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Bristol Myers taps machine-learning biotech for help finding ALS drugs

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The companies hope Insitro's technology can lead to a deeper understanding of how ALS progresses and, in turn, help them discover better treatments

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Leaders must make their organizations and the world better

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SUMMARY: Leaders have a duty to make their companies stronger and help make the world a better place. Leadership is crucial in providing a unified vision. Pharma CEO’s shouldn’t believe that their products, alone, will help make the world a stronger place. People want and need more.

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Sarepta, continuing its gene therapy push, helps launch a startup

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The biotech has joined a group of investors to form a new gene therapy developer led by one of its longtime executives and backed with $107 million

Anatomy of a Nonclinical Study Monitoring Report


Perhaps surprisingly, the majority of nonclinical Contract Research Organisations (CROs) are not in glamorous locations. Not too many facilities are located near a beach or with beautiful mountain views, so arriving at their front door at 7:30 am on a cold and snowy Montreal morning in February isn’t on the bucket list of too many people.

Cause of Alzheimer’s disease traced to mutation in common enzyme


Mutation to MARK4 makes proteins stickier and more likely to clump in brain Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have discovered a new mechanism by which clumps of tau protein are created in the brain, killing brain cells and causing Alzheimer’s disease.

Singapore Halts Dosing of Two Flu Shots After 59 Deaths in South Korea


South Korea, on the other hand, indicated they would continue their state-run vaccination program because they did not find a direct link between the deaths and the vaccinations

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Pharma managers too far removed from patients

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As people move up the pharma ladder, their work often revolves around internal management issues, training, and endless meetings to motivate their employees rather than focus on patients. Pharma likes to believe its own propaganda that everything they do is patient-focused, but that’s a canard.

Toxic positivity and grief: The reality of living through cancer

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Cancer doesn’t end when treatment stops – it’s a lifelong journey and people need support throughout, says patient advocate Megan-Claire Chase. No one gets through cancer unscathed. People are usually left with a mixture of treatment aftereffects, toxic positivity, and lingering anger to deal with.

Research to bring more secure software for autonomous battlefield operations


Credit: U.S. Army Operational Test Command photo/Tad Browning WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Drones and other unmanned machines can save human lives on the battlefield, but adversaries could hack into their artificial intelligence software.

Pfizer Enters Final Stretch of Late-Stage COVID-19 Vaccine Trial


Pfizer indicated yesterday that its Phase III clinical trial of 44,000 volunteers now needs fewer than 2,000 people to be fully enrolled

Health consumers: A long way off

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We keep hearing the term “consumers of health” but the American healthcare system is too profitable to allow people to be consumers of healthcare. The need for action now is clear.

Novartis launches digital health hub in Canada

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Novartis is opening a new digital health innovation hub in Canada to help develop “scalable, digital solutions” for patients and healthcare providers. The Canadian Biome Digital Innovation Hub will be based in Montreal at the artificial intelligence research institute, Mila.

Timeline of early eukaryotic evolution unveiled


Credit: Utrecht University, IRB Barcelona. One of the most important and puzzling events in the evolution of life has been the origin of the first complex eukaryotic cells.

COVID-19 by the Numbers: Mortality Rates in U.S. Decrease, Despite Uptick in Cases


The number of excess deaths in the United States is trending downward despite autumn upticks in COVID-19 incidents


US to pay Lilly $375M for supply of COVID-19 drug

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Lilly will charge the U.S. 1,250 per vial of the antibody-based treatment, which is under review by the FDA for an emergency approval

Mixing Branded and Unbranded on One Page—Is it Worth the Risk?

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A marketer’s decision to take one promotional route over another—branded versus unbranded—is often critical. But what we increasingly see, is that when branded and unbranded ads appear on the same page—a company page on Facebook, a third-party web publisher, a blogger, etc.—the

Parkinson’s UK partners with UCL on phase II trial

Pharma Times

Trial will investigate chemotherapy drug to alleviate hallucinations in people with Parkinson’s

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Soil-powered fuel cell promises cheap, sustainable water purification


CAR T Therapy Helps Toddler Emerge Victorious Over Infant Leukemia


Chasity’s story stands in hopeful defiance of a typically grim acute lymphocytic leukemia prognosis. In this case, CAR T cell therapy has proven to be a uniquely viable option


Facing vaccine doubts, US grapples with building confidence in coronavirus shots

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The CDC, for example, doesn't support vaccine mandates for healthcare workers or essential employees, an agency official told experts convened by the FDA Thursday

Re: Imagine Pharma Marketing, November 9-11, 2020 VIRTUAL EVENT

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Re: Imagine Pharma Marketing | November 9-11 | 2020 VIRTUAL EVENT. COVID has forced change – and even small wins – in this turbulent time period, and it is vital to understand what tools and tactics that are transient and which are long lasting digital marketing/commercial transformations.

Releviate Therapeutics Inks Exclusive License for Human Monoclonal Antibodies for Chronic Pain Indications

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Vampire bats social distance when they get sick


Credit: Sherri and Brock Fenton/Behavioral Ecology A new paper in Behavioral Ecology, published by Oxford University Press, finds that wild vampire bats that are sick spend less time near others from their community, which slows how quickly a disease will spread.

Biopharma Update on the Novel Coronavirus: October 27


Please check out the biopharma industry coronavirus (COVID-19) stories that are trending for October 27, 2020


Identifying and recruiting patients into rare disease clinical trials: A multi-pronged and customized approach

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Learn about strategies for identifying and recruiting rare disease patients

What You Can Do to Help Prevent Contracting and/or Transmitting Covid-19

Riverside Clinical Research

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of millions of people around the world, with far too. many cases resulting in death. We need to protect ourselves and others from the spread of this terrible. illness.

Perspectum Releases New Whitepaper on The Cost-Effectiveness of Including Imaging in Phase 3 NASH Trials

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Antarctica yields oldest fossils of giant birds with 21-foot wingspans


Two fossils from a group of extinct seabirds represent the largest individuals ever found Credit: Copyright Brian Choo Fossils recovered from Antarctica in the 1980s represent the oldest giant members of an extinct group of birds that patrolled the southern oceans with wingspans of up to 21 feet that would dwarf the 11½-foot wingspan of […].


Kala Gets the Greenlight from FDA for Dry Eye Disease Treatment


EYSUVIS is the first FDA-approved ocular corticosteroid for the treatment of dry eye disease

Regulatory-driven material control with SAP

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Learn about material segmentation, a unique approach for characteristics-based planning and execution


Xelum – Excelling in Continuous Manufacturing

Syntegon Technology Pharma Blog

Solid Dosage Continuous Manufacturing Oral Solid Dosage ShapingTheFuture Syntegon Xelum

TransPerfect Life Sciences Announces Hiring of Industry Veteran Gillian Gittens as eClinical Director

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High-thermoresistant biopolyimides become water-soluble like starch


Credit: JAIST This is the first report for the syntheses of water-soluble polyimides which are Interestingly derived from bio-based resources, showing high transparency, tunable mechanical strength and the highest thermoresistance in water-soluble polymers reported ever.

Some Manufacturing Sites for COVID-19 Vaccines Can Skip FDA Inspections


While pre-license inspections of manufacturing sites are typically done following the acceptance of a BLA filing, due to the public health emergency of COVID-19, the FDA is instead requiring a quality control unit to be established by each manufacturer with detailed report submissions about their