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Amgen finds a new top scientist in Novartis veteran Bradner

Bio Pharma Dive

Jay Bradner, a well-known physician-scientist who left Novartis last year amid an organizational shakeup, will now serve a Amgen’s chief scientific officer and head of R&D.

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Celebrating Black History Month: Black Scientists that Have Revolutionized the Life Sciences


In the life sciences, countless Black scientists, researchers and medical professionals have made groundbreaking discoveries that have significantly advanced our understanding of biology and medicine. They serve as inspiration for future generations of scientists from all backgrounds.


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Scientists Discover a Genetic Variant That Seems to Limit HIV Infection

AuroBlog - Aurous Healthcare Clinical Trials blog

A tiny fraction of people are naturally resistant to HIV infections, and scientists want to understand why. Now an international team of researchers has discovered a new genetic variant in people of African ancestries that appears to restrict HIV replication after an infection sets in.

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Scientists discover non-invasive approach for cancer therapy

Pharmaceutical Technology

Scientists at the Northwestern University in Illinois, US, have discovered a non-invasive approach to isolate a tumour’s attack cells from blood, rather than from tumours. Scientists removed and processed melanoma tumours, and found tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) within them.

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Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Inside a Totally Different Plant

AuroBlog - Aurous Healthcare Clinical Trials blog

Scientists have discovered cannabidiol, a compound in cannabis known as CBD, in a common Brazilian plant, opening potential new avenues to produce the increasingly popular substance, a lead researcher said Thursday.

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Scientists Identify a Hidden Pattern of Consciousness in The Brains of Coma Patients

AuroBlog - Aurous Healthcare Clinical Trials blog

Scientists have used advanced imaging techniques to identify brain activity and regions linked to cognitive motor dissociation (CMD), or ‘hidden consciousness‘ CMD is a state in which a person appears comatose and unresponsive while inwardly showing signs of conscious brain activity.

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Scientists Discover X Chromosomes Being ‘Silenced’ in Male Cancer Cells

AuroBlog - Aurous Healthcare Clinical Trials blog

Scientists from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have found some male cancer cells, those with X and Y chromosomes, show signs of having their X chromosome silenced. In normal mammal cells, the X chromosome is only muted when a female cell has a pair of Xs to choose from. Randomly turning off an extra X is […].

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