Pharma losing the battle over drug prices

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According to the KFF poll “ most adults – across partisans – don’t believe high drug prices are needed for drug companies to invest in new research instead agreeing that “even if U.S. The post Pharma losing the battle over drug prices.

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The drug industry can’t fight change

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While it’s true, the drug industry developed COVID vaccines; the government spent billions on research pre-pandemic and $18 billion more on trials, production, and purchase. Drug corps are reaping record profits. Drug companies should prepare for this scenario.

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Drug companies know how to play the FDA drug approval process

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SUMMARY: The FDA has many puzzled as to why they approve some drugs with questionable data and ask for more data on other drugs. The FDA approves drugs on the potential to save a life, the cost of the drugs is never considered in the process.

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Merck drug for chronic cough rejected by FDA

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According to the drugmaker, the FDA asked in a complete response letter for more information related to how the drug's efficacy was measured

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Roche revives a closely watched Huntington's disease drug

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Ten months after Roche stopped giving the drug to patients in a Phase 3 trial, the pharma is planning a new study on the belief the medicine may help younger adult patients with less advanced disease

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Drug pricing increases are disgraceful

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SUMMARY: (JAMA) The median drug wholesale list price (as defined by Average Wholesale Price) increased by 129% from 2010-2016, while median patient out-of-pocket costs increased by 53% and median insurance payments after rebates and discounts increased by 64%. Drug Prices

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Prescription drug prices are out of cotrol

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This includes about one in five who report that they have not filled a prescription or took an over-the counter drug instead, and about one in ten who say they have cut pills in half or skipped a dose. Drug prices in the United States are extreme. Drug Prices

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Drug price negotiations on the horizon

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SUMMARY: Democratic lawmakers are weighing whether to include drug pricing measures that could extract tens of billions of dollars from the industry. We’re just not sure when,” said one drug industry lobbying source. The drug industry has had a large target on its back for a long time.

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Amgen partners with Arrakis to develop drugs aimed at RNA

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Arrakis, a specialist in designing oral drugs that target RNA, will receive $75 million under the deal, which could be worth "several billion dollars" more

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AstraZeneca adds to rare disease drug pipeline with Neurimmune deal

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Neurimmune, which will license to AstraZeneca an early-stage treatment for a rare form of cardiomyopathy, is probably best known for its invention of the antibody that became Biogen's Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm

New cancer drug clinical trials struggling

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This translates to longer development times for cancer drugs which means that cancer patients could suffer. It’s essential that drug companies get creative and find new ways to reach patients when incomes to cancer drug screening and clinical trials.

“Heavy” hydrogen stabilizes drugs


Chemistry AND Physics Drugs heavy hydrogen stabilizesHydrogen (abbreviated “H”) is the lightest of all elements. It usually consists only of a positively charged proton and a negatively charged electron and is also called protium in this form.

Roche sees cause for optimism with failed Huntington's disease drug. Others aren't so sure.

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After halting a Phase 3 trial of the drug last year, Roche went digging for more data. What it found led to plans for another trial, but the pharma's hypothesis may rest on shaky ground

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Neurocrine stocks up on a biotech's psychiatric drugs

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A new deal with Sosei Heptares hands Neurocrine a "broad portfolio" of drugs for schizophrenia, dementia and other neuropsychiatric disorders

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New legislation is a great first step to lower drug prices

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SUMMARY: The new, proposed, drug legislation is a first step rather than a sweeping change. It’s a collection of measures meant to bring down prices slowly and on targeted drugs, and pharma is already complaining. The post New legislation is a great first step to lower drug prices.

European drugs regulator signals rejection likely for Biogen's Aduhelm

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A European Medicines Agency panel tasked with reviewing drugs voted against the biotech's controversial Alzheimer's medicine, signaling an approval is unlikely next month

Seagen, Genmab win speedy FDA approval for cervical cancer drug

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Tivdak, a type of drug known as an antibody-drug conjugate, is the fourth approved medicine for Seagen and its third to reach market since December 2019

Um, about that diabetes drug that helped patients lose weight

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Yet the media has led with “diabetes drug leads to major weight loss” Will doctors inform patients? The drug carries a potential risk for a type of thyroid tumor and has a boxed warning. This drug can be effective if patients follow the directions for weight loss.

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“Game-changing” obesity drug over-promising?

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It’s being positioned as an anti-obesity drug, but one study by Novo Nordisk has shown that people who stop taking Wegovy after a few months tend to regain much of their lost weight within a year. The post <i>“Game-changing”</i> obesity drug over-promising?

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Medicare faces blowback over plan to limit coverage of Biogen's Alzheimer's drug

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Biogen, along with allies in industry, plans to pressure Medicare to water down its policy, which limits coverage of Aduhelm and drugs like it to clinical trials

Open Source “Wikipedia” for Drug Discovery

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Open source drug discovery was proposed in the past in connection with third-world diseases like tuberculosis and malaria, but it is in the context of first-world indications where it is needed most. The post Open Source “Wikipedia” for Drug Discovery appeared first on Pharma Mirror Magazine.

Review reports improved transparency in antidepressant drug trials


New research suggests manufacturers of newly developed antidepressant drugs have become more forthcoming about clinical trials that don’t pan out. Latest News antidepressant Drug Improved reports review Transparency trials

Supporting multi-audience communication in all stages of drug development

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Biopharmaceutical companies have ongoing and extensive needs for print and digital communications throughout the drug development life cycle that can benefit from a single-source vendor

Cortexyme plans path forward for Alzheimer's drug that failed study

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Detailed results presented Thursday show no difference between the biotech's drug and placebo on the study's main measures. But a seeming benefit in a subgroup of patients convinced the company to plan another trial

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A biotech wins the first FDA drug approval in a rare type of eye cancer

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based Immunocore's treatment, known as Kimmtrak, is also the first T cell receptor drug to have reached market in the U.S. so far

FDA approves AbbVie, Pfizer drugs for eczema, creating competition for Sanofi

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AbbVie's Rinvoq and Pfizer's Cibinqo are both JAK-inhibiting drugs that are taken orally, a convenience which could help them compete against injectable treatments like Sanofi and Regeneron's Dupixent

Mirati gives first look at KRAS drug combination in lung cancer

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Study results for Mirati's drug combined with Keytruda have been much anticipated, as the San Diego biotech aims to challenge Amgen and its rival KRAS-blocking drug Lumakras

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With Alzheimer's drugs in focus, Bristol Myers rejoins the hunt

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The pharmaceutical giant is spending $80 million for an exclusive license to an experimental drug developed by Prothena

EQRx builds case for cancer drug it hopes can disrupt market

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Study results show EQRx's drug, which it means to position as a lower-cost alternative to widely used cancer immunotherapies, extended the lives of lung cancer patients.

Pfizer stocks cancer drug pipeline with $2.3B deal for Trillium

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The acquisition reflects growing industry interest in the cancer-linked protein targeted by Trillium's drugs, most notably shown by Gilead's acquisition of Forty Seven last year

Pharma buys politicians to ensure high drug prices remain

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SUMMARY: Large-cap pharma companies are trading higher in the morning hours after White House unveiled a framework for a deal on President Biden’s social spending package on Thursday leaving out a key provision that allowed Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.

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Gilead Sues Distributors Selling Counterfeit HIV Drugs


Gilead Sciences has been seizing counterfeit versions of its HIV drugs Biktarvy and Descovy since last year and is now suing distributors who have been behind selling the illicit medications. The counterfeit drugs were being sold across several states in the US over the past two years.

In first, FDA approves KRAS-blocking cancer drug from Amgen

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Lumakras is the first drug proven effective For decades, scientists have tried unsuccessfully to target the KRAS gene, which is often mutated in lung, colon and pancreatic cancers.

Novartis wins FDA approval for new heart drug, but faces uphill sales battle

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But uptake could be slow as insurers and doctors weigh the drug's safety and cost-effectiveness Leqvio, which Novartis acquired for nearly $10 billion two years ago, arrives with high sales expectations.

Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug: What’s the price tag on hope?

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SUMMARY: The FDA is coming under intense pressure to approve Biogen’s Alzheimer’s drug, but Aaron S. ” For Biogen, the stakes are high as approval is likely to earn tens of millions, of to billions, in profits but is hope a reason to approve a drug over science?

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Incyte eczema drug wins FDA OK, but with safety warning

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A topical cream formulation of the drug in Incyte's top-selling product could help the company expand. The black box warning, though, might limit use

On Syria’s Ruins, a Drug Empire Flourishes

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Powerful associates of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, are making and selling captagon, an illegal amphetamine, creating a new narcostate on the Mediterranean.

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Sierra Oncology records success in late-stage study of bone cancer drug

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The biotech said it plans to soon submit the drug, which it acquired for cheap from Gilead three years ago, to the Food and Drug Administration for approval

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Otsuka partners with Sunovion, Sumitomo in neurology drug pact

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Sunovion will receive $270 million from Otsuka, and as much as $620 million more, in exchange for splitting rights to four experimental psychiatric drugs

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Limitations in clinical drug research


Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – Diabetes and Obesity is a book series that brings updated reviews to readers interested in advances in the development of pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of two metabolic diseases – diabetes and obesity. Latest News clinical Drug Limitations research

Unlocking the secrets of a critical schistosomiasis drug


Independent teams from Texas Biomedical Research Institute and the Medical College of Wisconsin have published two papers in Science Translational Medicine identifying how the only approved drug to treat schistosomiasis, a widespread parasitic worm infection, works on the molecular level.

US turns to Gilead's COVID-19 drug to help counter omicron

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With other COVID treatments ineffective against the variant or in short supply, the FDA is expanding its approval of Veklury to include outpatient use

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Regeneron, AstraZeneca team up on targeted drugs for obesity

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AstraZeneca aims to help the biotech make a drug based on its findings After screening 650,000 people, Regeneron unearthed a mutation associated with lower weight.

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