Prescription Digital Therapeutics: When Software Is the Active Ingredient


With smartphones now ubiquitous, interest has increased in digital health solutions such as telemedicine platforms. The post Prescription Digital Therapeutics: When Software Is the Active Ingredient appeared first on Camargo. Blog Combination Products Device

The sweeping biotech business model

World of DTC Marketing

R&D has been replaced with acquisitions. The latest is J&J’s deal to buy out Momenta for $6.5 billion. This week alone Sanofi, BMS, and other big pharma companies have spent billions on the purchase of smaller, promising companies who have drugs that could lead to happy investors.

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Research to bring more secure software for autonomous battlefield operations


Credit: U.S. Army Operational Test Command photo/Tad Browning WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Drones and other unmanned machines can save human lives on the battlefield, but adversaries could hack into their artificial intelligence software.

How biotech and pharma companies pay their CEOs, and their workers

Bio Pharma Dive

The median CEO of 231 drug companies analyzed by BioPharma Dive earned 50% more last year than in 2017, a leap that far outpaced the more modest pay gains among employees

Lessons in Supply Chain Digitization from PepsiCo and Conagra

Speaker: Craig Weiss, ConAgra Brands; Mari Roberts PepsiCo; and Matt Elenjickal, FourKites

Supply chain digitalization is key to success as market volatility, widespread disruption & stiff competition for consumer dollars puts pressure on every aspect of the supply chain. Register to hear how 2 global brands are accelerating digital transformation and increasing efficiency & automation throughout their operations.

Scientists identify new gene involved in autism spectrum disorder


Forward genetics pinpoints gene linked to ASD involving severe speech impairment and opens door to search for more mutations, future treatments Credit: Photo taken by Brian Coats for UT Southwestern Medical Center DALLAS – Dec.

Time to Reassess Tocilizumab’s Role in COVID-19 Pneumonia

JAMA Internal Medicine

In this issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, 3 important articles explore the use of tocilizumab in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pneumonia. Tocilizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds human interleukin 6 (IL-6) receptors.

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LabCorp Backs Resolution Bioscience’s Liquid Biopsy Test for NSCLC


Clinicians and patients alike have long been hoping for liquid biopsy tests for cancer screening and diagnosis given their ease, convenience and ability to detect disease-specific mutations.

Lilly offers first evidence that its antibody drug may help treat COVID-19

Bio Pharma Dive

The results, from a mid-stage study of Lilly's drug, suggest treatment helped lower virus levels, but the degree to which patients benefited remains unclear

Could a COVID-19 breath test help UK out of lockdown?

Pharma Phorum

A potential COVID-19 breath test has been unveiled in the UK, as the country desperately searches for alternatives to crippling lockdown measures to prevent the disease from spreading.

Third Plasma Donation Drive from Shincheonji Church Expected to Gather 4,000 Donors

The Pharma Data

DAEGU, KOREA, November 09, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — South Korean religious group Shincheonji Church of Jesus has announced their third convalescent plasma donation drive to take place for 3 weeks starting November 16th at an Indoor Athletics Center in Daegu.

3 Ways End-to-End Visibility Helps Minimize the Risks of Ocean Freight

Download this playbook to learn how end-to-end visibility helps to mitigate risk associated with the ocean freight market.

In the News: October Regulatory and Development Updates


Each month, Camargo’s “In the News” series highlights important changes and advancements in the regulatory and development space and explores how those changes could impact your program. Unpacking the (Black) Box: Antares Licenses Urology Product with Boxed Warning.

Telehealth will be worth about $25 billion in 2021

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: Deloitte predicts that the percentage of virtual video visits to doctors will rise to 5% globally in 2021, up from an estimated 1% in 2019. While 5% may not sound like much, consider that 8.5 billion doctor’s visits, worth a total of approximately US$500 billion.

Wishing You More Affordable Medicine This Christmas

Pharmacy Checkers

With some stops and starts, this blog has become far more focused on policy, regulatory matters, law and politics — and less on everyday consumer issues relating to drug prices.

Herd immunity won’t stop the outbreak: 3 Dangerous Covid-19 Myths

Find Me Cure

The spread of misinformation about Covid-19 can only be parallelled by the spread of the virus itself. This would all be in good humour (like the jokes about fighting the virus with alcohol) if it was not so detrimental to many people’s health and mental wellbeing. .

4 Silver Linings of the Chaotic Ocean Freight Market

Speaker: Peter Tirschwell, Chris Stauber, Sarah Barnes Humphrey, and Audrey Ross

Join this webinar exploring the silver linings that have emerged from the chaotic ocean freight market. The discussion will highlight solutions that prioritize digitization and build a more efficient international supply chain. Jan 25 at 10am CT.

Ivory Coast creates first marine protected area


Credit: CEM Ivory Coast has announced the creation of its first Marine Protected Area (MPA). The MPA will cover 2,600km2 (1,000 square miles) of pristine ocean off the coast of Grand-Béréby, protecting marine biodiversity including threatened shark and turtle species.


The Future is Now: Trends in Clinical Trials Brought to Reality

Crucial Data Soutions

Someday, clinical and post-market research will be 100 percent remote. Someday, all studies will be conducted in a single tech platform with data from any source. Someday, all study participants will enter data via their own mobile device, from anywhere.

COVID-19: Challenges, Innovation, and What’s Ahead in 2021

Pharma Marketing Network

Below is a Q&A with Mark Bard, Co-Founder of The DHC Group, who offers his insights on the challenges COVID-19 has brought to pharma, as well as what innovation is taking place due to this full shift to digital and what lies ahead in the future.

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Coordinator

Forte Research Systems®

Clinical Research Coordinators are tasked with many responsibilities throughout the day. Learn more about how to balance each role and responsibility effectively. Site Management Study Coordination

The Smart Data Revolution: How AB InBev Drives Efficiency with Visibility Data

Speaker: AB InBev and FourKites

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how leveraging the right data to make quick, well-informed decisions is the key to success in supply chain & logistics. Join FourKites and AB InBev to learn what’s possible with a data-driven supply chain strategy & real-time transportation visibility.

Merck signs $356M deal to supply US with experimental coronavirus drug

Bio Pharma Dive

The drugmaker spent $425 million a month ago to acquire the biotech developer of the treatment, which tamps down on the body's inflammatory response to viral infections

Pfizer strikes a deal with newly formed China biotech

Bio Pharma Dive

The deal, which has Pfizer paying as much as $70 million, is the latest in a series of moves by big pharma companies to forge a stronger position in the world's second-largest drug market

Intellia, beginning treatment in CRISPR study, secures Gates Foundation backing

Bio Pharma Dive

The biotech won a grant from the foundation two days after dosing the first patient in a study of an in vivo CRISPR medicine, a milestone for the company and the technology

Developing Drug Products with the Label’s Commercial Value in Mind


Whether you plan to out-license or commercialize your product, getting the label right matters. The post Developing Drug Products with the Label’s Commercial Value in Mind appeared first on Camargo. Blog Commercialization

Modernizing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Speaker: Nimesh Patel, Gregory Demitrack, and Sarah Barnes Humphrey

Register for our upcoming webinar to better understand the state of the pharmaceutical supply chain. FourKites partnered with Accenture to survey supply chain executives working in pharmaceuticals, biotech, cell and gene therapy, medtech, and other related industries.

COVID-19 and obesity is a lethal mix

World of DTC Marketing

QUICK READ : Obesity is associated with a higher risk of developing severe symptoms and complications of coronavirus disease, independent of other illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease. So why haven’t we acted?

Human Rights Day: Safe and Affordable Imported Medicine and the Internet

Pharmacy Checkers

Today is Human Rights Day, a day commemorating the United Nations’ 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

AstraZeneca to buy Alexion for $39B

Bio Pharma Dive

The deal launches AstraZeneca, a company that has been growing mostly because of newer drugs for cancer and diabetes, into the market for rare disease treatments

Deep learning helps explore the structural and strategic bases of autism?


Credit: KAIST and IEEE Spectrum (Image usage restrictions: News organizations may use or redistribute this image, with proper attribution, as part of news coverage of this paper only.)

Minimizing Retail Supply Chain Disruptions in 2021 and Beyond

Speaker: Izaac Moran, Customer Success Manager, FourKites; Glenn Koepke, SVP of Customer Success, FourKites; and featuring interviews with supply chain experts from Dollar Tree and Best Buy

Register for our upcoming webinar to see how savvy retailers including Dollar Tree and Best Buy are leveraging real-time visibility across their end-to-end supply chains in creative ways to drive agility and thrive in today’s unpredictable environment.

The meeting that could change Alzheimer's treatment

Bio Pharma Dive

On Friday, a panel of experts and FDA staff will weigh in on a closely watched Alzheimer's drug from Biogen. Their feedback could affect how the disease is treated for years to come

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3 Ways Video Keeps Reps and HCPs Connected and Engaged

Pharma Marketing Network

Fast-tracking digital communication is now the new normal across many industries. The healthcare industry is no exception, and for pharma sales reps engaging with healthcare professionals, human connection is key.

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Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine sparks immune response in older people

Bio Pharma Dive

An initial look at the vaccine's effects on the elderly shows those in their 70s had similar responses to those under 55, Moderna told a government panel

Pharmacquired: Splashy deals belie a shallow pool of heart drugs left to acquire

Bio Pharma Dive

Recent deals for MyoKardia and The Medicines Co. may be hard to follow, since venture investors and big pharma acquirers have largely ignored cardiovascular drugs

An Innovative & Creative Problem Solver Approach to Selling in the Medical Device Space

Speaker: Steve Goldstein, Sales Leader

Currently in sales or involved in a business that depends on strong sales results? Join Steve Goldstein, Sales Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and Medical Device Sales Leader from Gold Selling LLC. You will absorb critical strategies to become a trusted partner in greater sales success.