New cancer drug clinical trials struggling

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WHAT’S THIS ABOUT THEN : Researchers are rushing to launch clinical trials of experimental vaccines against the coronavirus, and treatments for COVID-19. Eli Lilly recently announced that it would halt enrolment in ongoing studies and delay the launch of new trials.

There is value to patients when independent sites offer clinical trials

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We observe that the COVID-19 crisis shines a light on the benefits to patients and industry stakeholders of bringing clinical trials closer to patients' homes

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Project Management & Planning for Successful Clinical Trials

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Follow these project management and planning basics while conducting clinical research at your site. Efficient Clinical Trials Site Management

Taking the Guesswork Out of Workload Planning for Your Clinical Trials

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Efficient Clinical Trials Metrics Clinical Trial Metrics Forte InsightsLearn how tracking staff effort helps sites understand and make better use of their time.

How to Find & Pay for Clinical Trials

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You may have questions about clinical trials, including how to find them and how to pay for them. What is a clinical trial? A cancer clinical trial is a research study that looks for new ways to prevent, find and diagnose, and treat cancer.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

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JCS Speaks with Dr. Graham Wylie at MRN on Home Trial Support and Decentralized Clinical Trials Demographic, epidemiological, social, and… Current features Volume 12 Issue 5

How to Set and Meet Expectations for Your Clinical Trials: Track Staff Effort

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Learn how sites can quantify protocol complexity and anticipate resources to ensure more efficient clinical trial processes. Metrics Site Management Clinical Trial Metrics

COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates

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They go through a clinical trial process to determine a vaccine or treatment’s safety and effectiveness. Read more COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates. The post COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates appeared first on Clinical Trials Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccines Volunteering In Clinical Research clinical research clinical trial volunteer

Are Patients Still Seeking Clinical Trials During Covid-19?

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At the beginning of the global lockdown, our team at FindMeCure had some assumptions, concerns and predictions about the impact of Covid-19 on clinical trials and more specifically – the patients seeking treatments. Remote/virtual trials are still a good idea.

Clinical Trials Europe 2020

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On 2-4 November 2020, hundreds of leading clinical industry professionals will be tuning-in live for the 19th annual Clinical Trials… Industry events

Debunking Clinical Trial Myths: 5 Facts You Need To Know

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In our Clinical Trials blog series, we’ve covered topics such as how to find the right clinical trial , how to find and pay for clinical trials , and even if you have rights in a clinical trial.

Outsourcing Clinical Trials USA


Join ERT at the Outsourcing Clinical Trials USA virtual conference on September 30th-October 1st to hear the latest innovations and advancements in the clinical trial industry. . The post Outsourcing Clinical Trials USA appeared first on ERT.

COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates

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Read more COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates. The post COVID-19 Clinical Trial Updates appeared first on Clinical Trials COVID-19“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” ” Each day that passes us, there’s new information released about COVID-19 and humanity’s efforts to tackle this global pandemic.

Automating clinical trials: Why it’s essential for success

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Running clinical trials costs a lot of money! Many clinical trials fail. For example, it can be difficult to recruit patients or they may drop out during the trial. What is meant by automating clinical trials? 5 benefits of automating clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Software Company Hit by Massive Ransomware Attack


Philadelphia-based software company eResearchTechnology (ERT), which offers software used in hundreds of clinical trials, has suffered a ransomware attack

Looking ahead to new biomarkers, clinical trials, and potential treatments for Alzheimer’s


NIA experts available to share context and insight on latest research shared at CTAD WHAT: National Institute on Aging (NIA) experts will be available to further explain and analyze some of the latest research as presented at the 13th Annual International Conference on Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD). Biology Aging Alzheimer Clinical Trials Gerontology Medicine/Health Neurobiology

Clinical Trial Day: Celebrating 273 Years of Medical Advancements

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When you hear ‘clinical trials,’ today you think about research sites, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. What you absolutely don’t think about is a British Royal Navy fleet ship ridden with scurvy, but that’s how clinical trials started! On this day, 273 years ago, surgeon mate James Lind conducted a clinical trial to advance medicine for. Read more Clinical Trial Day: Celebrating 273 Years of Medical Advancements.

How to Apply for A Clinical Trial On FindMeCure

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With 85% of patients unaware of clinical trials as an option at the time of their diagnosis, according to the NIH , it’s a shame that many parts of the application process are still needlessly complicated when a patient is aware and motivated. FindMeCure was founded with the mission of spreading awareness and making the process of finding and applying for a trial easier on patients. . How to search for relevant trials. What if there are no trials near you.

NIH expands clinical trials to test convalescent plasma against COVID-19


Rigorous studies to build on earlier efforts to test the experimental treatment Two randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are expanding enrollment to further evaluate convalescent plasma as a treatment for patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Medicine & Health Biology Clinical Trials Infectious/Emerging Diseases Medicine/Health Public Health

Genomic study of 6000 NCI-MATCH cancer patients leads to new clinical trial benchmarks


Cancer cancer Clinical Trials Medicine/Health

Vaxart's oral COVID-19 tablet vaccine to enter clinical trials

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Vaxart will start a Phase 1 clinical trial for its oral COVID-19 vaccine candidate, having received Investigational New Drug (IND) clearance. Bio Developments

First patients in NIH ACTIV-3 clinical trial enroll in Dallas


Infectious Emerging Diseases Clinical Trials Health Care Immunology/Allergies/Asthma Infectious/Emerging Diseases Medicine/Health Researchers/Scientists/Awards

Study reveals racial disparities in clinical trial recruitment


– As electronic medical records (EMR) become ubiquitous in health care settings, scientists are increasingly turning to electronic-based recruitment methods to encourage participation in clinical trials. Medicine & Health Clinical Trials Medicine/HealthRecruitment strategy that pairs use of electronic medical records with postal mailings shows cost-effectiveness and increased participation of under-represented groups Boston, Mass.

What Does Covid-19 Mean for Patients in Clinical trials?

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The last couple of weeks had us write many emails to patients applying for clinical trials informing them that the trial they are interested in has been suspended. We understand it’s even more disheartening for you to find out that the trial you were hoping would help you is not moving forward. However, right now researchers are still trying to make sense of the way social distancing is going to impact clinical trials in order to plan for the future.

Are you ready for the new European clinical trial regulation?

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The new European Clinical Trial Regulation (ECTR) will replace the 2001/20/EC Directive , the directive that currently describes how clinical trials should be conducted in Europe. The regulation will have a major impact on the conduct of clinical trials.

How Can I Join A Covid-19 Clinical Trial?

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To give you all some hope, today on the blog we’re going to talk about what is currently in clinical trials for Coronavirus. We’re witnessing the fastest development of a vaccine in history – where it used to take up to five years of pre-trials development and two years on average of human trials, prognosis now states that a vaccine will be ready for testing by May. Trials for these drugs are running in China with some good reports already.

Has COVID-19 Become the Catalyst for Virtual Clinical Trials?

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Traditional methods of clinical data collection and trial management encountered change in mid-March as the FDA released guidance on conducting trials during the pandemic. The virtual approach to clinical research has quickly transitioned from an interesting concept to becoming the answer for overcoming many of these hurdles. But will virtual trials keep gaining traction beyond the pandemic? The post Has COVID-19 Become the Catalyst for Virtual Clinical Trials?

Sharp introduces clinical trial IMS

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The Clinventory inventory management system is designed to help study sponsors streamline management of their clinical trial inventory and supplies. Clinical Development

Pandemic Patient Support – Navigating the New Norm of Clinical Trials?

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Working in the clinical trial space teaches you a lot about resilience, there is a sense of duty to get… Current features Volume 12 Issue 5

Virtual or Decentralised Clinical Trials: Defining The New Normal

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Clinical trials are a cornerstone of drug development, providing scientific evidence on the safety and efficacy of novel pharmaceutical compounds.…

Radiation oncology research and clinical trials to be featured at ASTRO’s Annual Meeting


Medicine & Health cancer Clinical Trials Health Care Systems/Services Medicine/HealthNews briefings will highlight top-rated abstracts and include special COVID-19 discussion ARLINGTON, Va., October 14, 2020 — The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) announced today the studies that will be highlighted in the 2020 ASTRO Annual Meeting press program. The press program will feature studies on cancer treatment advances and discussions of topical issues […].

Keck Medicine of USC enrolling individuals in phase 3 clinical trial to treat mild Alzheimer?s disease using deep brain stimulation


Medicine & Health Aging Alzheimer Clinical Trials Gerontology Medicine/Health Neurobiology

Made-in-Singapore Cancer Drug ETC-159 Advances Further in Clinical Trials

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First dose of ETC-159 administered in Phase 1B of clinical trials, advancing the development of this drug to treat solid tumours Made-in-Singapore cancer drug, ETC-159, has achieved a new developmental milestone in achieving “First Patient First Visit[1]” in Phase 1B.

Access to cancer medicines and clinical trials show stark variations across Europe


Data from latest research presented at the ESMO Virtual Congress 2020 Lugano, Switzerland, 18 September 2020 – Access to cancer medicines is highly unequal across Europe both for new drugs in development because of uneven access to clinical trials and for currently approved drugs due to huge disparities in healthcare spending by different countries, according […].

DIA Digital Technology and Clinical Trials


Digital technology such as wearables, sensors, and other biometric devices are helping progress the clinical trial industry, creating innovative ways to help clinical trial drug development. The post DIA Digital Technology and Clinical Trials appeared first on ERT.

PRA partners on acute leukemia clinical trial

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The CRO will work with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on a global master clinical trial to explore treatments for pediatric acute leukemia. Clinical Development

NIH launches adaptive clinical trials of blood clotting treatments for COVID-19


The National Institutes of Health has launched two of three adaptive Phase 3 clinical trials evaluating the safety and effectiveness of varying types of blood thinners to treat adults diagnosed with COVID-19. Part of the Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines (ACTIV) initiative, these trials will be conducted at more than 100 sites around the […].

Developing a Clinical Trial Budget Following Medicare’s Clinical Trial Policy and Device Regulations

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Developing and negotiating a clinical trial budget that applies Medicare's rules and regulations involves many challenges. Find out strategies to assist with the process. General

Landmark clinical trial shows effectiveness of oral antibiotics in treating cystic fibrosis condition


Medicine & Health Clinical Trials Medicine/Health Pulmonary/Respiratory MedicineA major national study led by experts from Bristol and Nottingham has found that oral antibiotics are just as effective as intravenous antibiotics in killing a common germ that causes dangerous complications in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. The study looked at the effectiveness of the two types of treatment in tackling Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which causes […].

IVI to ready clinical trial sites for COVID-19 vaccine efficacy trials in 4 countries


million USD to IVI to support clinical trial site preparedness in four African and Asian countries to potentially support future COVID-19 Phase III efficacy vaccine trials. Medicine & Health Clinical Trials Developing Countries Disease in the Developing World Epidemiology Immunology/Allergies/Asthma Infectious/Emerging Diseases Medicine/Health Public Health Vaccines