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An app can never replace a doctor

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million doctors, nurses, and midwives expected by 2030. Vastaamo has filed for bankruptcy but left many Finns wary of telling doctors personal details, says Joni Siikavirta, a lawyer representing the company’s patients “ No universal standards for storing “emotional data” exist.


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Should doctors refuse to treat obese patients?

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IN BRIEF: Doctors are not required to treat obese patients who won’t do anything to lose weight but the problem is more than reminding patients they need to get exercise and drop pounds. The post Should doctors refuse to treat obese patients?

Doctors and nurses need 20-minute power naps during night shifts to keep patients safe


Latest News 20minute doctors naps night Nurses Patients power safe shifts**Note this presentation is being made at the Euroanaesthesia Congress in Milan, 4-6 June.

Doctors don’t have time for digital

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QUICK READ: Patients are returning to their doctor’s office, and it’s not uncommon for appointments, or routine visits, to be scheduled weeks or months in advance. As one doctor told me, “they’re acting as nothing has happened in the last year.

Supreme Court Sides With Doctors Accused of Running Pill Mills

NY Times

In a unanimous ruling, the justices ordered federal appeals courts to reconsider the cases of two doctors convicted of violating the Controlled Substances Act.

could EKGs help doctors use AI to detect pulmonary embolisms?


In a pilot study, scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai showed for the first time that artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can detect signs of these clots in electrocardiograms (EKGs), a finding which may one day help doctors with screening.

Big differences in how emergency doctors assess patient care needs


When researchers divided out-of-hours general practitioners (GPs) into four groups based on how often they admit their patients to the hospital, they found that if you are seen by a doctor who belongs to the 25 per cent who admit the most often, your chance of a hospital stay is much greater.

Set targets to cut inhaled anesthesia greenhouse gas emissions, urge doctors


Clear, measurable targets are needed to cut potent greenhouse gas emissions from inhaled anaesthesia and minimise their impact on climate change, insist doctors in The BMJ. Latest News anesthesia cut doctors emissions gas greenhouse inhaled set targets urgeReliance on voluntary efforts simply won’t achieve progress at the scale and speed required, they warn. A regulatory framework for mandatory reporting and accountability, involving a broad spectrum of […].

Doctoral student finds alternative cell option for organs-on-chips


Technology and Engineering alternative cell Doctoral finds option organsonchips studentOrgan-on-a-chip technology has provided a push to discover new drugs for a variety of rare and ignored diseases for which current models either don’t exist or lack precision.

Even on social media “listen to the doctor”

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The post Even on social media “listen to the doctor” appeared first on World of DTC Marketing.com. SUMMARY : People are anxious because of the resurgence of COVID. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false and bad information online.

Women are not being routinely informed that a common anaesthetic may make their contraception less effective, UK doctors warn


Latest News anaesthetic common contraception doctors effective informed routinely warn women

3D imaging method may help doctors better determine prostate cancer aggressiveness


To determine how aggressive someone’s cancer is, doctors look for abnormalities in […]. Latest News aggressiveness cancer determine doctors imaging method prostate

Only half of transgender people report supportive care from doctors


Latest News care doctors people Report supportive TransgenderA new paper in Family Practice, published by Oxford University Press, indicates that only around half of transgender people report supportive primary care experiences. Participants with more supportive healthcare experiences had less psychological distress as well as a lower likelihood for self-injury and thoughts of suicide. Past research has established that transgender people experience significant […].

Ohio Doctor Is Acquitted of Killing Patients With Fentanyl

NY Times

The doctor, William Husel, had faced 14 counts of murder after his patients overdosed on fentanyl, the powerful opioid. Fentanyl Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Hospitals Suits and Litigation (Civil) Doctors Mount Carmel Health System Husel, William Ohio United States

Medical equality undermined by mistaken male doctors


Progress on gender equality in the medical profession could be hampered by male doctors who overestimate female representation, researchers say. The findings come from a survey of 425 UK doctors, who were asked to estimate the proportion of women in various roles in medicine, and about their levels of support for gender-equality initiatives. Latest News doctors equality Male medical mistaken undermined

Doctors tend to overestimate gender equality progress in UK medicine, finds survey


Doctors tend to overestimate the progress made towards gender equality in UK medicine, suggest the results of a snapshot survey published in the open access journal BMJ Open. These misperceptions are associated with greater reluctance, particularly among male doctors, to back initiatives to promote gender equality in the profession, the survey responses show. Latest News doctors equality finds gender Medicine overestimate progress survey tend

Prescribe fewer antidepressants, and for shorter periods, doctors advised


Doctors should prescribe fewer antidepressants and for shorter periods of time, because of the ongoing uncertainties about their effectiveness and the potential severity and durability of the withdrawal symptoms associated with them, suggests a review of the evidence on antidepressant use, published online in the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin. Latest News advised antidepressants doctors periods Prescribe shorter

Racial gap in completed doctor visits disappeared in 2020 as telemedicine adopted


Latest News adopted completed disappeared doctor gap racial telemedicine visitsHistorically, there has been racial inequity when it comes to primary care appointments, which are vital for managing and preventing chronic disease. But as COVID-19 struck the United States in 2020 and telemedicine availability rose sharply, gaps in access disappeared for Black patients at Penn Medicine, new research shows. And even once “normal” in-office appointments […].

Doctors are consumers too! How DTC media impacts HCPs

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The findings have implications for how pharma teams should think about their DTC and HCP efforts — they are no longer two separate marketing channels

Helping doctors manage COVID-19


New tool uses AI technology to assess the severity of lung infections and inform treatment Credit: University of Waterloo Artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo is capable of assessing the severity of COVID-19 cases with a promising degree of accuracy.

1 in 10 cardiology trainee doctors in UK say they have been bullied


One in 10 junior doctors training to be cardiologists in the UK, say they have been bullied, reveal the results of a survey published online in the journal Heart. Bullying of junior doctors […]. Latest News bullied Cardiology doctors traineeWomen and those who qualified in medicine outside the UK are most likely to report being subjected to this behaviour, the responses show.

Square Health merger throws telehealth firm Push Doctor a lifeline

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Push Doctor – a digital platform that virtually connects patients with GPs – has been acquired by private healthcare service provider Square Health for an undisclosed fee. The trend has also grabbed the attention of venture capital investors, and Push Doctor has been no exception.

AI could help doctors make the best use of ICU beds during the COVID-19 pandemic


New technology could help doctors make the most of limited resources during the COVID-19 pandemic by identifying patients who require intensive care unit (ICU) treatment. Latest News beds COVID19 doctors ICU pandemicThe system, developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo and DarwinAI, an alumni-founded startup company, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the necessity of ICU admission based on more […].

‘Frequent attenders’ comprise 4 in every 10 family doctor consultations in England


‘Frequent attenders’ now make up around 4 in every 10 family doctor (GP) consultations in England, and the proportion of such patients has risen over the past two decades, reveals a large long term study published in the open access journal BMJ Open. Latest News attenders comprise consultations doctor England family frequent

AI points the way to better doctor-patient communication


A computer analysis of hundreds of thousands of secure email messages between doctors and patients found that most doctors use language that is too complex for their patients to understand. The study also uncovered strategies some doctors use to overcome communication barriers.

10 Tips to Improve Communication with Your Doctors

Triage Cancer

Doctor-patient communication relies on both parties speaking clearly, listening closely, and understanding the words and concepts of the discussion. Certainly, it’s critical that you listen to and understand your doctors. But conversations with doctors can be hard.

Vaccine sales driven down by pandemic's effects on doctor visits

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Pfizer, Sanofi, GSK and Merck each reported lower vaccine sales as stay-at-home orders kept people from their regular vaccinations

Consumers want convenient, online doctor-finding tools

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When it comes to pharma marketing, historically companies have had to either market direct to consumers — and trust them to find a doctor and bring up the company’s product with them — or to send sales reps to doctors — and hope they had the right mix of potential customers among their patients.

Supreme Court Hears Case of Doctors Accused of Running Pill Mills

NY Times

Drawing on childhood grammar lessons, the justices considered whether the doctors were entitled to argue that they had acted in good faith. Supreme Court (US) Doctors Drug Abuse and Traffic Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Ethics and Official Misconduct

Why digital doctors are crucial for the future of primary care

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Now, digital doctors are becoming an increasingly important part of the primary care mix. To illustrate this in practice, Push Doctor ’s partnership with Warrington Innovation Network boosted the number of first contact physiotherapists available to the local community.

After controversial approval, doctors are still debating how to use Biogen's Alzheimer's drug

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Nearly two months since Aduhelm became available, many physicians have yet to use the first treatment approved in the U.S. to slow Alzheimer's disease

German-Argentinean doctoral program bears first fruits


Dr. Regina Mencia from Argentina was the first doctoral student to complete her doctorate under this programme at the beginning of this year. Credit: Instituto de Agrobiotecnología del Litoral The programme is funded by the German-Argentinean University Centre (DAHZ-CUAA).

Bluebird's top doctor to depart as company grapples with safety review

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David Davidson has served as Bluebird's chief medical officer since 2012. He'll leave in one month, per a separation agreement with the company

Amazon, Teladoc to deliver doctor consultations via Alexa

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Amazon’s encroachment into healthcare advanced a little further this week when the online giant launched a doctor consultation service delivered via its Alexa voice assistant, with the help of telehealth player Teladoc.

FDA, HHS Sued by Doctors Over Controversial Drug Ivermectin


Three physicians filed a lawsuit against the FDA alleging the organization acted outside its authority and with their ability to practice medicine by discouraging the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19

5 Ways That Digital Signage Improves a Doctor’s Office

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When you many patients think of a doctor’s office, hospital, or healthcare facility, they picture a stuffy, cold, and outdated facility that increases your anxiety. Offices with old decor prevent patients from visiting the doctor regularly and feeling relaxed.

Dr. James Fleckenstein Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors Accepting Applications

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James Fleckenstein Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors Accepting Applications Dr. James Fleckenstein Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors Accepting Applications CHICAGO, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Dr. James Fleckenstein Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors is a scholarship that … Continue reading → GlobeNewswire

Doctor invents hybrid mask allowing ENT doctors to see more patients


– An ear, nose, and throat doctor has invented a simple mask design that significantly improves safety during aerosol-generating procedures of the head and neck. VA seeking companies to license, manufacture Credit: Dr. Scott Fuller/VA SACRAMENTO, Calif.

The Doctor Prescribed an Obesity Drug. Her Insurer Called It ‘Vanity.’

NY Times

Many insurance companies refuse to cover new weight loss drugs that their doctors deem medically necessary. Obesity Weight Drugs (Pharmaceuticals) Health Insurance and Managed Care Diabetes Chronic Condition (Health) Novo Nordisk A/S

Almost 50,000 extra doctors needed in England, says BMA

Pharma Times

BMA research finds the number of doctors per 1,000 people in England is 25 years behind comparable EU nations

Patients and non-oncology doctors struggle to keep up with the pace of change in oncology, research shows


Atmospheric Science change doctors nononcology Oncology pace Patients research shows struggle

Doctors still reluctant to prescribe medical cannabis: McMaster