Lilly's COVID-19 antibody cleared by FDA for post-exposure prevention

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The expanded authorization comes amid surging demand for antibody treatments, particularly in states with lower rates of coronavirus vaccination

Regeneron antibody cuts risk of COVID-19 death in UK study

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The biotech said it will seek an expanded FDA clearance after results from the RECOVERY trial showed its antibody can lower mortality among certain hospitalized COVID-19 patients


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Unexpected antibody type found in people with malaria infections


However, in a newly published study, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) have detected antibodies primarily made in response to infections in the mucous membranes — in such areas as […].

Who would get Regeneron's COVID-19 antibody treatment?

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Fast antibody testing, however, is spotty The drug, now being considered for emergency clearance by the FDA, seems to work best in patients whose immune systems haven't responded to infection.

Eli Lilly wins FDA emergency clearance for COVID-19 antibody drug

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The Food and Drug Administration cleared the company's synthetic antibody treatment, but short supplies and logistical challenges could limit its initial impact

FDA clears Lilly's COVID-19 antibody cocktail for emergency use

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In a late-stage study of people recently diagnosed with COVID-19, the dual-antibody drug sharply reduced the risk of hospitalizations and death

Bristol Myers partners with Eisai in $650M deal for targeted cancer antibody

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drugmaker is the latest to invest large sums of money in antibody-drug conjugates, following recent deals by Gilead, Merck and AstraZeneca The U.S.

PKU researchers harness higher order protein catenation for the development of artificial antibodies


Mathematics Antibodies Artificial catenation development harness Higher order PKU protein researchersChemical topology is a unique dimension for protein engineering.

A startup raises $336M to make a better antibody drug for COVID-19

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Adagio Therapeutics, a well-financed spinout of antibody developer Adimab, could challenge Regeneron and Eli Lilly if its drug candidate proves protective in clinical tests

J&J's new cancer drug leads a growing pipeline of dual-targeting antibodies

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Pharma and biotech companies alike see potential in using bispecific antibodies for hard-to-treat cancers like leukemia, myeloma and solid tumors

Horse hyperimmune antibody may help the fight against COVID-19, Brazilian study finds


A study conducted by a consortium of Brazilian researchers has demonstrated that a hyperimmune serum consisting of purified antibody fragments produced in horses may be an efficient approach to combat covid-19.

COVID vaccine booster increases antibody responses, is protective in rhesus macaques


Medicine & Health antibody booster COVID increases macaques protective responses rhesus vaccine

US stops rollout of Lilly's first COVID-19 antibody over variant concerns

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Treatments from Lilly and Regeneron that combine two different antibodies should be used instead, according to health officials

FDA approves Regeneron antibody drug as first Ebola virus treatment

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Research for the drug, now cleared as Inmazeb, helped Regeneron jumpstart its fast development of an antibody therapy for COVID-19

COVID antibodies from Roche, Celltrion backed for approval in EU

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The EMA’s human medicines committee has recommended approval of Roche’s Ronapreve and Celltrion’s Regkirona for use in COVID-19, the first antibody-based therapies for coronavirus to be backed for full approval in the EU.

COVID-19 neutralising antibody tests – an integrated approach

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Nina Garrett, R&D director at Abingdon Health discusses the key role antibody testing is playing in the pandemic and how an integrated approach with vaccines could help normal life resume. This is where antibody tests come in. Neutralising Antibodies.

From Alpha to Epsilon: Consortium study illuminates surfaces of Spike most resistant to antibody escape


LA JOLLA, CA—Scientists at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) have published a detailed map of where human antibodies bind to SARS-CoV-2, a map that was generated by a global collaboration comparing nearly all leading clinical candidates.

Antibodies mimicking the virus may explain long haul COVID-19, rare vaccine side effects


Latest News Antibodies COVID19 effects explain haul long Mimicking rare side vaccine virusWith around 256 million cases and more than 5 million deaths worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged scientists and those in the medical field. Researchers are working to find effective vaccines and therapies, as well as understand the long-term effects of the infection. With around 256 million cases and more than 5 million deaths worldwide, […].

Merck to pay almost $3B for VelosBio, broadening antibody cancer drug push

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Buying VelosBio is Merck's second investment in so-called antibody-drug conjugates since September, reflecting the drug class' fast turnaround

US stocks up on COVID-19 antibody drugs amid shortage concerns

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Deals with Regeneron and Eli Lilly will secure nearly 1.8 million additional doses of the companies' respective treatments over the next four months

5 Benefits of Monoclonal Antibodies

Pharma Focus Asia

Antibody development has dramatically changed the pharmaceutical world, allowing for the creation of life-saving drugs and improvements to healthcare that would otherwise be impossible. The post 5 Benefits of Monoclonal Antibodies first appeared on Pharma Focus Asia.

F.D.A. Authorizes Another Antibody Treatment

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internal-essential Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Antibodies Coronavirus (2019-nCoV Researchers hope Eli Lilly’s new combination therapy may be better able to fight virus variants than a similar treatment already in use.

JPM21: Vaccines soar, antibodies struggle as COVID-19 drugs become a business

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Moderna and Gilead reported billions in sales for their coronavirus treatments, but Regeneron's antibody drug cocktail hasn't gained traction.

One dose of Regeneron’s COVID antibody protects for eight months

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A single dose of the COVID-19 monoclonal antibody therapy developing Regeneron reduced the risk of contracting the virus by around 82% for up to eight months, according to new trial data. The post One dose of Regeneron’s COVID antibody protects for eight months appeared first on.

Monoclonal Antibodies Shine in the Fight Against COVID-19


Monoclonal antibodies have proven to be an important therapeutic option in the ongoing battle against COVID-19

Antibody-Mediated Rejection Epidemiology Forecasts, 2030 –

BioTech 365

Antibody-Mediated Rejection Epidemiology Forecasts, 2030 – Antibody-Mediated Rejection Epidemiology Forecasts, 2030 – DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Antibody-Mediated Rejection – Epidemiology Forecast 2030” report has been added to’s offering.

What level of antibody response protects against COVID-19 death?


Medicine & Health antibody COVID19 death level protects response

In multiple myeloma, cell therapies lead but antibody drugs could follow fast

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But a growing group of antibody drugs, several of which were showcased at ASH, aren't far behind Two cell therapies might soon be approved for the blood cancer.

Delta and Delta Plus evade the antibody response


Cancer antibody Delta evade responseThe emergence of new SARS-CoV-2 variants that can spread rapidly and undermine vaccine-induced immunity threatens the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. The delta variant (B.1.617.2) emerged in India and subsequently spread globally within a short time period.

AZ files for emergency use of COVID-19 antibody combo in US

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AstraZeneca has sought emergency use authorisation for its antibody combination AZD7442, following trial results indicating it can prevent symptomatic COVID-19 infection when given to healthy patients. The post AZ files for emergency use of COVID-19 antibody combo in US appeared first on.

Regeneron follows Lilly in asking for emergency approval of COVID-19 antibody drug

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The two antibody treatments are now being reviewed by the FDA, although limited supply could mean their impact won't be felt for months, even if they are cleared for use

Antibody delivery technology empowers immunotherapy against glioblastoma and suppresses side effects


Summary: •An antibody delivery technology was developed based on multiple glucosylated polymers conjugated onto antibodies via linkers cleaving in tumor microenvironment. Biology antibody delivery effects empowers glioblastoma immunotherapy side suppresses technology

Merck pays Seattle Genetics $1.7B as antibody cancer drugs continue comeback

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Merck's deal for Seattle Genetics' antibody-drug conjugate comes as Gilead agreed to acquire rival developer Immunomedics in the biotech industry's largest buyout of 2020

Regeneron enlists Roche to boost production of COVID-19 antibody drug

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Together, the companies expect to make three and a half times as many doses of Regeneron's antibody drug than the U.S. biotech could on its own

Boehringer goes after antibody cancer drugs in latest acquisition

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billion, Boehringer will take control of NBE-Therapeutics and its antibody drug conjugate technology, which has already produced one clinical-stage therapy For about $1.4

Antibody protects against broad range of COVID-19 virus variants


Many of the variants circulating now are partially resistant to some of the antibody-based therapeutics that were developed based on the original virus. Medicine & Health MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES SPIKE GLYCOPROTEIN

Regeneron warns its antibody drug may be less potent versus omicron

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While Regeneron is still testing its treatment against the new variant, the biotech is readying contingency plans, including second-generation versions of its drug

Eli Lilly’s COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibodies Cleared to Battle Delta


After a two-month long halt, federal officials have given the go-ahead to resume nationwide distribution of Eli Lilly’s COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies bamlanivimab and etesevimab. However, studies now show the COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies can work against the variant.

Twist Bioscience Acquires Abveris to Complement Antibody Capabilities


Twist Bioscience snapped up in vivo antibody discovery company Abveris Inc. The acquisition is expected to bolster Twist’s biopharma antibody capabilities in a deal valued at up to $190 million.

Lilly and GSK/Vir antibody pairing offers resistant COVID-19 hope

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Two antibodies targeting different parts of the COVID-19 virus spike protein, from Eli Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline/Vir Biotech, can cut viral load dramatically within a week. . The post Lilly and GSK/Vir antibody pairing offers resistant COVID-19 hope appeared first on.

US signs $1bn order for GSK, Vir’s COVID-19 antibody

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The US has made a sizeable order for GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Biotechnology’s antibody-based COVID-19 treatment sotrovimab said to be worth approximately $1 billion. The post US signs $1bn order for GSK, Vir’s COVID-19 antibody appeared first on.

Vir breaks through with study success for COVID-19 antibody

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A data monitoring board said a study testing Vir's drug should be stopped early because of an overwhelming benefit from treatment

AstraZeneca Will Unite Vaccines, Antibody Therapies in New Division


AstraZeneca announced its plans to create a new, separate division for vaccines and antibody therapies, specifically its COVID-19 vaccine developed with the University of Oxford and other COVID-19 antibody treatments