Biden proposes subsidizing drug middlemen for insulin

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The House is preparing to vote on a $35 monthly insulin cap later, but there is stern opposition to the plan, which could cost billions over ten years. Even with health insurance, some people pay up to $1,000 a month for insulin. Insulin Costs

Insulin prices demonstrate pharma’s greed

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WHAT’S HAPPENING: In the Build Back Better bill , Democrats are actually proposing limiting insulin prices to $35 a month but Republicans can’t have any of that. PhRMA spent pharma’s money well and bought some politicians while people who need insulin are suffering.


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Civica targets insulin in effort to produce cheaper drugs

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The nonprofit group announced ambitious plans to begin offering insulin at prices no higher than $30 per vial by early 2024

California to manufacture its own insulin, governor says

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Gavin Newsom announced a $100 million budget to create a production facility and to develop affordable insulin products, saying the medicines’ high cost “epitomizes market failures

California’s low-cost insulin plans receive $100m manufacturing boost

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Insulin prices made the headlines again as California governor Gavin Newsom announced plans on 7 July for the state to manufacture low-cost insulin. The state plans to work directly with a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) to manufacture low-cost insulin.

Novo Nordisk once-weekly insulin clears first phase 3 test

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For many patients with type 2 diabetes, having to inject basal insulin every day is a burdensome fact of life, but Novo Nordisk is trying to change that. cases of hypoglycaemia per year with insulin icodec, versus 0.27

Why the drug pricing debate is focused on insulin

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The treatment has been around for over a century but insulin has still become the centre of the ongoing discussion over pricing of pharmaceutical products. Ben Hargreaves looks at why insulin’s price is so controversial and whether this could be set to change. Insulin rationing.

Study finds disparities in access to insulin pumps among youth with type 1 diabetes


Latest News access among Diabetes disparities finds insulin pumps study type youth

Insulin costs ignore the root cause of diabetes

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President Biden is set to address the cost of insulin but what about the costs of obesity which are in the billions? The post Insulin costs ignore the root cause of diabetes. OPENING: As the NY Times recently reported , obesity is the leading cause of mortality in the United States.

Endocrine Society applauds House for taking action to address insulin affordability


WASHINGTON—The Endocrine Society applauds the House of Representatives for hearing our call to improve insulin affordability for people with diabetes as it prepares to vote on the Affordable Insulin Now Act this week.

House Passes Bill to Limit Cost of Insulin to $35 a Month

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Diabetes Law and Legislation Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Insulin Prices (Fares, Fees and Rates) United States Politics and Government Democratic Party House of Representatives Senate Biden, Joseph R Jr

Marine snail inspires fast-acting injectable insulin for better diabetes control


For millions of people with diabetes, insulin is essential medicine. But for some ocean-dwelling predators, insulin is a weapon. Chemistry AND Physics control Diabetes fastacting injectable inspires insulin Marine snail

Oramed hits oral insulin clinical trial milestone

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Oramed Pharmaceuticals announced this week that it has enrolled 100% of the patients in the worldâs first Phase 3 study of oral insulin under FDA approved protocols.

Novo Scores Phase III Insulin Win, Potentially Strengthening Market Position


The results showed that insulin icodec is as non-inferior to Sanofi’s insulin glargine, Lantus, potentially bringing another major competitor into the insulin space

Hormone infusion improves pancreatic insulin production in cystic fibrosis patients with or at risk for diabetes


Latest News Cystic Diabetes fibrosis hormone improves infusion insulin pancreatic Patients production riskCystic fibrosis is well-known for attacking the lungs through thick blockages of mucus, but those with the condition often also develop diabetes because of the way cystic fibrosis can affect the pancreas. Since diabetes has been linked to worse lung function, this creates a vicious cycle, with diabetes acting as a multiplier on the patient’s […].

Salk researchers find a new route for regulating blood sugar levels independent of insulin


LA JOLLA—(January 4, 2022) The discovery of insulin 100 years ago opened a door that would lead to life and hope for millions of people with diabetes. Biology blood find independent insulin levels regulating researchers route Salk sugar

Civica to Manufacture and Distribute Affordable Insulin

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Exercise may protect brain volume by keeping insulin and BMI levels low


ET, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2022 Exercise May Protect Brain Volume by Keeping Insulin and BMI Levels Low MINNEAPOLIS – Studies have shown that exercise helps protect brain cells. A new study looking at the mechanisms involved in this relationship suggests that the role exercise plays in maintaining insulin and […]. Latest News BMI brain Exercise insulin Keeping levels protect VolumeEMBARGOED FOR RELEASE UNTIL 4 P.M.

Medtronic Expands Two Insulin Pump Recalls, Including One Over Cybersecurity Concerns


Medtronic has expanded a Class I recall of remote controllers used with the MiniMed 508 insulin pump or the MiniMed Paradigm family of insulin pumps over potential cybersecurity risks.

With Congress weighing insulin cost cap, Sanofi slashes price for uninsured in US

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With Congress weighing insulin cost cap, Sanofi slashes price for uninsured in US. kdunleavy. Wed, 06/29/2022 - 11:28

Insulin producers face fresh lawsuit in US over pricing

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Arkansas has become the latest US state to issue a legal challenge to the big three insulin producers – Eli Lilly, Sanofi and Novo Nordisk – accusing them of deceptively driving up the price of the medicines. Today we begin the fight to stop this outrageous inflation of insulin pricing.”

Novo Nordisk launches first smart insulin pens for NHS patients

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Novo Nordisk has made its smart insulin pens available in the UK, giving people treated within the NHS for diabetes access to devices that can monitor and record dosing information for the first time. Smart insulin pens are expected to drive the insulin pen market from $13.8

Black and white US women have gut microbiome differences, and these may be associated with insulin resistance, a risk factor for diabetes


Biology Black Diabetes differences factor gut insulin microbiome resistance risk white women

Lilly wagers up to $1B on a biotech's plan for a new type of insulin

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Rival Novo Nordisk has jumped ahead in developing an injectable drug that responds to changes in blood sugar. An acquisition of Protomer Therapeutics could help Lilly close the gap

Insulin glargine meets primary endpoint in Sanofi’s type 1 diabetes study

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InRange is the first worldwide multicentre RCT to compare second generation basal insulins

Insulin price caps on the horizon as Senate leader plans vote

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The US Senate will vote in the coming weeks on whether to introduce a $35 cap on the monthly cost of insulin to patients that was endorsed by President Joe Biden in his 2022 State of the Union address. Some companies are already taking steps to provide lower-cost insulin.

UnitedHealth to offer some drugs, including insulin, at no cost share in 2023

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The initiative aims to address inflationary pressures and prevent worse health outcomes down the line, CEO Andrew Witty told investors Friday

Changing the Narrative: Four Companies Working to Make Insulin More Accessible


million Americans who have diabetes, insulin has become increasingly expensive. Here are four organizations dedicated to making insulin more accessible For the 37.3

Bipartisan Senate Bill Aims to Lower Insulin Costs


The bill would curb the pricing of insulin by capping monthly co-pays for diabetics who use both commercial insurance plans, as well as the government-backed Medicare

Novo Nordisk achieves primary objectives of ONWARDS 3 and 4 trials with once-weekly insulin icodec demonstrating superior reduction in HbA1c vs insulin degludec in ONWARDS 3

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Novo Nordisk today announced headline results from the ONWARDS 3 and ONWARDS 4 phase 3a trials with once-weekly insulin icodec in adults with type 2 diabetes. ONWARDS 3 ( insulin – naïve people with type 2 diabetes) ONWARDS 3 is a phase 3a, double-blind 26-week efficacy and safety treat-to-target trial investigating once-weekly insulin icodec vs insulin degludec. events per patient-year exposed to once-weekly insulin icodec and 0.15

Lilly grabs glucose-sensing insulin tech, buying Protomer in $1bn deal

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Eli Lilly bought a stake in Protomer Technologies and its glucose-sensing insulin platform last year, and it must like what it has seen in the programme since then – it has just agreed to buy the company outright. .

Sernova Cell Pouch Keeps T1 Diabetes Patient Insulin Free for 2 Years


Sernova shared positive Phase I/II data from an ongoing clinical study of its implantable Cell Pouch device that showed evidence of in vivo active insulin production

Once-weekly insulin icodec demonstrates superior reduction in HbA1c vs insulin degludec in people with type 2 diabetes in ONWARDS 2 phase 3a trial

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Novo Nordisk today announced headline results from the ONWARDS 2 trial, a phase 3a, 26-week efficacy and safety treat-to-target trial investigating once-weekly insulin icodec vs insulin degludec in 526 people with type 2 diabetes switching from daily insulin.

Researchers overcome translational gap by developing novel in vivo model for the labeling of insulin secretory granule pools


Pancreatic beta cells produce, store and secrete insulin upon elevated blood glucose levels. However, the highly regulated process of insulin secretion, especially its molecular features and the stimuli behind this process have not yet been fully understood.

China’s insulin plans will hit 2022 revenues, says Novo Nordisk

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Novo Nordisk has said that the introduction of value-based procurement (VBP) for insulin products by the Chinese government will have an impact on its revenues next year. billion) of diabetes drugs there in the first nine months of this year, 75% of which was insulin.

Study describes new way of generating insulin-producing cells


Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden show how a molecule that they have identified stimulates the formation of new insulin-producing cells in zebrafish and mammalian tissue, through a newly described mechanism for regulating protein synthesis.

Civica plans shake-up of insulin sector with low-cost biosimilars

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Non-profit drugmaker Civica Rx has said it will launch biosimilars of three big-selling insulin products in the US by 2024 to help diabetic patients struggling with the cost of the drugs. The post Civica plans shake-up of insulin sector with low-cost biosimilars appeared first on.

FDA approves Lyumjev® (insulin lispro-aabc injection) 100 units/mL for use in insulin pumps

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approval of pump use for Lilly’s novel insulin is latest development designed to help people with diabetes manage blood sugar levels. “The expansion of the Lyumjev label to include use in an insulin pump provides a new and important choice for people with diabetes.

Once-weekly insulin icodec demonstrates superior reduction in HbA1c vs insulin degludec in people with type 2 diabetes in ONWARDS 2 phase 3a trial

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Once-weekly insulin icodec demonstrates superior reduction in HbA1c vs insulin degludec in people with type 2 diabetes in ONWARDS 2 phase 3a trial Once-weekly insulin icodec demonstrates superior reduction in HbA1c vs insulin degludec in people with type 2 diabetes … Continue reading → GlobeNewswire

Controlling insulin production with a smartwatch


Credit: ETH Zurich Many modern fitness trackers and smartwatches feature integrated LEDs. The green light emitted, whether continuous or pulsed, penetrates the skin and can be used to measure the wearer’s heart rate during physical activity or while at rest.

Insulin is necessary for repairing olfactory neurons


Findings point to possible treatment for smell loss Credit: Monell Chemical Senses Center, eNeuro PHILADELPHIA (May 17, 2021) – Researchers have known for some time that insulin plays a vital role in regeneration and growth in some types of neurons that relay environmental sensory information to our brains, such as sight.

FDA okays Mylan insulin drug as first ‘interchangeable’ biosimilar

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Generic drugmaker Mylan has become the first company to secure FDA approval for a biosimilar product that is considered completely interchangeable with the reference product – namely Sanofi’s once-daily insulin Lantus.

rBIO Launches with Technology to Hyper-Produce Insulin Cost-Effectively, at Scale


rBIO launched last week with technology that can reduce the cost of insulin by 30 percent, making U.S. manufacturing cost-effective for insulin and several other drugs