety reviews worldwide

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Neural Dust: Millimeter-Sized Brain Stimulators


Bolstered by studies in rodents, iota Biosciences advances towards their vision


Does classroom indoor environmental quality affect teaching and learning?


Credit: Dr. Brink What impact does a classroom’s indoor environment have on teaching, learning, and students’ academic achievement in colleges and universities? This is the question researchers set out to answer in their analysis of all relevant published studies.