3 Barriers Between Patients and Clinical Research

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As part of our patient advocacy efforts, at FindMeCure we are dedicated to creating a bridge between patients and the world of clinical research. Today let’s take a look at some of the barriers to trial participation and the issues that break the trust patients have in research. .

Quantitative Biomarkers in Clinical Research Imaging Trials


The advantages of using quantitative imaging in clinical research studies include the generation of mineable translational data sets and a reduction in variance across clinical site assessments.

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The Riverside Clinical Research Location

Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research, conveniently located in beautiful, vibrant Edgewater – at 1410 S. As a major contributor to Edgewater’s medical community, Riverside Clinical Research is known for its innovations in medicine. The professionals at Riverside Clinical Research work diligently today to enhance lives through improved medical outcomes tomorrow, but they need your help. Blog clinical research edgewater Florida riverside clinical research

Roles and Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Coordinator

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Clinical Research Coordinators are tasked with many responsibilities throughout the day. Learn more about how to balance each role and responsibility effectively. Site Management Study Coordination

Decentralised trials – aided by tech – could boost clinical research

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Bringing clinical trials to patients – rather than the reverse – could be the key to improving recruitment into studies and making them faster, cheaper and more likely to succeed, according to one clinical research organisation (CRO).

Instagram Live Answering Questions About Clinical Research

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This video takes place during the COVID-19 pandemic where many people were driven away from their offices and had to work from home. Dan Sfera makes some time to ask questions about some of the strategies that sites can adopt to stay in business while taking the necessary precautions.

Migraine Clinical Trials at Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research

The medical and research professionals at Riverside Clinical Research are planning on conducting research studies for this condition. If you suffer from any of the symptoms associated with migraines and think you may want to participate, do not hesitate to enroll with Riverside Clinical Research so that you can be contacted about studies in your area. Riverside Clinical Research is conveniently located at 1410 S.

Clinical Research Industry Is In Startup Mode

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Sites were also able fill out as many feasibility questionnaires as they wished in order to help fill the need for more research sites Even during the pandemic many sponsors planned on delaying rather than canceling future studies.

Social Media’s Role in Clinical Research

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Its role in clinical research has many recruiting and retention benefits. Social media connects users worldwide, helping people stay connected. Patient Recruitment

Europital expands UK clinical research presence

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The clinical research service provider is opening a new CRO site in the UK to meet growing demand from biotech industry clients. Clinical Development

A Clinical Study at Riverside Clinical Research: Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT)

Riverside Clinical Research

Do you suffer from Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT) and think you might be interested in participating in a clinical study about PSVT? PSVT clinical trials are currently being scheduled by the medical and research professionals at Riverside Clinical Research, which is conveniently located at 1410 S. You can call the professionals at Riverside Clinical Research at 386-428-7730 Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m.

The Truth About Technology in Clinical Research!

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Many people in the research industry have concerns about AI taking over their jobs. While these fears may be understandable, the changing industry may actually present opportunities for some individuals to grow.

Bonus CRA Academy Session: How A Former Student Landed A Clinical Research Job

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Monika Khatri is a former CRA Academy student who has succeeded in landing a promising job in clinical research. She is able to provide some much needed advice for all job seekers in the clinical research industry.

Changing the Face of Clinical Research through Virtual Trial Technology


Virtual trial technologies are enabling clinical study continuation now and will deliver long-term benefits to patients, sites, and sponsors well after the pandemic. The post Changing the Face of Clinical Research through Virtual Trial Technology appeared first on ERT.

How Job Seekers Can Utilize ClinicalTrials.gov For Clinical Research Opportunities

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Most people don’t take clinicaltrial.gov into as much consideration as they would traditional job hunting websites. In fact, contacting potential employers through clinicaltrial.gov may result in various unanswered emails.

A Clinical Research Couple Discuss Breaking Into The Industry and The Business Behind It All

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Having enough experience in clinical research can help your application stand out from the crowd. The research professionals in this video certainly have enough experience in clinical research but they also have plans to advance their career.

Finding a “New Normal” in Clinical Research

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For much of 2020, COVID-19 has challenged "normal," daily lives of many, but what does that mean for clinical research? Efficient Clinical Trials Site Management

How To Improve CRA Quality of Life in Clinical Research

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Some companies are aware of the effects that CRA turnover has on a company’s bottom line. Because of this some companies take a unique approach with their relationships with CRAs and make it a point to identify monitors who may be overworked.

What You Missed During COVID19

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Research is one of those areas the world has a spotlight on for COVID-19 related vaccines and treatments. Clinical Trials Coronavirus COVID-19 Volunteering In Clinical Research blog clinical research clinical research studies healthy volunteers

To Participate or Not Participate: Why Do Investigators Reject a Clinical Research?

Journal for Clinical Studies

Clinical research is a complex, expensive, and time- and resourceintensive process. Feasibility assessments play a crucial part in this clinical… Current features Volume 12 Issue 4

Clinical research cut 87% at peak of pandemic

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The model suggests that just 13% of full-time academics would have been available to carry out research during the height of the pandemic. Clinical academics are vital to this research effort and “translating” discoveries to patient care.”.

Clinical research cut 87% at peak of pandemic

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The model suggests that just 13% of full-time academics would have been available to carry out research during the height of the pandemic

Become A Clinical Research Generalist While In Quarantine

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Alternatively working from home can free up time that can be used to network with other research professionals on social platforms such as LinkedIn Working from home might not seem ideal to many people but for those that do, there is an opportunity to increase their skills.

Business Development During COVID19 Quarantine For Clinical Research Sites and Job Seekers

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Business development is an ongoing process for each clinical research site. This video is based on a webinar that provides some strategies for improving the number of study leads that sites receive.

Clinical Research Small Businesses and Freelancers Should Take Advantage of SBA Stimulus Programs

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Several economic relief plans were available to clinical research sites during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clinical Research Intern Turned Coordinator Now Turned Sub Investigator in 2 Years

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One more of the best ways to enter the research industry is to find a site that is willing to offer you some amount of research experience. This video features an employee who has had several roles as an intern, research assistant, coordinator, rater, and is now a Sub-I.

A Motivational Interview With An Oncology Clinical Research Associate

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The guest in this video was able to become a CRA after being a CRC in oncology which is one of the most complex areas of clinical research. One of the things that propelled him into his new career was his positive attitude towards networking in major clinical research events such as the ones held by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP

What Will The Clinical Research Associate Job Market Look Like in 6-12 Months?

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While the clinical research industry is unpredictable at times, one of the few things that was expected was that the industry would remain resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clinical Data Specialist Talks About Her Journey To Being A Clinical Research Associate

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While she did have some experience in patient care prior to entering research, her eventual progression into clinical research started at the site level. A data specialist describes some of the experiences that led her towards her current position.

Clinical Research Patient Recruitment Made More Efficient and Remotely With Deep Lens Co-Founder

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Artificial intelligence is expected to enter the clinical research industry and provide support for the way many tasks are performed. One such task is enrollment which might experience a revolutionary new away of prescreening patients.

What does it Take to have a Good Experience of Recruitment in Clinical Research: Malaysia

Journal for Clinical Studies

A staggering number of clinical trials fail to meet recruitment goals, leading to delays, early termination, or inability to draw… Current features Volume 12 Issue 5

What New CRAs Should Focus On In Clinical Research Monitoring

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Identifying queries is a complicated task that requires a high level of training and critical thinking. Monitors must be able to look through source documents, EDC platforms, and vendor information to identify irregularities.

The Power and Future Of Site Networks In Clinical Research Webinar

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SMOs were once common throughout the clinical research industry. Site networks have effectively replaced SMOs as a more efficient and reliable option for sponsors to obtain access to quality research sites

CRA Academy Graduate Discusses How She Got Her First Clinical Research Job

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Fortunately there is no shortage of career opportunities in clinical research and finding creative ways to gain experience can actually fastback future endeavors A former CRA academy student talks about her experience in the academy as well as her current career options.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Clinical Trials at Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research

This leads researchers to believe that hormonal changes may be a factor in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Riverside Clinical Research and You…. Clinical research is vital to the evolving and progressive science of healthcare. By conducting Phase I, II, III and IV studies to support requirements leading to new drug applications, Riverside Clinical Research continually determines the safety and effectiveness of medications.

CRA Academy Student Gets Clinical Research Job In Week 2 Of The Class!

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A former CRA Academy student recounts how his days in the academy led helped him during his job search. This former student was able to secure a job as a data entry associate after receiving many rejection letters.

A Discussion With A CRC Turned Clinical Research Site Network Owner

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A site owner describes some of the hurdles that sites must face during the early stages of development. One of the strenghts that this site owner has is that he is strategic when choosing a Principal Investigator (PI).

Rare Disease Clinical Research: Strategies for Ensuring Endpoint Integrity


Rare disease clinical trials can be particularly challenging when it comes to endpoints. Medpace has collaborated with ATOM International in order to optimize clinical trials for rare diseases, as well as clearly define trial endpoints.

Hot Flash Clinical Trials at Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research is an award winning medical research facility that incorporates the services of clinical trial volunteers to help create a brighter future for everyone. . Researchers at the Riverside Clinical Research facility are currently planning clinical research trials for hot flashes. You are also welcome to enroll with Riverside Clinical Research so that you may be contacted about studies conducted in your area.

CRA Academy Bonus Lesson On How To Organize Your Clinical Research Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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This video is intended for anyone who has ever wondered what their resume needs to look like before they apply to their next research related job. Ashley Margo provides excellent information that she has gained form resume experts as well as her own experience.