Clinical Research Coordinators: Unsung Heroes at the Heart of Trials

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In trials, clinical research coordinators (CRCs) are priceless members of every trial team. While the principal investigator is… The post Clinical Research Coordinators: Unsung Heroes at the Heart of Trials appeared first on Imperial Clinical Research Services Blog.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Coordinator

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Clinical Research Coordinators are tasked with many responsibilities throughout the day. Site Management Study CoordinationLearn more about how to balance each role and responsibility effectively.


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Survey identifies factors in reducing clinical research coordinator turnover


Danielle Buchanan, BS, clinical translational research coordinator III in the Department of Neurology, and Daniel […]. Medicine & Health Clinical Trials Medicine/Health

Documenting Adverse Events For Clinical Research Coordinators

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One of the more important teaching points in our CRC Academy is adverse event reporting for clinical research coordinators. In this video I share some tips for clinical trial coordinators who are tasked with proper reporting documentation and processing

How To Become A Clinical Research Coordinator

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The Clinical Research Coordinator is the backbone of any clinical trial. In my opinion, the clinical research coordinator position is the best place to start your clinical research career.

The Most Common Clinical Research Coordinator Mistakes! Experienced Researchers Explain!

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Clinical research coordinator is the most important role in any clinical trial. In this video we discuss the top mistakes that all coordinators make and how to potentially avoid these issues.

Helping Someone Prepare For An Oncology Clinical Research Coordinator Interview

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Clinical research interviews could be nerve-wrecking, especially for the lesser experienced amongst us. Our CRC Academy prepares graduates for clinical research coordinator careers please click to learn more

Documenting Adverse Events As A Clinical Research Coordinator

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Adverse events are a part of every clinical trial, if not a part of every study subject’s journey throughout a study. An important facet of a clinical research coordinator’s job responsibilities are effectively identifying, reporting, and documenting adverse events.

Clinical Research Coordinator Shares His Career Journey

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Dan Sfera interviews a coordinator with over five years about possible career pathways. Fortunately there are many options for anyone with enough research experience.

How Can A Clinical Research Coordinator Handle Their Workflow?

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Depending on the research site, Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) are responsible for several clinical trial activities ranging from regulatory document management to patient intake or budget negotiations.

How Femi Landed A Clinical Research Coordinator Position By Not Giving Up!

Clinical Trial Gurus

The CRA Academy graduate, Femi, discusses how persistence and hard work have landed him a clinical research coordinator position in the industry

Clinical Research Coordinator Discusses Challenges With Virtual Patient Visits

Clinical Trial Gurus

A Clinical Research Coordinator talks about some of the barriers that he has encountered while working on remote clinical trials.

How To Transition From A Clinical Research Coordinator To A Clinical Research Associate

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A very common career path is transitioning from a clinical research coordinator to a clinical research associate. In this video I explain some strategies for how to go about successfully executing this clinical research career move

how a clinical research coordinator can gain leverage and negotiate a better salary

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Clinical Research Coordinators usually do it all at the site level. I explain in this video, how a study coordinator can leverage their value in the context of a career related endeavor Because of this, some may feel they are underpaid.

Oncology Clinical Research Coordinator At A Community Clinic Shares Her Story and Tips

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Oncology clinical research is a world of its own. In this video I speak with a clinical research coordinator who shares her own experiences in the world of oncology clinical trials

What Questions A Clinical Research Coordinator Can Ask The Job Interviewer During Interview

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With so much emphasis understandably being placed on interview questions one may be asked during a clinical research coordinator job interview, I have never heard anyone discuss what questions the applicant should ask the interviewer.

How A Clinical Research Coordinator Can Create A Source Document For A Protocol

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Creating source document templates for a clinical trial is a task that more often than not falls into the responsibility parameters of a clinical research coordinator.

How A Medical Biller Became A Clinical Research Coordinator and How She Keeps Her CRAs Happy

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Clinical research professionals can come from many different career backgrounds. In this example, one of my current clinical research coordinators shares her story of starting out as a medical biller at a medical clinic that also happened to conduct a few clinical trials

Clinical Research Coordinator Interview Questions For Both Inexperienced and Experienced Candidates

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Many people now realize that the clinical research site is key for advancing their career within the clinical research industry.

The Things New Clinical Research Coordinators Should Know On Day 1 of Their Job

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This video provides general information to site owners or site directors about various clinical research coordinator responsibilities. Having this information can the site leadership gauge the level of additional tasks that can be placed on the coordinator.

How A Clinical Research Coordinator Can Keep Their Investigator Site File Up To Date

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Investigator Site Files, otherwise knows as regulatory binders, make up an important part of a clinical research coordinator’s tasks. In this video, I discuss with The CRC Academy instructor, Monica Cuitiva on how she handles this component of her job responsibility on a practical level

International Medical Graduate Joins CRC Academy and Wants To Become A Clinical Research Coordinator

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Hear is some candic conversations about clinical research careers I recently stumbled into a meeting that our CRC Academy co founder and a student were having.

If You Are An Experienced Clinical Research Coordinator You Have A LOT Of Career Leverage!

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The current clinical research job market is sizzling hot! Especially if you are an experienced clinical researcher. In this video I explain why and how you can take advantage of this situation to better your career

We Answer Questions From A Clinical Research Coordinator Who Probably Works For A Bad Site

Clinical Trial Gurus

In this video, Chris and Dan answer a viewer’s question on work standards and practices at their clinical research site

CRC Academy Interns Discuss Their Hopes For A Clinical Research Coordinator Careers

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Having this internship can go a boost their chances of landing the next CRC job, and is strongly recommended for anyone that is new to the research industry Investing in your career by taking classes or finding internships is a great way to improve your value as a job applicant.

How An Intern Got Hired And Became A Clinical Research Coordinator On The Same Day!

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This is the situation that Simone found herself in and she was able to secure a position at a research site as a research coordinator The worst thing that can happen to someone who is offering to intern at a site is that they will get ignored by the site.

The CRC Academy Update: What It takes To Become A Clinical Research Coordinator In A 2020 World

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Research coordinators are expected manage several studies and perform other essential tasks. Anyone interested in entering research as a coordinator may be surprised to learn that the coordinator position is not entry level.

Advice for Site Monitor Visits Every Clinical Research Coordinator Should Know

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As a clinical study coordinator, what should I do before a Clinical Research Associate (my CRA) arrives for monitoring? ICH Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR RESEARCH: SOP 12. Monitoring Visit, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS FT Research & Development. Monitoring & Auditing of Clinical Trials, Center for Cancer Research National Cancer Institute.

CRC Sets Up A LinkedIn Profile and Gets Hired As A CRA: Clinical Research Is Booming!

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This clinical research coordinator who happens to be a former employee of mine became a clinical research associate earlier this year.

CRC Explains What It's Like To Work At Two Different Sites and Industry vs IIT Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Gurus

A clinical research coordinator compares industry sponsored trials and investigator initiated trials in terms of working on the studies from a CRC perspective

How Does A CRC Prepare For A CRA Monitoring Visit in Clinical Research?

Clinical Trial Gurus

The clinical research coordinator - clinical research associate work dynamic is one of the most important relationships in all of clinical research.

Going From Freelance CRC To Full Time Employee Which Earns More in Clinical Research?

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Clinical research coordinators are always in high demand and often worth their weight in gold.

CRA and CRC Relationship In Clinical Research Is Make or Break For A Study. Why Both Are Critical!

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I have often said that the most important and least discussed dynamic in clinical research is the clinical research coordinator and clinical research associate relationship.

All Roads In Clinical Research Can Lead To The CRA Destination But The Site Level May Be Fastest

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While the clinical research associate position is a highly desired one, many pathways can lead one towards that destination. In my opinion, the best path to get one there is as a clinical research coordinator at a small research clinic

Cross Reference Regulatory Documents and Logs In Clinical Research Investigator Site File

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Regulatory documents are essential for every clinical trial. As a clinical research coordinator or clinical research associate it can be helpful to know which documents typically cause cascades for other documents

A common SAE that may be missed in clinical research. All CRAs and CRCs Should Know!

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This may seem obvious, but clinical research coordinators and associates should read between the lines and observe if any reference to hospitalizations have occurred in between study visits

The Truth About Being A Clinical Research Physician (Investigator)

Clinical Trial Gurus

There would be no clinical studies without physicians (Principal Investigators). Here are my key takeaways for physicians considering clinical research

Clinical Research Jobs: How to Choose the Right Career Path


Clinical research is part of a growing industry that provides individuals with rewarding career options and a ladder to climb. Working in the clinical trials industry allows clinical researchers to work with patients and bring new drugs to market.

The Clinical Trial Experts at Velocity Clinical Research and Their Areas of Expertise

Riverside Clinical Research

With a reputation for setting trends in clinical trial research and a remarkably experienced staff, trained in diverse methodologies and specializations, Velocity Clinical Research is dedicated to making the world a better place through clinical trials.

VirTrial Selected as Finalist in the Fierce Innovation Awards – Life Sciences Edition 2020


The solution enables pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs to evaluate, qualify, train and routinely monitor research sites for studies without physical travel. VirTrial’s VCM platform is a proven telemedicine solution customized to drive adoption of hybrid decentralized clinical trials (DCTs).

VirTrial Announces Service for Virtual Site Monitoring Visits to Allow CRA’s Continued Access to Research Sites During COVID-19 Pandemic 


Scottsdale, AZ (May 26, 2020) – VirTrial today announced a new service designed to enable virtual site monitoring visits in the clinical trials industry. The solution enables pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs to evaluate, qualify and routinely monitor research sites for studies without physical travel. VirTrial is a bioscience technology company providing a stable, long-standing telemedicine platform to transform the clinical trial industry.

Telemedicine in the Era of Coronavirus Disease


Coronavirus and Ongoing Clinical Trials. Fear of traveling to a hospital or clinic may be enough to negatively impact enrollment and recruitment of ongoing trials. This measure applies to all healthcare facilities, including clinical research sites.

3 Ways to Fast Track Your Career in Clinical Research


If you’ve spent some time working as a clinical research associate (CRA) and are looking to advance your career, you might be wondering where to start. Here are three ways to advance your career in clinical research.