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Tome Biosciences debuts with $213M and a new way to edit the genome

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Based on the work of MIT scientists, the well-funded startup is developing ways to insert large sizes of genetic material anywhere in the genome without damaging or breaking DNA.

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EU pharma trade body starts genomic profiling initiative to improve access

Pharmaceutical Technology

The European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE) and selected pharma and medical device companies have launched the European Coalition for Access to Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (ECGP), to promote the routine use of comprehensive genomic profiling.

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AstraZeneca, seeking new drug targets, taps a genomics biotech and its AI technology

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Worth up to $840 million, the collaboration will give Alexion access to Verge Genomics’ platform, which uses human tissue data to find drug targets for diseases that degrade the nerve system.

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Tome acquires startup Replace, gaining new genome editing tools

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The deal is the second startup sale engineered by University of California, Berkeley scientist Shakked Halperin, and gives Tome a way to insert or delete small DNA sequences into the genome.

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Data-driven disease research harnessing the genome


Discover how the UK Biobank is leveraging technology and the power of genomics in data-driven disease research. Join the digital revolution in understanding and combating diseases using cutting-edge techniques and large-scale genomic data analysis.

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Estonia National Biobank to sequence 10,000 whole genomes 

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The university will also support the European Union’s 1+ Million Genomes initiative, which seeks to boost innovation in healthcare across Europe. Driving new understanding 10,000 whole human genomes will be sequenced and analysed by the Institute of Genomics at the University of Tartu.

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Analyze whole genome sequencing samples at the speed of light

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Deliver fast and reliable results at low cost with a tool for whole genome analysis in just minutes

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