Flu Vaccine vs. COVID-19 Vaccine

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These differences also explain why vaccines are necessary for both the flu and COVID-19. Read more Flu Vaccine vs. COVID-19 Vaccine. The post Flu Vaccine vs. COVID-19 Vaccine appeared first on MyLocalStudy.com.

COVID-19 vaccine: A hope and prayer?

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QUICK READ : The government is agreeing to pay billions of dollars to the first company that developed a COVID-19 vaccine. billion for 100 million doses of a vaccine made by Pfizer Inc. The question that the media is asking is “will consumers trust a COVID-19 vaccine?”

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COVID 19 vaccine means big money and greed

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QUICK READ : Pharma had a chance to earn some goodwill with a very skeptical public but it’s become obvious that the rush to develop a vaccine is about profit, executive stock, and Wall Street despite potential huge investments from the government. in the news COVID Vaccine

5 questions ahead of next week's FDA meeting on coronavirus vaccines

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Normally staid affairs, next Thursday's advisory committee meeting could be historic and set expectations for how the FDA will approach any future vaccine approval

Will people line up for a COVID-19 vaccine?

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QUICK READ: As COVID-19 vaccines enter Phase III trials one has to wonder just how transparent pharma companies will be with the data. The rush to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is well underway because there are billions of dollars in profits at stake. As I See It COVID Vaccine

AstraZeneca, Oxford vaccine study allowed to restart in UK

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study participant led to a worldwide pause in vaccinations, the country's drugs regulator and an independent committee allowed testing to resume Six days after a worrisome illness in a U.K.

Pfizer says coronavirus vaccine study still on track for October readout

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Importantly, the study committee hasn't had reason to pause vaccinations in the trial, something AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford recently reported in tests of their vaccine

CanSino, Canada abandon plans for a coronavirus vaccine trial

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Canada was set to help CanSino produce its experimental shot as part of a deal to run what would've been the country's first coronavirus vaccine study

Facing vaccine doubts, US grapples with building confidence in coronavirus shots

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The CDC, for example, doesn't support vaccine mandates for healthcare workers or essential employees, an agency official told experts convened by the FDA Thursday

Vaccine sales driven down by pandemic's effects on doctor visits

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Pfizer, Sanofi, GSK and Merck each reported lower vaccine sales as stay-at-home orders kept people from their regular vaccinations

Coronavirus vaccine trial leader Larry Corey on the tough FDA, policy decisions to come

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The co-leader of an NIH network of coronavirus prevention studies spoke with BioPharma Dive about the FDA's big vaccine meeting this week and what will come next

Moderna, in bid for transparency, discloses detailed plan of coronavirus vaccine trial

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The biotech, among the furthest along in coronavirus vaccine development, is the first developer to share the so-called study protocol of its large Phase 3 trial

Studies of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine put on hold for safety review

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A participant in a clinical trial of the experimental shot suffered from an unexplained illness, triggering an investigation and a pause in vaccinations

Data hackathon analyses truth behind TB vaccine and COVID-19

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Is a century-old vaccine a ‘game-changer’ for COVID-19? This is especially true in the search for effective therapies to fight COVID-19, and a vaccine. In a worst-case scenario, misplaced hype could lead to a sudden rush to buy doses of the BCG vaccine.

Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine sparks immune response in older people

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An initial look at the vaccine's effects on the elderly shows those in their 70s had similar responses to those under 55, Moderna told a government panel

FDA delays testing of Inovio's coronavirus vaccine

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The FDA has suspended the planned start of a late-stage trial of Inovio's experimental shot, dealing another setback to one of the most advanced DNA-based vaccine programs in development

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Moderna says it won't enforce coronavirus vaccine patents during pandemic

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The biotech, a frontrunner in the coronavirus vaccine race, said it won't tie up resources defending the intellectual property covering its experimental shot as long as the pandemic continues

Russia, with scant study data, approves coronavirus vaccine

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The shot, developed by the state-backed Gamaleya Research Institute, hasn't yet been tested in the large, placebo-controlled tests scientists emphasize are needed to prove a vaccine is protective

Vaccines 2020 Virtual Conference


The Arena International Vaccines Virtual Conference on August 12th, 2020 will allow attendees to connect with global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry to discuss the impact of COVID-19 and how to accelerate vaccine trials. Events Featured Events vaccine

HPV vaccine effective against cervical cancer


Credit: Stefan Zimmerman Women vaccinated against HPV have a significantly lower risk of developing cervical cancer, and the positive effect is most pronounced for women vaccinated at a young age.

FDA told coronavirus vaccine makers of stricter standards for early approval

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Blocked by the White House from issuing new vaccine guidelines, the FDA made its criteria for an emergency authorization clear anyway, publishing requirements it had previously communicated to drugmakers

CanSino said to seek early authorization of coronavirus vaccine

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The reported talks between CanSino and several countries highlight the urgency with which governments are operating to secure supply of experimental coronavirus vaccines

Novavax boosts coronavirus vaccine manufacturing capacity as key trial nears

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The Serum Institute of India, a go-to partner for coronavirus vaccine makers, will help Novavax boost capacity to levels matching its larger rivals

Scientists develop new precise therapeutic leukemia vaccine


Credit: WEI Wei Exploration of new leukemia antigens and construction of appropriate delivery systems using FDA-approved material are important strategies for developing leukemia vaccines for clinic use. Medicine & Health Medicine/Health Vaccines

Healthcare workers likely to be first in line for coronavirus vaccination

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Initial vaccine supplies will be limited. Advisory groups, most recently that of the National Academies, are developing plans to figure out who should get access first

At key meeting, FDA advisors debate if early coronavirus vaccine approvals may compromise trials

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An emergency clearance is expected for the first vaccine proven effective. But early availability of a shot could jeopardize ongoing studies, and may make tests of other candidates more difficult

CDC Finalizes COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan as Vaccine Authorization Nears


With multiple COVID-19 vaccines in development, the CDC is confident that any vaccines the FDA authorizes or approves will be safe because they are based on the FDA’s usual stringent protocols. The greater question, after a vaccine is approved, is how it will be distributed

Moderna gets $1.5B from US for coronavirus vaccine supply

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has already invested heavily in Moderna's vaccine, having previously committed $1 billion to fund clinical trials and manufacturing scale-up The U.S.

Coronavirus vaccine makers vow to wait for data before seeking approval

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In an unusual letter, the heads of nine top vaccine developers pledged to "stand with science" and only move forward with approval applications if warranted by clinical results

Pharma still doesn’t understand transparency

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As development towards a COVID-19 vaccine continue so do the number of people who have said they won’t get vaccinated. The only way to get people on board with a vaccination is complete transparency about the product yet both J&J and Pfizer remain silent.

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AstraZeneca broadens coronavirus vaccine manufacturing deal with Catalent

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Catalent, which is already helping the British pharma make its vaccine, will now add key services from a Maryland gene therapy plant

Moderna and Pfizer, having shown speed with coronavirus vaccines, see opportunity in seasonal flu

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Both companies believe the messenger RNA technology they're using in their coronavirus vaccines could be applied to create a better flu shot

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Europe begins its 2nd coronavirus vaccine review as tension builds in US

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The decision by European regulators to start speedy, "rolling" reviews of two vaccine candidates comes as the FDA and White House have reportedly been unable to agree on early approval standards

Sanofi, GSK, racing to catch up, begin first human study of coronavirus vaccine

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The two vaccine developers are betting their proven technology will lead to a more potent shot than others, making up for their slower pace of testing

Researchers publish first data on coronavirus vaccine approved by Russia

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companies, the Russian vaccine could be used broadly because it doesn't need to be kept frozen While the shot appeared less potent than those being advanced by U.S. and U.K.

Drugmakers push forward on large-scale production of coronavirus vaccines

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HHS Secretary Alex Azar said six vaccine developers involved with Operation Warp Speed had begun commercial manufacturing of their experimental shots

Moderna’s COVID vaccine works in older people, according to new data

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Moderna has said that its coronavirus vaccine stimulated an immune response in older people in phase 1 trials, suggesting that the jab is effective in the age groups most susceptible to COVID-19. The US has also bought 100 million doses of the mRNA vaccine for more than $1.5

Europe, trailing US, UK, reaches first coronavirus vaccine deal

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have aggressively signed preorder deals with vaccine developers. Both the U.S. and U.K. An agreement with AstraZeneca is the EU's first

Vaccine researchers testing human hookworm vaccines in Brazil


A team at the George Washington University Vaccine Research Unit has developed a controlled human hookworm infection model, accelerating the development of human hookworm vaccines WASHINGTON (August 26, 2020) – A team led by researchers at the George Washington University (GW) has established a controlled human hookworm infection (CHHI) model to accelerate the development of […].

EMA confirms eligibility for submission of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine

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Primes company to submit vaccine candidate for rolling review