Four Common Misconceptions About Invisible Illness

Science 37

Myth #1: An Invisible Illness Is Always Invisible. You would be surprised at how often this kind of idea is voiced by friends, family, and clinicians. Working a clinical job, there were often days I would ever so slightly limp down the clinic halls. Colleagues were always surprised to learn that I had not sprained my ankle, but rather, was dealing with “just arthritis.” On a day-to-day basis, even on an hourly basis, my disease can go from completely invisible to painfully apparent.

A New Year Can Bring Hope for Those Dealing with Depression

Olympian Clinical Research

The arrival of the holiday season brings many things. For some, it’s filled with joy, anticipation, and cheer. For others, it can bring very different feelings. Stress from dealing with overcrowded stores and non-existent gift budgets. Dealing with out of town visitors or traveling yourself. Feelings of sorrow can come from missing those who are no longer with us during this time. When you suffer from depression, the holiday season can be agonizing.


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Correct study planning: Avoiding delays and achieving success in your clinical trials


The post Correct study planning: Avoiding delays and achieving success in your clinical trials appeared first on Clinical Trial Recruitment & Management Services. Blog Clariness International Patient Recruitment

Use of Non-Specific Methods Like TOC for Cleaning Validation

Pharma Focus Asia

For the effective removal of residues, Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers, who perform manual, automated, or CIP (Cleaning in Place) methods of their production equipments are required to comply with regulatory requirements. To carry out this task, they perform various tests i.e. testing rinse water, cleaning water samples to ensure their cleaning process removes residues to […]. Bio Pharma cleaning validation non specific methods TOC

Lessons in Supply Chain Digitization from PepsiCo and Conagra

Speaker: Craig Weiss, ConAgra Brands; Mari Roberts PepsiCo; and Matt Elenjickal, FourKites

Supply chain digitalization is key to success as market volatility, widespread disruption & stiff competition for consumer dollars puts pressure on every aspect of the supply chain. Register to hear how 2 global brands are accelerating digital transformation and increasing efficiency & automation throughout their operations.

Using Social Media for Patient Recruitment: How to Reach Your Ideal Patient  

Patient Wise

Social media is an increasingly popular mode of communication. By 2019, it is estimated that around 2.77 billion people worldwide will have active social media accounts.1 This means that patient recruitment must have a space in the social media world, but with so much information competing for users’ attention online, is it enough to simply place an ad or create a post about your study?

Diving In to the Future of Clinical Trials

Science 37

Virtual clinical trials are Science 37’s bread and butter. We believe this decentralized approach can accelerate patient recruitment and result in a more diverse group of participants. But do others believe in the power of this new model? It turns out that the answer is yes. It’s been reassuring and somewhat gratifying to discover that so many others — including giants of the pharmaceutical industry — have taken notice and want to partner with us on this virtual journey.

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Five Things Colleges Can Do Better to Support Mental Health

Science 37

If I told you that I’ve never struggled with mental health during my college career, I would be lying. If I told you that I have never once found myself sitting on the floor of my dorm room, feeling like I was coming apart at the seams and my world was crashing down around me, that too would be a lie. If I told you I never questioned whether I could get through this thing called “college,” that would be the biggest lie of all. And I know I’m not the only one.

A Girl and Her Dog: How a Diabetes Alert Dog Provided True Independence

Science 37

Brooke Laidley is my second cousin once removed. I know because I just spent an embarrassingly long time on the internet trying to figure out exactly how we are related. By the time Brooke was born, I was planning my wedding and a move to the East Coast, so I never spent a lot of time with her. As she’s grown, I’ve followed along (as moms do) on Facebook, and it was such a delight to get to know her when we chatted on the phone a few weeks ago.

Discussing Diversity with Belinda Tan

Science 37

Q: More and more people are becoming aware of Science 37 and the company’s goal of democratizing science through clinical research. What role does diversity have in our mission? We want to promote awareness about how clinical research is designed to develop new treatments for different populations of people, especially people who don’t have good options.

Grand Roundups: Depression, July 2018

Science 37

Grand Roundups is a monthly highlight of stories and studies from the heart of the depression community. By sharing these stories — from patient advocate perspectives to the latest clinical research — we hope to help create a larger framework for dialogue. Houston’s biggest jail wants to shed its reputation as a mental health treatment center. My first thought after reading this headline was, “Oh no, is this going to be another disaster like the defunding of mental hospitals in California?”

3 Ways End-to-End Visibility Helps Minimize the Risks of Ocean Freight

Download this playbook to learn how end-to-end visibility helps to mitigate risk associated with the ocean freight market.

Behind the Research with Jamie Holloway: What’s an Arm?

Science 37

Behind the Research is an ongoing series to peek behind the research bench and learn more about the words and phrases that scientists use. We hope that through a better understanding of the science of disease and how clinical research works, you will be a more empowered and confident participant in your care. In this installment, we’re going to take a look at some of the words that people use to describe clinical research studies and the way participants are grouped.

Ask the Doctors: Navigating Depression in College

Science 37

You can never know too much about something, especially healthcare. So in our Ask the Doctors series, we present you with some of the conversations we’re having with our own Science 37 doctors. Join us as we dive deeper into specific conditions and treatments through the lenses of physicians. Q: Is there anything you do differently for the college population when treating depression, or do you treat them as you would anyone else?

Patient-centricity: How can it benefit your clinical study?


The post Patient-centricity: How can it benefit your clinical study? appeared first on Clinical Trial Recruitment & Management Services. Blog Clariness Patient Recruitment

Clariness has aquired German patient platform Viomedo


The post Clariness has aquired German patient platform Viomedo appeared first on Clinical Trial Recruitment & Management Services. Blog Clariness International News

4 Silver Linings of the Chaotic Ocean Freight Market

Speaker: Peter Tirschwell, Chris Stauber, Sarah Barnes Humphrey, and Audrey Ross

Join this webinar exploring the silver linings that have emerged from the chaotic ocean freight market. The discussion will highlight solutions that prioritize digitization and build a more efficient international supply chain. Jan 25 at 10am CT.

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness and Family Caregivers Month

Olympian Clinical Research

In 1983 President Ronald Reagan designated the month of November as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. At that time, there were approximately 2 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease. Today, that number has grown to well over 5 million and according to the CDC , by 2060 that number is projected to nearly triple to 14 million. November is also recognized as National Family Caregivers Month. Caregivers are all around us.

Depression: It’s time to fight the stigma

Olympian Clinical Research

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans is affected by mental health conditions? When you look at depression alone, as many as 16.2 million Americans are battling this condition every day. Mental illness affects everyone in some form or another. Through friends, family, or coworkers, we are all somehow affected by conditions like depression. Unfortunately, the stigma and misunderstanding that accompanies depression is very prominent.

Medical Heroes Behind Clinical Trials

Olympian Clinical Research

Your favorite coffee shop barista, your hairstylist, your mechanic…medical heroes are all around us! Through their participation in clinical research studies, they have given an extraordinary gift of hope to future generations! Choosing to participate in a research study is a very personal decision. The potential benefits and risks should be carefully considered. However, when study volunteers participate in research, society benefits!

Multichannel Marketing: How to Apply Direct/Indirect Marketing Strategies to Your Plan

Patient Wise

Direct and indirect marketing can sound abstract when it comes to forming your multichannel marketing plan, so we want to help simplify the process for you and provide examples of how different channels can be used to attract new patients to your clinical trials. Advertising channels are the mediums used to reach people, and examples of some of these channels include radio, email and regular mail, television, newspaper, and social media.

The Smart Data Revolution: How AB InBev Drives Efficiency with Visibility Data

Speaker: AB InBev and FourKites

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how leveraging the right data to make quick, well-informed decisions is the key to success in supply chain & logistics. Join FourKites and AB InBev to learn what’s possible with a data-driven supply chain strategy & real-time transportation visibility.

Multichannel Marketing: Using Marketing Strategies to Build an Effective Patient Recruitment Plan

Patient Wise

Today, people consume media in many different ways, so it is vital to be in as many places as possible in order to reach potential patients. Multichannel marketing means communicating with people using a combination of direct and indirect marketing strategies and giving them a way to respond based on their own choices. Multichannel marketing is important because it makes your messaging more accessible for your target demographics.

For Patients: Why Clinical Trial Participation Is Essential for Alzheimer’s Research

Patient Wise

On the heels of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, we’re taking some time to help spread the word about the important role clinical research plays in the understanding, treatment, and prevention of the disease, as well as the positive impact clinical trial participation can have on your life and the lives of others affected by Alzheimer’s.

Tips for Low Budget Patient Recruitment Ad Campaigns:Maximize ROI with Traditional Marketing Collateral

Patient Wise

In the digital age, focusing all of your attention on digital advertising might seem practical—especially when your patient recruitment advertising budget is minimal. While digital ads are relatively inexpensive and have the ability to reach a large audience, digital ads alone might not be the most effective way to recruit patients.

Tips for Low Budget Patient Recruitment Ad Campaigns: Leveraging the Landing Page

Patient Wise

In today’s patient recruitment setting, advertising budgets seem to be continuously shrinking, but the desired results of advertising campaigns are still the same – recruit patients and finish the study on time, within the given budget. Having access to your site’s advertising metrics allows you to maximize your marketing return on investment (ROI), and can strengthen your request for sponsor funds. How do you get those metrics without breaking the bank?

Modernizing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Speaker: Nimesh Patel, Gregory Demitrack, and Sarah Barnes Humphrey

Register for our upcoming webinar to better understand the state of the pharmaceutical supply chain. FourKites partnered with Accenture to survey supply chain executives working in pharmaceuticals, biotech, cell and gene therapy, medtech, and other related industries.

Opportunities and Obstacles for Online Pharmacies in the UK

Pharma Focus Asia

More and more businesses are transitioning to a digital platform, using the power of technology to improve the products and services offered and delivered to consumers. Most industries impacted most prevalently by the tech boom have included retail businesses, but the healthcare sector is beginning its catch-up. The most recent shift toward a more digitally […]. Reviews Online Pharmacies Pharma UK

Site Selection Tips: How to Make Your Site Stand Out

Patient Wise

In today’s clinical research industry, sponsors are under increased pressure to cut waste and tighten their budgets. This has made the site selection process highly competitive, especially given the market’s rapid trend toward globalization. Luckily, there are steps you can take that can help increase your odds of selection, while simultaneously making your site a more efficient conductor of clinical trials. This article will discuss four tips to help your site stand out in the selection process.

Contract Negotiations: What are the Deal-Breakers?

Patient Wise

Contract negotiations are just that—negotiations. Some back and forth is to be expected when building an equitable set of contract terms, but at what point do terms become non-negotiable? Here are five examples of some the major deal-breakers in contract negotiations: Deal-Breaker #1: Your organization just can’t do it.