Genome Research publishes a special issue in Single-cell Genomics


October 1, 2021 – Genome Research ([link] publishes a special issue highlighting novel advances and insights in Single-cell Genomics. October 1, 2021 – Genome Research ([link] publishes a special issue highlighting novel advances and insights in Single-cell Genomics.

Investment fuels AI-driven development of breakthrough genomic medicines

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David Del Bourgo (CEO and co-founder, Whitelab Genomics) has always been passionate about introducing disruptive, innovative technologies to markets. We have analysed this area extensively and Whitelab Genomics is one the best companies that we have identified.”. “We


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Incidental findings in genomics


Vienna, Austria: As the cost of genome and exome1 sequencing falls, its use in characterising rare diseases and personalising cancer treatment, for example, is becoming far more frequent. Latest News findings genomics incidentalBut such analyses may throw up findings unrelated to the condition for which it has been requested. What to do with these secondary findings (SFs) or incidental […].

Scientists expand entomological research using genome editing


Genome sequencing, where scientists use laboratory methods to determine a specific organism’s genetic makeup, is becoming a common practice in insect research. Biology editing entomological expand genome research scientists

Verge Genomics takes AI-sourced drug for ALS into clinic

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Verge Genomics has joined a select group of biotechs who have taken a drug discovered and developed using artificial intelligence into human testing. The post Verge Genomics takes AI-sourced drug for ALS into clinic appeared first on.

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USDA-ARS releases genome of the voracious desert locust


June 27, 2022–The first high-quality genome of the desert locust—those voracious feeders of plague and devastation infamy and the most destructive migratory insect in the world—has been produced by U.S. Biology Desert genome locust releases USDAARS voracious

Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine to participate in World Orphan Drug Congress panel on genomic newborn screening


Medicine & Health childrens congress Drug genomic Institute Medicine newborn orphan panel participate Rady screening WorldSAN DIEGO, Calif.

How genome organization influences cell fate


Biology cell fate genome influences OrganizationRIVERSIDE, Calif.

Genomic testing ‘should be offered to all cancer patients in Scotland’

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A group representing pharma companies selling precision therapies for cancer has called for a change to the way genomic testing is done in Scotland, to make sure patients get access to targeted drugs.

Snake genome research expands understanding of krait venom


Biology expands genome krait research snake Understanding venomBungarus multicinctus, or the many-banded krait as it commonly called, is a highly venomous elapid snake widely distributed across southern Asia.

New inherited retroviruses identified in the koala genome


Historic virus infections can be traced in vertebrate genomes. For millions of years, these genomes have been repositories for retroviruses that incorporated their code into germline cells and were inherited as endogenous retroviruses (ERVs). Researchers from Uppsala University now provide new findings about retroviral establishment in the koala genome. Latest News genome identified inherited Koala retroviruses

UNH research finds a genomic time machine in sea sponges


Biology finds genomic machine research sea Sponges time UNHDURHAM, N.H.—Sponges Sponges in coral reefs, less flashy than their coral neighbors but important to the overall health of reefs, are among the earliest animals on the planet.

Genome Atlas to support the rescue of biodiversity in Europe


To provide important genomic data to inform research about Europe’s biodiversity, scientists from 48 different countries initiated the “European Reference Genome Atlas” (ERGA) in 2021. Biology Atlas Biodiversity Europe genome rescue support

Earth BioGenome Project begins genome sequencing in earnest


A global effort to map the genomes of all plants, animals, fungi and other microbial life on Earth, is entering a new phase as it moves from pilot projects to full-scale production sequencing. Latest News begins BioGenome earnest Earth genome project sequencing

Genomic research supports recognizing new scrub jay species in Texas and Mexico


The paper, appearing in Systematic Biology, also uses genomic data to sketch a natural history of scrub jays, showing how geographic […]. Biology genomic jay Mexico Recognizing research scrub species supports Texas

Inclusive new tool makes genomic research better reflect world’s diversity


Scientists have developed a powerful, inclusive new tool for genomic research that boosts efforts to develop more precise treatments for many diseases by leveraging a better representation of the genetic diversity of people around the world.

Salk Assistant Professor Graham McVicker receives Genomic Innovator Award


LA JOLLA—(September 30, 2021) Salk Assistant Professor Graham McVicker has been awarded a National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) Genomic Innovator Award, which supports early-career scientists who conduct innovative, creative research in genomics.

Researchers discover mechanism linking mutations in the ‘dark matter’ of the genome to cancer


For many years, the human genome was viewed as a book of life in which sections of great eloquence and economy of expression were interspersed with vast stretches of gibberish. Latest News cancer dark discover genome linking matter mechanism mutations researchers

How do genomes evolve between species? The key role of 3D structure in male germ cells


A study led by scientists at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and University of Kent uncovers how the genome three-dimensional structure of male germ cells determines how genomes evolve over time. Latest News cells evolve genomes germ key Male role species structure

Bringing in Light Genome Editing Techniques: ZFN, TALEN and Meganucleases

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Gene engineering based on recombination was pioneered in the mid-1990s; Currently, development of gene editing technologies has opened up the possibility of modifying genomic sequences in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms. Genome Editing is a way of making changes in the DNA.

Quillwort genome highlights divergences in aquatic CAM photosynthesis


A group of researchers, led by Boyce Thompson Institute’s Fay-Wei Li, have sequenced the first quillwort genome and uncovered […]. Biology aquatic CAM divergences genome highlights photosynthesis Quillwort

Spatial Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics Solutions – An Amelioration of Tissue Analytics

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The up-and-coming field of spatial genomics in biology promises to bridge the gap between high plex, high throughput, and high resolution. 70+ spatial Genomics solutions are developed by industry and non-industry players.

Rapid whole genome sequencing improves diagnosis in critically ill infants on a national scale


But whole genome sequencing1 (WGS), carried out rapidly, can provide an accurate diagnosis and therefore lead to improvements in their clinical […]. Latest News critically diagnosis genome ill improves infants National rapid scale sequencing

Genome refolding contributes to cancer therapy resistance, Penn study finds


Medicine & Health cancer contributes finds genome Penn refolding resistance study therapy

New genomic tools shed light on the evolutionary history of chimpanzees and contribute to their conservation


Biology chimpanzees conservation contribute evolutionary genomic History light shed toolsChimpanzees inhabit the tropical African savannah-woodlands and forests.

Nucleome raises £37.5m to shine light on ‘dark genome’

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million ($40 million) first-round financing that will be used to explore so-called ‘dark’ regions of the human genome. ” Nucleome isn’t alone in trying to find new drug targets in non-coding areas of the genome.

Genome of extinct Steller’s sea cow reveals surprising link to human skin disease


A new genomic analysis by an international team of scientists has now uncovered the genetic underpinnings of some of the most unusual features of Steller’s […]. Biology cow Disease extinct genome human Link reveals sea skin Stellers surprising

Genomic regions discovered that could help understand obesity


The work is the largest study of its kind looking at genomics and levels of metabolites – the molecules produced when the body breaks down food. […]. Latest News discovered genomic obesity regions understandA new study has helped to shine light on the genetic pathways underlying obesity. The findings could help develop more personalised ways to help people maintain a healthy weight.

The future of genomic medicine: can it fulfil its promises?

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Here he gives us a deeper look at how genomic medicine is evolving and the barriers that are preventing it from reaching its full potential. I saw this, in particular, with the finishing of the human genome,” says Charlie. “At

Genomics England will move HQ to Canary Wharf’s new biocluster

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Canary Wharf’s bid to become a new hub for the life sciences sector in the UK has been given a boost following the decision by Genomics England to relocate to the development. ” The post Genomics England will move HQ to Canary Wharf’s new biocluster appeared first on.

Novel artificial genomic DNA can replicate and evolve outside the cell


Biology Artificial cell DNA evolve genomic replicate

DNA 81

Here’s how the $100 Human Genome will Change Medicine


A silicon wafer offers the powerful insights of the human genome for the low price of $100. Ultima Genomics CEO Gilad Almogy discussed the therapeutic possibilities with BioSpace

Verge Genomics and Stealth Bio Advance Novel Therapeutics in ALS


Verge Genomics dosed its first patient in a Phase I trial studying VRG50635, while Stealth Bio's SBT-272 was granted Orphan Drug designation by the FDA

Affordable genome sequencing for pathogen analysis to help tackle global epidemics


Biology Affordable analysis epidemics genome global pathogen sequencing tackle

AI and genomic surveillance combine to detect health care infectious disease outbreaks


17, 2021 – By coupling machine learning with whole genome sequencing, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Carnegie Mellon University scientists greatly improved the quick detection of infectious disease outbreaks within a hospital setting over traditional methods for tracking outbreaks.

PerkinElmer Expands Genomic Testing Services with Ultrarapid Whole Genome Sequencing

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PerkinElmer Expands Genomic Testing Services with Ultrarapid Whole Genome Sequencing PerkinElmer Expands Genomic Testing Services with Ultrarapid Whole Genome Sequencing Latest addition to Company’s genomic testing services menu delivers rapid results to physicians that inform clinical management and outcomes for … Continue reading → Business Wire

AstraZeneca’s Alexion acquires genomic medicine company

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Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease will acquire LogicBio Therapeutics, an American genomic medicine company. Markets & Regulations

Fast, cheap test can detect COVID-19 virus’ genome without need for PCR


24, 2022 Fast, cheap test can detect COVID-19 virus’ genome without need for PCR Researchers at the University […]. Medicine & Health cheap COVID19 detect fast genome PCR test virus

What can a pufferfish’s genome tell us about how it evolved?


Biology evolved genome pufferfishsDahiana Arcila, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Oklahoma, has received an expected $1.2

Genomic study reveals complex origins of people living in Tibetan-Yi corridor


Social & Behavioral Science complex corridor genomic living origins people reveals study TibetanYiChina’s mountainous southwestern area is home to one of the country’s most ethnically diverse populations.

Verge Genomics’ Alice Zhang on a young biotech founder’s ‘superpower’ and going from target to drug

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“Every struggle that I've had has woven a sense of persistence into my DNA,” said Zhang, in a wide-ranging interview about leading a biotech startup as a young CEO

DNA 219

Malaria parasite genomes provide insights and tools for control and elimination in Lake Victoria, Kenya


Biology control elimination genomes insights Kenya Lake malaria parasite provide tools VictoriaSince 2016, progress in reducing malaria-related incidence and deaths over the past decade has been slowing down.

Ancient viral DNA in mortal genome guards against infections

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Ancient viral DNA in mortal genome guards against infections. Viral DNA in mortal genomes, bedded there from ancient infections, serve as antivirals that cover mortal cells against certain present- day contagions, according to new exploration.

DNA 66