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CpHI Europe: Pharma companies fail to engage patients early in drug development  

Pharmaceutical Technology

Experts discuss how pharma companies need to consider patient centricity earlier in their development plans.

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Indian healthcare providers and pharma companies speed up to combat TB as drug resistance concerns emerge

AuroBlog - Aurous Healthcare Clinical Trials blog

Indian healthcare providers and pharma companies pace up their efforts with early detection and research for new medicines to combat the spread of tuberculosis as drug resistance concerns emerge. TB is a significant public health threat, with an estimated 10 million annual cases. India shares the highest TB burden with 2.69


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Pharma companies boost drug prices to start year, but hikes lag inflation

Bio Pharma Dive

Analysts noted hundreds of wholesale price increases, including dozens by Pfizer. Many checked in around 5%, roughly in line with hikes taken in recent years.

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What can pharma companies do to get promising antimicrobials to the frontlines of drug resistance?

Outsourcing Pharma

A new report from Access to Medicine Foundation gives the advice to ensure the few promising antimicrobials in development reach patients on the frontlines of drug resistance.

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Top 10 Most Environmentally Sustainable Pharma Companies in 2023/2024


There was also significant variability in emissions, up to five times, between pharma companies with comparable revenues. For example, Proctor & Gamble was found to emit almost five times more CO 2 e than Johnson & Johnson despite the two companies having similar revenue levels and producing similar lines of products.

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How biotech and pharma companies pay their CEOs, and their workers

Bio Pharma Dive

The median CEO of 231 drug companies analyzed by BioPharma Dive earned 50% more last year than in 2017, a leap that far outpaced the more modest pay gains among employees.

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STAT+: Pharma companies are investing in online prescribing. Who’s keeping watch?


Over the course of the pandemic, online prescribing has been embraced as a powerful tool in health care — not just by patients, but by a growing number of drug companies. It’s a powerful mashup of telehealth and direct-to-consumer advertising that has inspired increasing investment from drugmakers.