Shark Tank's Mark Cuban Dives into Generic Drug Market


Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, best known as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and an investor on the ABC business reality series “Shark Tank,” is diving into generic drugs with a new startup, dubbed Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

Finding and Evaluating Generic Drug Market Entry Opportunities

Drug Patent Watch

Here is a copy of the talk I gave at the recent Marcusevans 13th Portfolio Management and Pipeline Optimization for Generics. I cover: How to find and evaluate generic entry….


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This New Year, SMB Generic Drug Manufacturers Take Back Control with MDH Insight’s Trailblazing EmpowerRM® Pharma Chargeback Software

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This New Year, SMB Generic Drug Manufacturers Take Back Control with MDH Insight’s Trailblazing EmpowerRM® Pharma Chargeback Software This New Year, SMB Generic Drug Manufacturers Take Back Control with MDH Insight’s Trailblazing EmpowerRM® Pharma Chargeback Software PEMBROKE PINES, Fla.–(BUSINESS

Generic Drugs Approved but not Launched – How to Tell When Generic Drugs Will hit the Market

Drug Patent Watch

Just because a drug has received FDA approval does not mean that it is available in the marketplace. The post Generic Drugs Approved but not Launched – How to Tell When Generic Drugs Will hit the Market appeared first on DrugPatentWatch - Make Better Decisions.

Demand Management Solution Helps a Generic Drugs Manufacturer Reduce Costs and Address Supply Chain Complexities | Infiniti’s Recent Client Engagement

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Bloomberg and Drug PatentWatch: A “Perfect Storm” Affecting Generic Drugs

Drug Patent Watch

This likely means fewer generic entrants and less opportunities for consumers to enjoy…. The post Bloomberg and Drug PatentWatch: A “Perfect Storm” Affecting Generic Drugs appeared first on DrugPatentWatch - Make Better Decisions.

Sponsored | China’s Establishing Patent Linkage System More Favorable to Generic Drug Companies o.


For the medical industry, China's proposed patent linkage system can be more favorable to generic drug companies than the U.S. The fourth Amendment of the China Patent Law has been deliberated and was passed on October 17, 2020. It will come into force on June 1, 2021. system

Novateur Ventures: Overlooked Generic Drug Strategy May Prevent COVID-19’s Cytokine Storm


Two generic anti-inflammatory drugs typically used in asthma treatments are being proposed for use with COVID-19 because of their potential to dampen disease progression and severity

Detailed United States Drug Prices Database 2020 – Brand vs. Generic Drug Price –

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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Drug Patent Database Subscription: US Drug Prices” database has been added to’s offering. This subscription was created to answer a simple question: When do drug patents expire? Your needs evolve as the industry keeps changing. Since then … Continue reading → Business Wire

Development of the generic drug industry in the US after the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984

Drug Patent Watch

The post Development of the generic drug industry in the US after the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984 appeared first on DrugPatentWatch - Make Better Decisions. This article was originally published by Garth Boehm, Lixin Yao, Liang Hana, and Qiang Zheng in Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica under a creative commons license. Abstract The key events in the….

Employer Pharmacy Benefits 2020: Some Good Coinsurance News, But Many Still Face Prescription List Prices

Drug Channels

It’s time for our annual deep dive into employer-sponsored coverage for prescription drugs. Consistent with our previous analyses, coinsurance and deductibles remain common for specialty and fourth-tier drugs, leaving patients exposed to the undiscounted list price of their prescriptions. .

When FDA-Approved Generics Fail: Brand Wellbutrin XL Antidepressant is Cheaper from Canada

Pharmacy Checkers

Years ago, they took on the Food and Drug Administration in regards to Budeprion XL distributed by Teva Pharmaceuticals, the supposed generic equivalent to the popular antidepressant, Wellbutrin XL. In fact, many people reported that when they were switched to the Teva generic Wellbutrin XL, their depression returned. Finally, I put it together that this was related to the drug because when I wouldn’t take it I would begin to feel better. Drug Prices Generic drugs

CPhI: Dramatic changes ahead for the generics market

Outsourcing Pharma

Technology impacting generic drugs include artificial intelligence, telemedicine, fraud-preventing digital solutions and more, according to a report.

Sandoz incorporates RFID technology on injectables

Outsourcing Pharma

The generic drug manufacturer is working with Kit Check to incorporate the company's drug supply-chain management technology into two of its products.

EU Faces Remdesivir Shortages Amidst Sharp Spikes in New COVID-19 Cases


Supplies of remdesivir are running out across Europe, leading to rationing and reliance on the generic drug, dexamethasone. The UK rationed its supplies of remdesivir Tuesday in the face of rising demands

Announcing the 2020 Science in Society Journalism Awards winners


We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Science in Society Journalism Awards, sponsored by the National Association of Science Writers: In the Book category, Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom, by Katherine Eban, published by Ecco/HarperCollins In the Science Reporting category, “Cigarette Butts Are Everywhere.

Customer Success: Formulary Management

Drug Patent Watch

You can preview these tools at: Recent Generic Drug Launches Upcoming 180-Day Patent Challenge Exclusivity Expirations Anticipate…. In response to customer requests, we’ve built some new tools for formulary management. The post Customer Success: Formulary Management appeared first on DrugPatentWatch - Make Better Decisions. Customer Success Stories Featured Insights

Common sense approach to the pharma industry

World of DTC Marketing

Pharma companies are still too focused on profits while people continue to rely on prescription drugs to compensate for unhealthy lifestyles. When a new drug is on the horizon stories, the effect, the drug will have on its stock price, not on patients.

PharmacyChecker Helps Americans Save 99% on Medications… Domestically

Pharmacy Checkers

More than ever, if an American compares drug prices on, they will learn that most generic drugs are far cheaper domestically than in Canada – or, in some cases, even India. Many of you know that prices on the same brand name drugs sold outside the U.S.

In the News: October Regulatory and Development Updates


When the FDA requires a product’s labeling to include a boxed warning (also called a “black box warning” because the text is surrounded by black border), the potential market value of the drug often drops severely. Guidance Issued on Referencing Approved Drug Products in ANDA Submissions.

Top 60 U.S. Brand Name Drug Prices are 75% Lower Internationally, According to Rand Corporation Study

Pharmacy Checkers

The Rand Corporation has released an impressive study showing that brand name drugs cost far more in the United States than in other countries – on average 344% more. In looking at all drugs, brand and generic, the percentage goes down to 256%. For the top 60 drugs by sales, U.S

Katie Porter attacks pharma

World of DTC Marketing

Porter points out that R&D seems to have been replaced with mergers and acquisitions, but she misses the big picture by focusing solely on drug costs. So where to start… Congresswoman Porter may want to look at the percentage of generic drugs available virus branded (89%).

Kodak Loan Debacle Puts a New Agency in the Hot Seat

NY Times

A stumbling effort to prop up the domestic generic drugs sector underscores the challenges of a Trump administration industrial policy

Meiji Seika Pharma Sets up a New Subsidiary in the US

The Pharma Data

As a “Speciality & Generic Pharmaceutical Company”, Meiji focuses its pharmaceutical business on infectious disease, central nervous system disorders, and generic drugs as well. 5, 2021 01:00 UTC. TOKYO–( BUSINESS WIRE )– Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan, President and Representative Director: Daikichiro Kobayashi, “Meiji”) today announces the starting of operation of its US subsidiary, Meiji Pharma USA Inc.,

In the News: November Regulatory and Development Updates


Evergreening Orphan Drugs May Be Over. The Orphan Drug Act of 1983 provides market exclusivity for drugs intended to treat conditions affecting fewer than 200,000 patients in the US. This effectively “evergreens” the product, preventing generic competition.

FTC clears Mylan merger with Pfizer’s Upjohn – with conditions

Pharma Phorum

Mylan’s $12 billion takeover of Pfizer’s Upjohn unit has been cleared by the US authorities, but on the condition that the two companies divest various generic drug products. News Sales and Marketing competition generic M&A Mylan Pfizer regulatory Viatris

Valisure Supports Drug Importation

Pharmacy Checkers

online pharmacy that actually tests the quality of medication it sends to patients and apparently, to my delight, they support drug importation as a policy to lower costs. Food and Drug Administration to make sure those drugs will work as directed by their prescribers.

Truvada for PrEP: availability, cost and side effects


Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil) is an antiviral drug used in the treatment of HIV, alone or as part of antiviral combination therapy. Truvada is a brand name of a combination drug, which contains two antiviral medicines: emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil.

Hitting Pause on Criticism of the FDA, Just for Today

Pharmacy Checkers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is just one agency out of the many that make up the United States Department of Health and Human Services and, from PharmacyChecker’s relatively small (non-regulatory) role of helping verify online pharmacies to protect public health, I’ve learned just how insanely massive its mandate is. It’s primarily the FDA’s role over drug safety and quality that captures my interest and admiration.”. The FDA’s Role in Protecting Our Drug Supply.

AHF Backs Proposal to Ease Tariffs on COVID-19 Drugs

The Pharma Data

Concerns are growing around the world that wealthy countries will absorb most of the COVID-19 vaccine supply and other essential medicines, while developing countries will be left to deal with drug shortages. 27, 2020 19:29 UTC.

Amazon’s Pharmacy Doesn’t Break Big Pharma’s Hold of America’s Neck

Pharmacy Checkers

Prescription drugs are yet another thing you can get when you go to Brand name drugs, ones without and even with generic competition, are similarly priced to other American pharmacies. Why would I bring up a generic drug when my point above was about brand drugs?

Even Drugs Manufactured in America are not “Made in the USA”

Pharmacy Checkers

PharmacyChecker pays close attention and has performed considerable research related to where drugs are made. Most notably, by researching drug labels and contacting drug companies, we found that 71% of brand name drugs sold in the U.S. One of our more popular Ask PharmacyChecker posts is called “ How can I determine where a drug is manufactured? ” But here’s something different to chew on: Even drugs that our research categorized as manufactured in the U.S.

Teva shares slide as it faces illegal kickback charges from US government

Pharma Phorum

Shares in Teva were down sharply this week after the US Department of Justice filed a complaint that the company paid illegal kickbacks to patient groups to boost sales of its multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone (glatiramer).

XPhyto Announces Drug Formulation Strategy and 2021 Milestones Innovation to Impact

The Pharma Data

Construction of commercial drug manufacturing facility in Germany. Psychedelic transdermal and sublingual drug formulation development. In 2020, XPhyto reported significant advancements in four drug formulation development programs.

Biosimilars vs. Interchangeable Biological Products: FDA Fact Check


In order to fact-check some of these misconceptions, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently hosted a webinar on biosimilar and interchangeable biological products to help healthcare professionals understand more about these treatment options.

Drug Channels News Roundup, February 2021: Accumulator Problems, Humana + ESI, White Bagging Battles, Buy-and-Bill Economics, and Pharmacy Hero Dave Marley

Drug Channels

Let’s melt away this foul February with our monthly selection of scorching news from around the drug channel. Humana to Join Cigna Drug-Buying Group for Some Members , Bloomberg. The battle for specialty drug margin rages on. Marley Drug generated $1.7

Amphastar Announces Approval for Glucagon for Injection Kit, 1mg

The Pharma Data

Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has approved its Abbreviated New Drug Application (“ANDA”) for Glucagon for Injection Emergency Kit, 1 mg. billion, and nine generic products in development targeting products with a market size of approximately $12.0 RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.,

FDA hands Cassiopea its first approval, for acne drug Winlevi

Pharma Phorum

Cassiopea claims that a drug that works by inhibiting androgen hormones in the skin is “game-changing” as it tackles aspects of acne not addressed by other drugs, and limits the systemic side-effect issues that limit the use of oral alternatives.

The calm after the storm: How COVID-19 is making pharma more resilient

Pharma Phorum

We were the first company to commit to keeping prices stable for drugs seen as essential treatments for COVID-related symptoms. “As In addition, we have made a commitment to provide 15 drugs to low-income countries at cost.”.

Pharma Microbiology East Coast Conference – A Virtual Conference with Remote Access

Pharma Phorum

She served as the Deputy Director (Acting) in the Office of Process and Facilities (OPF)/OPQ/CDER, responsible for new, generic, and biologic drug product quality review and facility assessment.

The Mesh of the Generics and the Potential of Emerging Therapies in the Smoking Cessation Market


Fortunately, there exists FDA-approved therapies and drugs that double the success rates of quitting. Smoking Cessation: What are the drugs available in the market? The USFDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research regulates and ensures the safety and effectiveness of these products.

Should Blink Health advertise Canadian drugs on Google?

Pharmacy Checkers

The company Blink Health is advertising Canadian drugs on Google, even though it does not sell medication from Canadian pharmacies. Blink Health advertising under the key phrase “drug prices in Canada” Launched in early 2016 , Blink Health offers consumers the ability to purchase prescription medicines from its app or website and pick them up from local pharmacies in their neighborhoods. Brand drugs cost way more at Blink Health than in Canada.

China Opens the Door to Personal Medicine Imports and Third-Party Online Platform Sales

Pharmacy Checkers

A new Chinese law (in effect as of December 1, 2019) makes third-party online platform medicine sales legal, appropriately ends a draconian definition of counterfeit drugs, and effectively decriminalizes personal drug importation, but with a lot of gray! The changes were part of a major overhaul of the Drug Administrative Law of the People’s Republic of China (DAL). A summary in English can be found here: Summary of Revised Chinese Drug Administration Law.