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Biohaven sends latest drug to FDA, despite past trial setback

Bio Pharma Dive

The biotech, best known for its success developing migraine medicines, will seek approval of a treatment that failed a Phase 3 trial but showed signs of a positive effect.

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New Alzheimer’s Drug Shows 35% Reduction in Cognitive Decline in Late-Stage Trial

AuroBlog - Aurous Healthcare Clinical Trials blog

American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly announced last week that it had seen encouraging clinical trial results of its new Alzheimer’s medication. According to the company, their experimental drug, donanemab, was shown in a late-stage trial to slow cognitive decline by 35 percent.

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Untangling the Complexities of Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Trials: A Supply Chain Perspective 

Pharmaceutical Technology

By Luisa Sterkel & Joana Loureiro , Tenthpin Consultants The promise and potential of cell and gene therapies (CGT) has emerged in the recent past and currently over 1.500 CGT are registered for clinical trials holding great hope for the treatment of challenging and uncurable diseases.

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Virtual clinical trials: How digital tech has improved clinical trial accrual rates

Pharmaceutical Technology

For clinical trial participants, dropping out of trials is often due to the distances from their homes to the trial sites, combined with unexpected costs and number of visits needed. Add in complex trial protocols, and many participants have reported feeling a lack of patient engagement and support [i].

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Running Decentralized Trials at Scale: Planning for Success

There’s been a rapid shift towards decentralization in clinical trials & it’s clear why. The potential for reaching a larger pool of recruits is possible when sponsors can bring more trial activities to the patient. Most trials won’t be fully virtual, but all trials will be more virtual.

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May 31, 2023: PROACT Xa Pragmatic Trial to Be Featured in This Week’s PCT Grand Rounds

Rethinking Clinical Trials

John Alexander In this Friday’s PCT Grand Rounds, John Alexander of Duke University will present “PROACT Xa and the Wizard of Oz: Behind the Curtain of a Pragmatic Decentralized Clinical Trial.” ” The Grand Rounds session will be held on Friday, June 2, 2023, at 1:00 pm eastern. Join the online meeting.

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6 Operational Considerations You Need To Know for Psychedelic Trials

Worldwide Clinical Trials

Bringing a psychedelic into a clinical trial setting is complex and requires a thorough operational approach to ensure the study’s success. Psychedelic trials need to be done with scientific rigor. Our team published recently in The Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry exploring how we can bring more rigor to these trials.

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