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Phesi’s AI-driven Trial Accelerator platform contains over 100 million patients

Pharma Times

The platform delivers digitalised patient data to improve clinical trials and development

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Clinical Trials for Celiac Disease: Insights from Beyond Celiac’s Kate Avery


When a person with celiac disease eats something that contains gluten, their immune system attacks their small intestine, damaging the lining and interfering with the absorption of nutrients from food. However, there are ongoing clinical trials for celiac disease to investigate potential new treatments.


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EMA sets out proposals to reform EU’s clinical trials framework


The European Commission, EMA and national regulators within the EU have launched an initiative to change the way clinical trials are designed and run in order to position the bloc as an international “focal point” for clinical research.

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Clinical Trial Data Archiving: Ensuring Efficiency, Compliance, and Accessibility


Clinical trials are crucial for advancing medical research and developing innovative treatments. Effective clinical trial data archiving is essential to ensure data integrity, regulatory compliance, and seamless access. Effectively managing and storing such large datasets presents logistical challenges.

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CTTI and FDA Share Strategies for Improving Timely, Accurate, and Complete Registration and Reporting of Summary Results Information for Applicable Clinical Trials on

CTTI (Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative)

Timely, accurate, and complete registration and reporting of summary results information for applicable clinical trials on allows access to current research and evidence for all partners in the clinical trials enterprise, including patients, providers, sponsors and investigators, regulators, payers, and health system leaders.

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ChatGPT in Clinical Trials: How to address data privacy and data protection concerns 


Addressing data privacy and data protection concerns when implementing ChatGPT in clinical trial operations management is crucial to maintain compliance with regulations, safeguard sensitive patient information, and build trust among stakeholders.

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October 2, 2023: Patient-Centered Outcomes Core Develops Tool Kit to Promote Health Equity in PROs

Rethinking Clinical Trials

The tool kit is intended for research teams conducting pragmatic clinical trials, including those participating in the NIH Pragmatic Trials Collaboratory’s Demonstration Projects. For more information, see the Patient-Reported Outcomes chapter of the Living Textbook.