Accelerating virtual clinical trials

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Leveraging the guidance and support of trial virtualization professionals with experience in key areas of a trial's lifecycle will undoubtedly impact overall success

Breaking down the barriers to decentralized trials

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Decentralized trials are here to stay. Here's how technology has and will continue to pave the way

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New cancer drug clinical trials struggling

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WHAT’S THIS ABOUT THEN : Researchers are rushing to launch clinical trials of experimental vaccines against the coronavirus, and treatments for COVID-19. Eli Lilly recently announced that it would halt enrolment in ongoing studies and delay the launch of new trials.

The Apple Watch in clinical trials: Current uses and future possibilities

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Why the Apple Watch will likely be one of the top choices for use by sponsors, CROs and clinical trial teams wishing to use wearables in their trials

4 Benefits Of Clinical Trial Participation

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Clinical trials are research studies designed to evaluate or test a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention. Most recently, clinical trials have gained recognition through the development and testing of Covid-19 vaccines.

Adopting RBQM to ensure trial oversight in COVID and beyond

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Now more than ever, a firm grasp of RBQM is needed for the success of all clinical trials

Pfizer beats Sarepta to the start of first late-stage Duchenne gene therapy trial

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The first patient enrolled in a Phase 3 trial of Pfizer's treatment was given the experimental one-time therapy on Dec.

The Future of Clinical Trials

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The efficacy of clinical trials can have a direct correlation to the use of innovative technology within them. There has been and continues to be a shift to decentralization in clinical trials. Another major player in our remote clinical trial connections is the wireless medical device.

How to Ensure Patient Safety During a Clinical Trial


Monitoring patient safety during a clinical trial is one of the founding principles to be followed throughout the drug development life cycle. It can be defined as a collaborative relationship between sponsors, sites, researchers, and everyone involved in the clinical trial phases.

Project Management & Planning for Successful Clinical Trials

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Efficient Clinical Trials Site ManagementFollow these project management and planning basics while conducting clinical research at your site.

Technological adoption and human connection. Finding the balance in clinical trials

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While technology can push trials ahead, in-person interactions and site relationships are, and always will be, the key to success in delivering patient-centric trials on time

U.S. Health Officials Question AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Results

NY Times

Clinical Trials Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Vaccination and Immunization AstraZeneca PLC Food and Drug Administration National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Oxford University

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How will Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) Dominate 2021


Introduction: Decentralized clinical trials or DCT have become the new norm for the life sciences industry, particularly the clinical trial domain. So, DCT will have a formidable impact on shaping up the clinical trial landscape in 2021 in various aspects.

COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates

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They go through a clinical trial process to determine a vaccine or treatment’s safety and effectiveness. Read more COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates. The post COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates appeared first on

Best Ways To Improve Your Study- Startup in Clinical Trials


Study startups (SSUs) define the process flow starting from the first point of contact with the sponsor to the screening and recruiting process of subjects by the study team in clinical trials. Study startups lay the foundation for your clinical trial study.

Clinical trial assesses stem cells’ ability to prevent major cause of preemie deaths


Credit: AlphaMed Press Durham, NC – A phase 2 clinical trial whose results were released today in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine might point to a way to overcome bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), a major cause of death in preterm infants.

A biotech shelves its Huntington's drugs after trial failures

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Two drugs developed by Wave Life Sciences didn't appear to have an effect on disease-causing proteins, another setback for Huntington's research after disappointing results last week from Roche and Ionis

How to Apply for A Clinical Trial On FindMeCure

Find Me Cure

With 85% of patients unaware of clinical trials as an option at the time of their diagnosis, according to the NIH , it’s a shame that many parts of the application process are still needlessly complicated when a patient is aware and motivated. How to search for relevant trials.

Moderna, in bid for transparency, discloses detailed plan of coronavirus vaccine trial

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The biotech, among the furthest along in coronavirus vaccine development, is the first developer to share the so-called study protocol of its large Phase 3 trial

NIH trial of anti-CD14 antibody to treat COVID-19 respiratory disease begins


Credit: NIAID A clinical trial testing the safety and efficacy of an investigational monoclonal antibody for treating people who are hospitalized with respiratory disease and low blood oxygen due to infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has begun.

Has COVID-19 Become the Catalyst for Virtual Clinical Trials?

Crucial Data Soutions

Traditional methods of clinical data collection and trial management encountered change in mid-March as the FDA released guidance on conducting trials during the pandemic. But will virtual trials keep gaining traction beyond the pandemic?

Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Promise in Small Trial

NY Times

Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Brain Eli Lilly and Company donanemabParticipants with the disease still declined, but much more slowly than those receiving a placebo, investigators say.

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The Future is Now: Trends in Clinical Trials Brought to Reality

Crucial Data Soutions

A medical device sponsor is conducting a clinical trial on an innovative cardiac stent. The sponsor has chosen to take a hybrid approach to their study to decrease risk and increase patient safety, adhering to the FDA’s guidance on conducting clinical trials during the pandemic.

Technological adoption, or the human connection? Finding the balance in clinical trials

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While technology can push trials ahead, in-person interactions and site relationships are, and always will be, the key to success in delivering patient-centric trials on time

Stem cell therapy for ALS fails a large clinical trial

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The therapy's developer, Brainstorm Therapeutics, blamed the setback on better-than-expected results from placebo-treated patients. The biotech still sees a path forward, however

Clinical Trial Day: Celebrating 273 Years of Medical Advancements

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When you hear ‘clinical trials,’ today you think about research sites, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. What you absolutely don’t think about is a British Royal Navy fleet ship ridden with scurvy, but that’s how clinical trials started!

There is value to patients when independent sites offer clinical trials

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We observe that the COVID-19 crisis shines a light on the benefits to patients and industry stakeholders of bringing clinical trials closer to patients' homes

Are Patients Still Seeking Clinical Trials During Covid-19?

Find Me Cure

At the beginning of the global lockdown, our team at FindMeCure had some assumptions, concerns and predictions about the impact of Covid-19 on clinical trials and more specifically – the patients seeking treatments. Remote/virtual trials are still a good idea.

Quantitative Biomarkers in Clinical Research Imaging Trials


Imaging standards, such as anthropomorphic calibration phantoms are often used in large multicenter trials to ensure accurate and reproducible data, especially when there are method-related uncertainties (e.g., Blog Virtual Trials

How to Find & Pay for Clinical Trials

Triage Cancer

You may have questions about clinical trials, including how to find them and how to pay for them. What is a clinical trial? A cancer clinical trial is a research study that looks for new ways to prevent, find and diagnose, and treat cancer. Myths about clinical trials.

What Does Covid-19 Mean for Patients in Clinical trials?

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The last couple of weeks had us write many emails to patients applying for clinical trials informing them that the trial they are interested in has been suspended. In fact, Covid-19 might just spell a very positive shift in the way clinical trials are conducted in the future.

COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates

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Read more COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates. The post COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates appeared first on Clinical Trials COVID-19“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.”

How clinical trial software can be used to optimize clinical trials

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Clinical trial software facilitates clinical trials from conception to finish. Traditionally spreadsheets have been used to record and manage all the various aspects of clinical trials. Types of clinical trial software.

AstraZeneca restarts another coronavirus vaccine trial, but US delay lingers

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The company is now cleared to resume testing of its experimental shot in multiple countries, but a Phase 3 trial in the U.S. remains halted as an FDA investigation reportedly widens

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5 reasons life sciences needs better clinical trial supply management

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A new industry consortium is lining up stakeholders to work together to address long-standing pain points that disrupt clinical trials

Editas, AbbVie rework gene editing deal as pioneering CRISPR trial resumes

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Development of EDIT-101, the first CRISPR-based therapy to be used in a company-led trial to alter genes within a person's body, will now move forward under Editas' sole ownership

India's Covaxin Covid-19 Vaccine, Already in Use, Shows Promise in Trials

NY Times

Interim results from clinical trials suggested that Covaxin could be safe and effective, potentially removing one hurdle to New Delhi’s ambitious campaign to inoculate a vast population.

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CanSino, Canada abandon plans for a coronavirus vaccine trial

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Canada was set to help CanSino produce its experimental shot as part of a deal to run what would've been the country's first coronavirus vaccine study

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COVID-19 Treatment Trial Reaches Out to Communities of Color

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An ongoing problem in clinical trials over the years has been a failure to procure diverse enough representation among the participants. COVID-19 ACTIV-2 communities of color coronavirus participants people of color recruitment Rise Above Covid study treatments trial

Unlocking the potential in rare disease research with decentralised trials

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A survey by rare disease patient network Raremark found that 86% of the community members asked were interested in taking part in clinical trials. CEO Jeremy Edwards looks at how decentralised trial models can solve some of the challenges for clinical trial recruitment in rare disease.

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‘Mop up’ malaria vaccine advances to trials in people


Chemistry AND Physics Clinical Trials Disease in the Developing World Infectious/Emerging Diseases Medicine/Health Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Science Public Health Zoology/Veterinary Science

How to do budgeting for clinical trials


Clinical trial budgeting is an essential aspect of running a trial successfully. A clinical trial budget is the estimated amount of money you need to complete the clinical trial. Cost buckets need to be determined, also, while budgeting for clinical trials.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Workload Planning for Your Clinical Trials

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Efficient Clinical Trials Metrics Clinical Trial Metrics Forte InsightsLearn how tracking staff effort helps sites understand and make better use of their time.