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AstraZeneca, Oxford coronavirus vaccine prevents COVID-19, though study results raise questions

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Data from two late-stage trials showed the shot to be, on average, 70% effective against COVID-19, an encouraging finding. The lower dose tested, however, outperformed a higher dose

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My thoughts this Thanksgiving

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SUMMARY: This Thanksgiving, my thoughts turn to families who are going to have an empty seat at the table because of COVID-19. Over 2100 people died from COVID-19 yesterday as the void in leadership continues.

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Health misinformation online abounds

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SUMMARY : In a 2019 Pew Research Center poll, more Americans said they consider made-up news a bigger problem than terrorism, illegal immigration, racism, and sexism. And 68% said disinformation greatly impacts people’s confidence in government institutions.

Nonclinical Pulmonary Drug Delivery: Setting Up Your Inhalation Drug Study for Success


Most are familiar with, know someone who uses, or take “pumps” themselves to prevent or relieve shortness of breath after an effort or during allergy season.

Bill Gates, the Virus and the Quest to Vaccinate the World

NY Times

The billionaire is working with the W.H.O., drugmakers and nonprofits to defeat the coronavirus everywhere, including in the world’s poorest nations. Can they do it

Secrets of the ‘lost crops’ revealed where bison roam


Credit: Natalie Mueller Blame it on the bison. If not for the wooly, boulder-sized beasts that once roamed North America in vast herds, ancient people might have looked past the little barley that grew under those thundering hooves.


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Juvenile Nonclinical Studies: What’s Involved, and How do I Proceed?


So you’ve determined that you need to perform juvenile animal toxicity studies as part of your nonclinical program. The next step is understanding why these studies are required and how they should be designed. Why Are Juvenile Nonclinical Studies Needed?

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Politics, Science and the Remarkable Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine

NY Times

The furious race to develop a coronavirus vaccine played out against a presidential election, between a pharmaceutical giant and a biotech upstart, with the stakes as high as they could get

Airflow studies reveal strategies to reduce indoor transmission of COVID-19


Scientists studying the aerodynamics of infectious disease share steps to curb transmission during indoor activities. Credit: Kelby Kramer and Gerald J. Wang VIRTUAL MEETING (CST), November 22, 2020 — Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart. Avoid large gatherings.

How Gilead finally spent its money

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This year, the biotech spent about $27 billion trying to become a leader in cancer research. Executives who spoke to BioPharma Dive said there's still work to be done

Pfizer’s ad first step in restoring trust

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SUMMARY: Pfizer’s ad in newspapers around the U.S. shows that they are ready to lead the fight against COVID-19 and in the process establish that their vaccine is safe and has been well tested. Pfizer ran an ad today that is superb.

SARS-CoV-2 Causes Heart Damage in 20% of People with Mild or No COVID-19 Symptoms


COVID-19 is a cardiac condition as much as it is a pulmonary or respiratory disease.


New Pfizer Results: Coronavirus Vaccine Is Safe and 95% Effective

NY Times

The company said it planned to apply for emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration “within days

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Restoration of degraded grasslands can benefit climate change mitigation and key ecosystem services


Hospitals scramble to get ready for coronavirus vaccines

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Facilities are preparing ultra-cold storage capabilities and reviewing secruity plans as they brace for their role in distributing potentially multiple shots

Pharma’s golden handcuffs

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People who stay with a company just because of their salary and benefits are not the kind of people that are needed to make the leap from good to great.

3 steps for comprehensive patient collaboration

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Janssen’s Daniel de Schryver tells us why it’s time to give patients a permanent seat at the table and improve health outcomes through patient-pharma dialogue.

Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines: Timelines, Types and Prices


As the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is being evaluated by the U.S. FDA and the Moderna vaccine is soon to follow, here’s a look at several of the top COVID-19 vaccine candidates and where they stand as of today

Iceland to become centre for sleep research


New coronavirus vaccine data back up Pfizer, BioNTech claims of strongly effective shot

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Reaching the main goal of their large trial, Pfizer and BioNTech reported 162 cases of COVID-19 among participants who received a placebo, and just 8 for those who were vaccinated

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Can sell prescription drugs?

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The news this week that is getting into the prescription drug business sent stocks of retail pharmacies down but questions sell remain. I’m an Prime member and have been for a long period of time. I have a love-hate relationship with Jeff Bezos.

W.H.O. Rejects Antiviral Drug Remdesivir as a Covid Treatment

NY Times

In a review of several trials, the World Health Organization found that Gilead’s drug did not improve survival rates for patients nor did it help them recover

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Thermo Fisher to Offer Routine COVID-19 Testing for Employees


As of late, the company has already tested almost 15,000 of its 75,000 employees in a pilot program


Quantum nanodiamonds may help detect disease earlier


Amgen cuts Cytokinetics loose after heart drug disappointment

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The smaller biotech vowed to push forward, although the pill's inability to prevent heart failure death may complicate its plans to win approval

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New patent expiration for Janssen Pharms drug RISPERDAL CONSTA

Drug Patent Watch

Annual Drug Patent Expirations for RISPERDAL+CONSTA Risperdal Consta is a drug marketed by Janssen Pharms and is included in one NDA. It is available from one supplier. There is one….

AstraZeneca Releases Promising Data on Its Coronavirus Vaccine

NY Times

The drug maker said its vaccine candidate was 70 percent effective on average, and potentially up to 90 percent effective, at preventing Covid-19 in an early analysis

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COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Timeline: Possibly Beginning Distribution in December


The looming question is: when will the public be able to start getting the vaccines

Doctors use existing treatment earlier to save the lives of Covid-19 patients


Credit: Lancaster University The lives of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 are being saved by doctors who are using an existing medical treatment at an earlier stage.

Alnylam wins US approval for its third rare disease drug

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The drug, now known as Oxlumo, is the first approved treatment for patients with a potentially life-threatening condition that can cause kidney failure. Like other Alnylam drugs, it comes at a six-figure list price

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AHA: Ablation Better Than Meds for Initial A-Fib Treatment

The Pharma Data

Professional. AHA: Ablation Better Than Meds for Initial A-Fib Treatment. WEDNESDAY, Nov.

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Bioenterprise, Platform Calgary and TEC Edmonton Form Partnership to Accelerate Agriculture Sector Startups in Alberta

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Giving the Gift of Time, FDA Approves First Treatment for Rare Childhood Aging Diseases


Eiger’s Zokinvy is the first-ever approved treatment for children with Huchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome and processing-deficient Progeroid Laminopathies

Immune strategy based on limited information in the network


Credit: ©Science China Press The novel coronavirus outbreak is a global pandemic that has spread to more than 200 countries and territories around the world.