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Tome Biosciences debuts with $213M and a new way to edit the genome

Bio Pharma Dive

Based on the work of MIT scientists, the well-funded startup is developing ways to insert large sizes of genetic material anywhere in the genome without damaging or breaking DNA.

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Tome acquires startup Replace, gaining new genome editing tools

Bio Pharma Dive

The deal is the second startup sale engineered by University of California, Berkeley scientist Shakked Halperin, and gives Tome a way to insert or delete small DNA sequences into the genome.

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Junk DNA: How the dark genome is changing RNA therapies

Drug Discovery World

Samir Ounzain , PhD, CEO & Co-Founder of HAYA Therapeutics, looks at how a better understanding of our DNA can lead to increased activity for RNA therapeutics. In actuality, the protein-coding portion of our genome is comparable in identity and number with the humble fruit fly or worm.

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Hopewell Therapeutics raises funds for genomic medicines development

Pharmaceutical Technology

Biotechnology company Hopewell Therapeutics has raised $25m in seed financing to accelerate the development of next-generation lipid nanoparticles for targeted delivery of genomic medicines. Hopewell Therapeutics is engaged in discovering, synthesising and developing advanced ttLNPs to provide next-generation genomic medicines.

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DNA project gives scientists diverse genome for comparison

Medical Xpress

For two decades, scientists have been comparing every person's full set of DNA they study to a template that relies mostly on genetic material from one man affectionately known as "the guy from Buffalo."

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STAT+: Chinese DNA giant’s U.S. affiliate looks to rival Illumina, touting $100 genome and high-power sequencers


Complete Genomics, a U.S. firm affiliated with Chinese sequencing giant BGI, on Tuesday announced plans to launch a new line of sequencers it says can decode DNA in larger amounts — and at lower costs — than any instrument on the market.

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Novel technique opens up new possibilities in synthetic genomics

Drug Discovery World

A new technique to clone and reassemble DNA could simplify and lower the cost of making synthetic chromosomes, according to its creators at University of Southern California (USC) Dornsife. The thing about most synthetic genomics research is that it involves building chromosomes or genomes from scratch using chemically synthesised DNA pieces.

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