Running Decentralized Trials at Scale: Planning for Success

There’s been a rapid shift towards decentralization in clinical trials & it’s clear why. The potential for reaching a larger pool of recruits is possible when sponsors can bring more trial activities to the patient. Tele visits, digital consent, new monitoring sensors, & direct-to-patient supply are virtual tools that existed before the pandemic, but now there’s swift adoption of these methods because they’ve been proven to help launch & complete trials more effectively.

2022 Research: The Rapid Rise of Ocean Freight Visibility


A research study conducted by The Journal of Commerce and FourKites surveyed hundreds of international shippers, exploring how their usage of global supply chain visibility technology has evolved since the onset of global disruptions caused by COVID-19. For international shippers, ocean freight visibility has evolved from optional to essential and satisfaction with visibility varies greatly depending on how it is obtained and delivered.

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template


New vaccine mandates and testing policies will affect employers with more than 100 workers. Get Paycor’s free, customizable vaccination policy template to communicate critical details and new requirements to your employees. Get Paycor’s Template today!