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Signal: UK NHS pay row intensifies as doctors launch joint strike

Pharmaceutical Technology

UK public sector doctor's pay is below that in Germany or the US, and ongoing strike action may lead to more emigration.

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Should doctors refuse to treat obese patients?

World of DTC Marketing

IN BRIEF: Doctors are not required to treat obese patients who won’t do anything to lose weight but the problem is more than reminding patients they need to get exercise and drop pounds. Susan knew she needed to lose weight, especially when her doctor told her that her A1C indicated that she was prediabetic.

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An app can never replace a doctor

World of DTC Marketing

million doctors, nurses, and midwives expected by 2030. Vastaamo has filed for bankruptcy but left many Finns wary of telling doctors personal details, says Joni Siikavirta, a lawyer representing the company’s patients “ No universal standards for storing “emotional data” exist. The post An app can never replace a doctor.

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Doctors don’t have time for digital

World of DTC Marketing

QUICK READ: Patients are returning to their doctor’s office, and it’s not uncommon for appointments, or routine visits, to be scheduled weeks or months in advance. When I sent an email to my doctor’s office, I was shocked when she said the earliest appointment she had for physicals was in September.

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Teleconsultation positions itself as viable alternative to offset low doctor-to-population ratio & specialists shortage

AuroBlog - Aurous Healthcare Clinical Trials blog

Teleconsultation is seen as a viable alternative with low doctor-to-population ratio and shortage of specialists doctors. In fact, teleconsultation is seen to bridge this gap by allowing patients in remote areas to receive earlier diagnosis and treatment with low cost and faster follow-up check-ups.

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Even on social media “listen to the doctor”

World of DTC Marketing

The post Even on social media “listen to the doctor” appeared first on World of DTC The world of online health-seeking has become more complicated but with some common sense you can find HCPs who know that they are talking about.

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Newest doctors shun infectious diseases specialty

NPR Health - Shots

The pandemic put infectious diseases doctors in the spotlight. The 'Fauci Effect' raised the number of fellowship applicants in 2020, but this year almost half of the training programs went unfilled. Image credit: Boy_Anupong/Getty Images)

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