Practical approaches to operationalizing decentralized clinical trials

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When appropriate, DCTs can accelerate trial conduct, create a wealth of high-quality data and improve efficiency

How to address patient privacy and data-security concerns in clinical trials


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Clinical trial DTC? It may not be right for your drug candidate

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SUMMARY: Over half of all clinical trial sites are outside the U.S. 87 % of all subjects in recent biologics trials were enrolled outside the U.S. DTC may or may not work for clinical trial enrollment it really depends on the condition and risk as judged by the patient.

Accelerating virtual clinical trials

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Leveraging the guidance and support of trial virtualization professionals with experience in key areas of a trial's lifecycle will undoubtedly impact overall success

Accelerating patient care through digital transformation and decentralized clinical trials

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The adoption of digital health technologies (DHTs) in the industry continues to pave the way to enable decentralized clinical trials (DCTs

Fourth trial volunteer dies in Astellas gene therapy study

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The study, which was suspended following three deaths last year, had been restarted in February after Astellas lowered the treatment dose used

Breaking down the barriers to decentralized trials

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Decentralized trials are here to stay. Here's how technology has and will continue to pave the way

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Biogen says experimental pain drug helps neuropathy patients in mid-stage trial

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Mixed trial results, however, may make it challenging to design a larger study that can persuade regulators to approve the pain drug With Aduhelm approved but struggling to gain traction, Biogen is talking up its pipeline.

Pfizer, Merck launch large new trials of oral COVID-19 drugs

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Both companies are racing to prove their oral antivirals as treatments for COVID-19. Key clinical results could come later this year

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The Apple Watch in clinical trials: Current uses and future possibilities

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Why the Apple Watch will likely be one of the top choices for use by sponsors, CROs and clinical trial teams wishing to use wearables in their trials

Reimagining Clinical Trials: Why are Virtual Clinical Trials Becoming the New Normal?


Clinical trials are an essential part of the drug development process. Worldwide, more than 2 million clinical trials are registered and the number is steadily increasing over the past several years. The conduct of trials was not possible due to the risk of catching coronavirus.

4 Benefits Of Clinical Trial Participation

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Clinical trials are research studies designed to evaluate or test a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention. Most recently, clinical trials have gained recognition through the development and testing of Covid-19 vaccines.

4 insights on decentralized trials for biotechs

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Here are four things we have learned about DCTs that biotech companies can consider when designing a decentralized or hybrid trial

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Wearables for actigraphy measures in clinical trials

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It's now possible to gather far more data, more often, more objectively, and more easily than ever before, and, with the appropriate choice, broadly expedite clinical trials utilizing actigraphy measurements

The Future is Now: Trends in Clinical Trials Brought to Reality

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A medical device sponsor is conducting a clinical trial on an innovative cardiac stent. The sponsor has chosen to take a hybrid approach to their study to decrease risk and increase patient safety, adhering to the FDA’s guidance on conducting clinical trials during the pandemic.

Pfizer beats Sarepta to the start of first late-stage Duchenne gene therapy trial

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The first patient enrolled in a Phase 3 trial of Pfizer's treatment was given the experimental one-time therapy on Dec.

Project Management & Planning for Successful Clinical Trials

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Efficient Clinical Trials Site ManagementFollow these project management and planning basics while conducting clinical research at your site.

Alexion discontinues ALS drug trial due to 'lack of efficacy'

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The decision, which follows the recommendation of a data monitoring committee, is yet another setback in the search for more treatments for the neurological disease

Astellas again hits pause on gene therapy trial

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The company is holding off dosing more patients with AT132, a potential treatment for a deadly neuromuscular disease, after one recently experienced a serious adverse event in the form of unusual liver function

COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates

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They go through a clinical trial process to determine a vaccine or treatment’s safety and effectiveness. Read more COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates. The post COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates appeared first on

Novavax says vaccine 90% effective against COVID-19 in large trial

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Highly anticipated results from a Phase 3 study testing the biotech company's shot showed it to be strongly protective and safe, a potential boon for the world's vaccination efforts

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The Future of Clinical Trials

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The efficacy of clinical trials can have a direct correlation to the use of innovative technology within them. There has been and continues to be a shift to decentralization in clinical trials. Another major player in our remote clinical trial connections is the wireless medical device.

What is a Virtual Clinical Trial and How Does it Benefit the Clinical Trial Industry (2021)


Introduction: A virtual clinical trial (also known as remote or decentralized clinical trials) in the definition refers to digitally empowered clinical trial processes. to conduct safe and improved clinical trial research. Traditional Clinical Trial.

Using virtual populations for clinical trials


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From start to finish – digitising clinical trials

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Over the past two years, the pharma industry’s demand for automated research solutions has increased significantly and, particularly when it comes to clinical trial design, the need has never been greater. The post From start to finish – digitising clinical trials appeared first on.

As trials progress, FDA weighs COVID-19 vaccine authorizations for children

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An advisory panel could not reach consensus on how long or large trials in young children should be. Some experts argued falling infection rates might mean vaccination of kids under 12 is unnecessary

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Are Patients Still Seeking Clinical Trials During Covid-19?

Find Me Cure

At the beginning of the global lockdown, our team at FindMeCure had some assumptions, concerns and predictions about the impact of Covid-19 on clinical trials and more specifically – the patients seeking treatments. Remote/virtual trials are still a good idea.

Moderna, in bid for transparency, discloses detailed plan of coronavirus vaccine trial

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The biotech, among the furthest along in coronavirus vaccine development, is the first developer to share the so-called study protocol of its large Phase 3 trial

Debunking Clinical Trial Myths: 5 Facts You Need To Know

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In our Clinical Trials blog series, we’ve covered topics such as how to find the right clinical trial , how to find and pay for clinical trials , and even if you have rights in a clinical trial. Today, we want to de-bunk some common clinical trial myths.

Preventing cancer recurrence with coffee? Markey launches unique clinical trial


April 26, 2021) — From Kentucky farms to University of Kentucky labs and now to Kentucky patients, the UK Markey Cancer Center has officially launched a unique new clinical trial to test whether Artemisia annua extract can prevent ovarian cancer recurrence.

Has COVID-19 Become the Catalyst for Virtual Clinical Trials?

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Traditional methods of clinical data collection and trial management encountered change in mid-March as the FDA released guidance on conducting trials during the pandemic. But will virtual trials keep gaining traction beyond the pandemic?

Novavax begins COVID-19, flu combination vaccine trial

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The trial will aim to enrol 640 healthy adults, aged 50- to 70-years-old

Virtual Trials and Technology Enablement


A virtual clinical trial, also known as a decentralized clinical trial, is comparatively a new method of conducting clinical trials virtually. In a true sense, a virtual clinical trial has no physical interaction during the entire process.

Clinical Trials Day 2021: Reflecting on a Challenging Year That’s Made the Industry Stronger


Today is Clinical Trials Day 2021 — a day for recognizing the importance of clinical research in protecting and improving global health. Amid the alarmist headlines posted by other media outlets, Xtalks has remained balanced in its reporting of COVID-19 clinical trial results and safety data.

How clinical trial software can be used to optimize clinical trials

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Clinical trial software facilitates clinical trials from conception to finish. Traditionally spreadsheets have been used to record and manage all the various aspects of clinical trials. Types of clinical trial software.

Decentralized Clinical Trials: A patient-centric way forward


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How to Apply for A Clinical Trial On FindMeCure

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With 85% of patients unaware of clinical trials as an option at the time of their diagnosis, according to the NIH , it’s a shame that many parts of the application process are still needlessly complicated when a patient is aware and motivated. How to search for relevant trials.