Why hasn’t pharma embraced email marketing?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY : DTC marketers are spending tens of millions of dollars on programmatic ads that are full of fraud and have low click-through rates but they have yet to embrace email marketing which has an average click-through rate of 3.43%. Prescription drug DTC marketing eMail Marketin

Marketing to physicians

World of DTC Marketing

More specifically, the data revealed 75 percent of physicians do not trust the information provided to them by those marketers. Pharma generally needs a small dose of empathy when talking/marketing to physicians. The post Marketing to physicians.


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The debate on DTC marketing is going to heat up again

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: DTC marketing is not the reason why prescription drugs cost so much. The voices in Washington DC are once again calling for a moratorium on DTC marketing but lawmakers need to understand what DTC marketing actually does as upped to what people believe it does.

Overcoming inertia: Adopting omnichannel marketing for pharma

Bio Pharma Dive

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly attracted to the idea of replacing the current multichannel marketing focus with an omnichannel marketing approach.

Key metrics or DTC marketers

World of DTC Marketing

You should tell a story on the value of your marketing using metrics that senior managers understand. That’s what most DTC marketers believe because management wants concrete results. However, healthcare marketing is not CPGs or an eCommerce site.

DTC Study: Marketers misaligned with online health seeker needs

World of DTC Marketing

The post <strong><strong>DTC</strong> Study:</strong> Marketers misaligned with online health seeker needs. Focus on patients Health information online Prescription drug DTC marketing DTC Survey

DTC marketing is an oxymoron

World of DTC Marketing

QUICK READ: More TV DTC spots are airing, but DTC marketers are losing the battle between awareness and conversion because of all the noise online. I’ve spent the last six months analyzing clients’ DTC marketing campaigns and they are, for most ineffective.

Pharma: The time is now for digital marketing

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY : Digital marketing is not a tactic. This will carry over to DTC marketing as well but simply adding more money is not going to equal success. To master digital marketing, pharma needs to be prepared to fail. Digital not only applies to DTC but to HCP marketing as well.

Your HCP marketing just became harder, a lot harder

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The result of all this is going to be widely felt in HCP marketing. Pray­ing is less risky and maybe more ef­fi­ca­cious” The post Your <strong>HCP</strong> marketing just became harder, a lot harder.

Social health: The future of healthcare marketing

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Approximately 79% of patients look to connect through social media to find answers to their health questions

Time to rethink the objective of DTC marketing

World of DTC Marketing

DTC marketing needs to evolve if it’s to remain relevant as part of the brand objectives. DTC marketing today drives patients online to seek more information, and too often, the information they are reading is inaccurate. Prescription drug DTC marketing DTC Marketing Futures

Is it time for DTC marketers to use a CMP?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: In its simplest form, a creative management platform , or CMP, is a cloud-based software that allows marketing teams to create, distribute, and measure the performance of digital advertising. ” In House Digital Marketing. As I See It Digital marketing

Ten pharma digital marketing facts

World of DTC Marketing

5ive: The biggest obstacle, I have observed, to innovative pharma digital marketing is the lack of talent. They should be integrated fully with the brand especially when it comes to market research findings. As I See It Bad Pharma Digital marketing

Prescription drug marketing misconceptions

World of DTC Marketing

Another TED talk on the evils of prescription drug marketing was filled with misinformation as usual. The disconnect between consumers and prescription drug marketing has grown quite a bit. What about marketing to doctors?

Pharma’s move to digital Part 2 DTC Marketing

World of DTC Marketing

OPENING : DTC marketers have relied too much on TV advertising. DTC marketers have relied too heavily on TV, and now new data shows that TV glory days are quickly fading and that people feel that commercials are repeated too frequently and are irrelevant to them.

Should you change your DTC marketing buckets?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: There is a huge issue that’s challenging DTC marketers: online health misinformation. While we’re still trying to research the changes it has led to for DTC marketers, there are some observable behaviors taking place that we have examined through Google analytics.

DTC Marketers job just got harder

World of DTC Marketing

” While the sample is too small to make any immediate judgments it should be worrying to DTC marketers. Before COVID-19, the United States telehealth market was estimated at about $3 billion with 11% of consumers using telehealth in 2019.

How pharma digital marketing can excel

World of DTC Marketing

Pharma digital marketing has been lagging behind key trends for a long while. Let’s face it, pharma organizations are not made for speed while digital marketing is all about “now” Digital marketing is also about experimentation and learning from successes as well as failures.

Bluebird resumes marketing gene therapy in Europe

Bio Pharma Dive

Zynteglo sales have been on hold since February, when a patient in a clinical trial of another, related Bluebird medicine developed leukemia

Personalize your omnichannel marketing today and see the benefits tomorrow

Bio Pharma Dive

With virtual interactions here to stay, it's important that pharma marketers continue to embrace the digital world. Learn how a personalized, insights-led approach to marketing drives results

Pharma’s move to digital Part 1 HCP Marketing

World of DTC Marketing

OPENING: Pharma companies are starting to embrace digital marketing forced, in large part, by changes brought on by the pandemic. Digital marketing is becoming a valuable tool. The post Pharma’s move to digital Part 1 HCP Marketing appeared first on World of DTC Marketing.com.

What DTC marketers can learn from people who refuse vaccines

World of DTC Marketing

DTC marketers should take note of these concerns, especially around the launch of new drugs. If you’re a DTC marketer and launching a new drug, you need to amend your marketing plans to address side effects and the approval process.

10 things DTC marketers should focus on in 2021

World of DTC Marketing

KEY TAKEAWAY: Consumer behavior has changed due to the pandemic, and DTC marketers should be aware of how consumers will evaluate and choose prescription drugs. DTC marketers need to be ready to understand and help patients who request new medications via telehealth or email.

Moving pharma marketing from multichannel to omnichannel

Bio Pharma Dive

IQVIA experts weigh in on the importance of an omnichannel approach

DarshanTalks: Sales & Marketing Oversight – April 21, 2021

Pharma Marketing Network

The Pharma Marketing Podcast is pleased to present this special guest episode from our friend and Editorial Advisory Board member Darshan Kulkarni, Sales and Marketing Oversight – April 21, 2021. Featured Pharma Marketing Podcasts Podcasts[link].

Sales 77

4 ways emerging pharma companies can harness marketing content

Pharma Phorum

Rapid creation of compliant marketing content is increasingly important and there are ways emerging pharma companies can stay ahead of the game – despite having fewer resources than bigger firms. The post 4 ways emerging pharma companies can harness marketing content appeared first on.

Deep Dive: Market Access

Pharma Phorum

It’s fair to say this is the most interesting time ever for market access. A recent analysis delves into the challenges companies face in getting digital health technologies reimbursed and presents recommendations for how they can find a smoother path to market.

Achieving success in pharma marketing: The need for a personalized, omnichannel approach

Bio Pharma Dive

Personalized, insight-driven omnichannel marketing has never been more beneficial or important

Report: expect the future of US pharma market to be ‘exciting’

BioPharma Reporter

An industry study from the producer of CPhI North America shows the pandemic and other factors are contributing to a very dynamic pharmaceutical market. Markets & Regulations

What DTC marketers can learn from people who refuse a COVID vaccination

World of DTC Marketing

DTC marketers need to be more forthcoming when it comes to drug trials and side effects. So how should DTC marketers view this? DTC marketers will have to work harder to earn the trust of online health seekers, and they should also monitor the news to determine threats to their brands.

The role of optimized omnichannel marketing in a challenging environment

Bio Pharma Dive

How can pharma marketers overcome today's cost-constrained, competitive environment

Increasing Incidence, Influx of Companies add to the Market Revenue in the Myocardial Infarction Market Space


The present Myocardial infarction treatment market comprises Antiplatelet agents, Anticoagulants, Vasodilators, Beta Blockers, Lipid-lowering drug/ Statins, ACE inhibitors, ARBs (Angiotensin-II receptor Blockers), and Calcium channel blockers.

Nestlé joins Seres in deal to market microbiome drug

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The health science unit at Nestlé may pay more than $500 million to secure rights in the U.S. and Canada for SER-109, a spore-filled capsule meant for patients with recurrent C. diff infections

Oregon State receives $10 million grant to study hemp market in western US


Chemistry AND Physics grant hemp market million Oregon Receives State study westernCORVALLIS, Ore. Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center has been awarded a $10 million grant from the U.S.

Strategies for Your Content Marketing to Have Greater Impact

World of DTC Marketing

It’s also highly relevant in the marketing world. One of the most essential methods to generate organic traffic is content marketing when it comes to marketing. However, to win the content marketing game, you have to forget about the tactics that worked in the past.

The US biosimilar market: Predictions for 2021

Pharma Phorum

It has been five years since the first biosimilar launched in United States market—marking the first steps in expanding access to innovative biologic-based treatments that help patients manage and treat difficult illnesses such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and other life-altering diseases.

Allocating Your B2B Marketing Budget In 2021


B2B marketers are preparing themselves for what lies ahead in 2021 after the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. . The widespread economic shutdown created a negative return on investment for marketers during the previous year. The Marketing Budget Plan. Email marketing .

Peanut Allergy Market Outlook: The Market Size Growth Sees Major Thrusts


However, in 2017 the treatment paradigm in the Peanut allergy therapy market transformed to incorporate different treatment approaches and pharmacotherapies. The study revolutionized the therapy recommendations in the Peanut allergy therapy market.

DarshanTalks: Marketing & Medical Affairs – March 9, 2021

Pharma Marketing Network

Marketing and medical affairs are often perceived as being separate. What happens when drug companies market their own products? Join Darshan Kulkarni as he talks with guest Dr. Stephen Towers about the intersection between marketing and medical affairs. [link].

Gene therapy specialist bluebird exits “untenable” European market

Pharma Phorum

Europe market has proved so hostile to gene therapies when it comes to pricing and reimbursement for gene therapies that bluebird bio has decided to quit the market altogether, according to Andrew Obenshain, president of its severe genetic diseases unit.

The Five Phases of Customer Experience Marketing

Intouch Solutions

At Intouch, we believe in modern marketing , and we help our clients by investigating and building a plan to increase their levels of readiness – focusing on what makes sense to do in the right order to make the most impact. Interested in bringing a modern marketing approach to your brand?

As pharma abandons the antibiotic market patients are at risk

World of DTC Marketing

A pull strategy is needed with financial incentives to repair the broken market for antibiotics and make it worthwhile for the pharma industry to bring promising drugs to market.

Do pharma marketers have a responsibility to the public?

World of DTC Marketing

IN BRIEF: As a marketer, most of us, like a Jungian archetype, are true Communicators. As a marketer, most of us, like a Jungian archetype, are true Communicators. The post Do pharma marketers have a responsibility to the public?