The pharma company of the future

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Everyone, it seems, has issues with big pharma. From obscene profits to outrageous compensation for CEOs pharma has seems to have the attitude of a big corporation who doesn’t care. Pharma companies have argued that they need profit to develop new drugs but that’s a canard.

How biotech and pharma companies pay their CEOs, and their workers

Bio Pharma Dive

The median CEO of 231 drug companies analyzed by BioPharma Dive earned 50% more last year than in 2017, a leap that far outpaced the more modest pay gains among employees

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List of Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India

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PCD Pharma Companies are those companies, which provides products to its franchise partners and also distributorship rights and monopoly of marketing for the given geographic area or location. PCD Pharma means Propoganda Distribution. A PCD pharma company which gives products, support and brand name to its franchise partner is also called the “PCD pharma franchise company” or “pharma franchiser”. Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies in India.

How Pharma Companies generate Franchise queries and Boost Business?

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What is the difference between the pharma sector and other sectors? Experts rate the pharma sector quite higher than others because of its huge potential for growth. Because of the tremendous progress in the Indian economy, every pharma company can expect good earnings. However, when you own a PCD marketing company, then the prescription is not the sole reason behind profitability. Do you know that in the pharma franchise business, free gifts play a vital role?

CPhI calls on pharma companies to put sustainability at the top of their agenda

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The pandemic has required a rethink of how we do business: and CPhI Festival of Pharma is encouraging companies to prioritize sustainability efforts moving forward.

Which pharma companies have the most supplementary protection certificates?

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This chart shows the drug companies with the most supplementary protection certificates (SPCs). The post Which pharma companies have the most supplementary protection certificates?

Pharma Company Boosts Sales and Profitability by Capitalizing on Emerging Opportunities Identified Using Quantzig’s Customer Segmentation Analytics Solutions

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Quantzig–Customer segmentation has been an age-old issue for businesses globally. Though new customer segmentation models have helped serve the purpose, it tends to miss certain aspects that make it unreliable in the long run.

A Pharma Company Devises an Efficient Market Entry Plan for the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry | Infiniti’s Success with Market Intelligence Solutions

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#marketentry–The pharmaceutical industry is growing exponentially due to advanced biologics, increasing life expectancy, and easier access to quality pharmaceuticals.

How Can Pharma Companies Adapt Clinical Trials to the Changes of the Post-COVID Era? Infiniti’s Experts Reveal Key Strategies

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#clinicaltrials–Digitization and rising adoption of technology has been a positive outcome across industries, due to the COVID-19 crisis. The pharmaceutical industry witnessed major changes as well, including the shift to remote testing. launches unique ‘medication Trustpilot’ to amplify patient voices — as research reveals that 93% lack trust in pharma companies

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Alongside today’s launch, new research underlines the need for pharmaceutical companies to better listen and … Continue reading → Business WireLONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– launched today to give patients more control over their own treatments, with a unique service to share real world experiences of their medicines.

What 141 HIV/AIDS Patient Groups Thought of 9 Pharma Companies in 2019 | Survey Findings Report 2020 –

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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “The Corporate Reputation of Pharma in 2019 – The Patient Perspective – HIV/AIDS Edition – The Views of 141 HIV/AIDS Groups” report has been added to’s offering.

How Can Pharma Companies Simplify the Five-Phase Drug Development Process? Infiniti’s Experts Highlight the Need for Product Research Solutions

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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#drugdevelopmentprocess–The increasing competition of the pharmaceutical industry has encouraged companies to invest in innovation and drug development. However, the drug development process is challenging, and without appropriate guidance, developers can face various roadblocks. What is the solution? Infiniti’s product … Continue reading → Business Wire

Tips to Get More Doctor Referrals for your Pharma Franchise

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When you own a PCD franchise company , you aim to attain maximum profitability. Earlier, Pharma franchise companies were giving free samples to the doctors, which they used to provide to their patients. These methods were effective because the profit margins of pharma companies were high, and there were a few companies in the market. Everything has changed in the pharma world, and therefore, it is essential to change the marketing methods also.

Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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PCD PHARMA FRANCHISE BUSINESS FAQS. A pharma franchise business model is when a company permits to sell the products by its name. It is an agreement between a franchiser which is typically a pharma manufacturing (or marketing) company where a franchisee is an individual entrepreneur or a small company that buys the license. Why is it a great idea to launch a pharma franchise? The targets could be monthly or yearly it depends on the company policy.

Brazen Scofflaws? Are Pharma Companies Really Completely Ignoring FDAAA?

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Pharma: breaking the law in broad daylight? Everyone I work with in pharma trials is painfully aware of the regulatory environment they work in. If anything, pharma sponsors are twitchily over-compliant with these kinds of regulations (for example, most still adhere to 100% verification of source documentation – sending monitors to physically examine every single record of every single enrolled patient - even after the FDA explicitly told them they didn't have to ).

Which One Is Better – Pharma Marketing Company Or Pharma Manufacturing Company?

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Pharma Marketing Vs Pharma Manufacturing. Whether to join a pharma marketing company and start marketing the products or open a manufacturing company; the decision is crucial. A pharma marketing company needs more dynamism. Working in a pharma marketing company could be highly challenging for some people. People having planning and execution skills should launch a manufacturing company.

Roche acquires Irish biotech firm Inflazome

Pharma Times

Swiss pharma company to acquire biotech for $449m (€380m

Europital launches as a science-driven full service CRO

Journal for Clinical Studies

Expanded CRO services to support biotechs and mid-sized pharma companies across trials in more than 40 countries Ghent (Belgium), 22… Europe Regional News

Parexel, Pfizer extend drug development partnership

Outsourcing Pharma

The drug discovery and pharma companies have extended their agreement to collaborate on development of new treatments for a range of therapeutic areas.

Researchers Urge Greater Transparency for Government-Funded Vaccine Trials

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More than two dozen researchers and experts have penned a letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar, National Institutes of Health (NIH) officials and pharma company executives, imploring them to shed more light on the clinical trial designs for federally funded COVID-19 vaccine studies.

Dashboard delivers real-time view of patient drug adherence

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Elucid Digital Healthâs Pill Connect is designed to enable CROs and pharma companies to monitor patient adherence during a clinical trial. Clinical Development

Half a million-dollar bonus for cancer drug price increase

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WHAT NOW: The idea that most pharma companies are here to serve patients is a canard. Pharma CEO’s serve themselves with big salaries tied to drug prices and keeping drugs from coming off patent. As I See It Bad Pharma CEO Compensation

Pharma is hiring

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IN BRIEF: Pharma companies have been posting jobs on LinkedIn almost every day. While most offices remain closed pharma is preparing for the launch of new products and has to have the infrastructure to ensure a successful launch. Working in the industry Pharma Hiring

AnGes and Er-Kim Enter Into an Agreement for the Commercialization of Collategene® in Turkey

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ISTANBUL–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Company name: Er-Kim Ilac Presentative: Cem Zorlular, CEO AnGes, Inc., a Japanese biopharmaceutical company focused on gene-based medicines and Er-Kim, a leading Turkish specialty pharma company; today announce an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement for Er-Kim to commercialize … Continue reading → Business Wire

Pharma managers too far removed from patients

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As people move up the pharma ladder, their work often revolves around internal management issues, training, and endless meetings to motivate their employees rather than focus on patients. To most pharma marketers patients are an audience segment quantified by numbers.

Market Tracking and Real World Drug Performance Analysis Helps a Pharmaceutical Firm Increase Market Share | Get in Touch to Learn More About Quantzig’s Real World Evidence Analytics Capabilities

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The success story offers comprehensive insights into how they helped a leading pharma company to analyze future growth opportunities and track market shares based … Continue reading → Business WireLONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Analytics–Premier analytics service provider, Quantzig announces the completion of its real world evidence analytics engagement.

COVID-19 vaccine: A hope and prayer?

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QUICK READ : The government is agreeing to pay billions of dollars to the first company that developed a COVID-19 vaccine. The companies will receive payment upon the receipt of the doses, following regulatory authorization or approval, according to a statement.

Medscape on shift to digital

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Digital channels play a far greater role in communication between pharma companies and healthcare professionals than before the pandemic. . Drug companies need to develop a model in which there is continuous improvement in online interactions.

Pharma improves HCP engagement during COVID-19 – report

Pharma Phorum

Pharma companies have improved how they engage with healthcare providers as a result of COVID-19, according to a new survey of HCPs. This has resulted in pharma companies being more relevant and providing more value in closing the care gap, the report says.

Why is the healthcare industry so silent?

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Where is America’s pharma companies? The answer lies in the fact that they don’t want to go against an administration who takes revenge on people and companies who against what they say, even if it sounds like a rambling mental patient. Not a word from the AMA, pharma companies, or health insurers because to them the balance sheet is more important than anything else. QUICK READ: The right is at war with science.

Pharma’s digital transformation journey and the role of customer reference data

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Better management of customer data could help pharmaceutical companies’ digital transformation, according to Veeva’s Rebecca Silver. The changing pharma environment during COVID-19. Ensuring that customer data is accurate and up to date is a priority, no matter what size a company is.

No digitization with HCP’s is not permanent

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IN SUMMARY : When patients return to doctor’s offices will HCP’s have time to go online with every drug company that requests an online detail? Back to HCP’s…digitization can’t replace the relationships that pharma reps and MLS people build with doctors.

COVID 19 vaccine means big money and greed

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QUICK READ : Pharma had a chance to earn some goodwill with a very skeptical public but it’s become obvious that the rush to develop a vaccine is about profit, executive stock, and Wall Street despite potential huge investments from the government.

Roche acquires Irish biotech firm Inflazome

The Pharma Data

Swiss pharma company to acquire biotech for $449m (€380m). Swiss pharma company Roche is set to acquire Irish biotech firm Inflazome for an upfront payment of $449m (€380m).

Fearing Brexit chaos, UK asks pharma to build six-week drug stockpile

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The UK government has asked pharma companies to build a six-week stockpile of drugs and find alternative shipping routes to the congested Dover-Calais crossing as the country heads for Brexit at the end of the year.

Accelerating the digital approval process

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The boom in digital tech over COVID means that pharma can move faster than ever – but the industry’s traditional processes for asset approval are still holding timelines back.

5 Top Emerging Pharmacovigilance Startups Impacting The Industry


Our Innovation Analysts recently looked into emerging technologies and up-and-coming startups working on solutions for the pharma sector. Using our StartUs Insights Platform , covering 1.116.000+ startups & emerging companies, we looked at innovation in the field of pharma.

Pharma and insurers raking in the cash

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HEY NOW : Most companies struggled in the second quarter as the coronavirus pandemic froze the economy, but health insurers like UnitedHealth heavily benefited as people held off on going to the doctor or hospital, resulting in fewer medical claims that needed to be paid. In addition, pharma profit margins remain very high. On the pharma side J&J was the top profit earner follows closely by Pfizer and Gilead. As I See It Health insurers Pharma Profits

New US trade deal fires huge blow for biologics patent exclusivity

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This change now means that pharma companies will not have the luxury of a 10-year period to keep data and other information related to their drugs confidential or have longer pricing monopolies on the market. And puts small pharma companies in jeopardy that depend on the government to protect them in the global markets.

Projections on pharma digital ad spending wrong

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GOOD MORNING: eMarketer is promoting a report on pharma’s projected digital ad spending in the coming year, and from my conversations with pharma insiders, it’s wrong. When I saw the eMarketer report I got on the phone to my contacts within pharma, not agencies.