May, 2021

Accelerating patient care through digital transformation and decentralized clinical trials

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The adoption of digital health technologies (DHTs) in the industry continues to pave the way to enable decentralized clinical trials (DCTs

Pfizer wants it all

World of DTC Marketing

QUICK THOUGHT: Pfizer has already made $24 billion from their COVID vaccine, but that’s not enough; they want more, a lot more. They are planning to increase the vaccine price, and they’re working on an oral pill that could bring in as much as an additional $2 billion. While the U.S.


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In the News: April 2021 Regulatory and Development Updates


Each month, Camargo’s “In the News” series highlights important changes and advancements in the regulatory and development space and explores how those changes could impact your program. FDA’s Accelerated Approval Program Comes Under Fire.

Less is more? New take on machine learning helps us “scale up” phase transitions


Features of large systems yielded from tiny simulations with super-resolution techniques Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have enhanced “super-resolution” machine learning techniques to study phase transitions.

From Insurance Claim Denials to Smiles, Payment and Feeling Empowered

Triage Cancer

Have you ever received a denial from your insurance company? Me too. Just days before my scheduled breast reconstruction surgery. You probably know how I felt. Blindsided. Frustrated. Angry. . I won't make you read this whole article to learn that I appealed that denial and won.


phactMI: Delivering accurate drug information to point of care, part IV

Pharma R&D Today

Part 4: How phactMI and Elsevier collaborated to deliver information to healthcare professionals. The Pharma Collaboration for Transparent Medical Information ( phactMI ) is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the lives of patients by supporting the safe and effective use of medicines.

FDA seeking more consistency from cell, gene therapy developers, top official says

Bio Pharma Dive

A number of drugmakers have recently faced development delays after the FDA's asked for more information on how they measure the potency of their products

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FDA INTERACT Meetings: Early Interactions for Cell and Gene Therapy Sponsors


Advances in scientific knowledge and growth in the cell and gene therapy space have led to a new and exciting era of medicine for patients, as well as a new motivation for regulators to provide clear, efficient pathways for product developers.

To prevent next pandemic, scientists say we must regulate air like food and water


Credit: Martin Visser, Unsplash Humans in the 21st century spend most of their time indoors, but the air we breathe inside buildings is not regulated to the same degree as the food we eat and the water we drink.

Rashedi Hassan takes over Sales & Marketing management of Telstar’s subsidiary in Bangladesh

Pharma Mirror

Terrassa (Barcelona). Azbil Telstar announces the appointment of Rashedi Hassan as a Sales & Marketing Manager of the subsidiary of the company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

7 Best Metformin Alternatives For Type 2 Diabetes


Metformin is the most commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of diabetes in the UK. It is also one of the most prescribed drugs overall in the UK. As with other drugs, it is possible to experience side effects during the treament or medicine may not be suitable.

In first, FDA approves KRAS-blocking cancer drug from Amgen

Bio Pharma Dive

For decades, scientists have tried unsuccessfully to target the KRAS gene, which is often mutated in lung, colon and pancreatic cancers. Lumakras is the first drug proven effective

Three ways to combat stress in a remote working healthcare team

World of DTC Marketing

The pandemic has been uniquely stressful for healthcare teams. With some parts of the sector shifting to remote work, that stress tended to build, having a real impact on mental health.


FDA Designations for Rare Disease Products, Part 4: Humanitarian Use Device


The Camargo Blog has published a four-part blog series highlighting those designation programs available specifically for products with rare disease indications. This final installment will explain the criteria, timeline, and benefits of Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) designation.

Revealing the secret cocoa pollinators


International research team led by Göttingen University investigates landscape and farm-level man-agement in cocoa agroforests in Indonesia Credit: Manuel Toledo The importance of pollinators to ensure successful harvests and thus global food security is widely acknowledged.

COVID-19 Brings Pressure Testing to Ancillary Supplies and Equipment

Imperical Blog

Managing ancillary supplies and equipment in clinical trials is complex, and strict import regulations make it a tough challenge. When the COVID-19 pandemic threw the world into the unknown, the global supply chain fell apart. In the blink of an eye, world trade came to a crawl.

Celevac discontinued: What are Celevac alternatives?


Are you are one of few last patients who still get Celevac prescribed? Unfortunately, Celevac was discontinued , and now it is impossible to get it on prescription or purchase from the pharmacy.

Two biotechs team up to bring CRISPR to 'natural killer' cell therapy

Bio Pharma Dive

A wide-ranging alliance between CRISPR Therapeutics and Nkarta is the latest sign of interest in a fast-emerging form of cancer immunotherapy


Pharma’s paid media fails

World of DTC Marketing

The Washington Post reported last year that health and pharmaceutical companies spent almost $1 billion on just Facebook mobile ads in 2019. A complete waste of money, time and effort.

DarshanTalks: How To Build a Trusted Workforce – May 14, 2021

Pharma Marketing Network

[link]. The post DarshanTalks: How To Build a Trusted Workforce</br> – May 14, 2021 appeared first on Pharma Marketing Network. Featured Pharma Marketing Podcasts Podcasts

First-of-its-kind flower smells like dead insects to imprison ‘coffin flies’


First plant found to deceive pollinators by mimicking decomposing insects Credit: Credit: T. Rupp, B. Oelschlägel, K. Rabitsch et al. The plant Aristolochia microstoma uses a unique trick: its flowers emit a fetid-musty scent that seems to mimic the smell of decomposing insects.


Why You Should Be Measuring Cognition in Oncology Trials


Although cognition can be severely impacted by oncology treatments, the evaluation of this side effect is often discussed less than more commonly cited side effects, such as fatigue, weakened immune system, and digestive issues.

Can you crush paracetamol tablets? [ANSWERED]


Paracetamol is one of the most purchased over the counter painkillers. It is still one of the most prescribed drugs in the UK. Over the counter paracetamol is available in different forms, commonly sold as tablets. Today, I will answer the main question of this post: Can you crush paracetamol?

Fate offers glimpse at 'natural killer' cell therapy for leukemia

Bio Pharma Dive

The biotech's treatment is part of a wave of new treatments meant to mimic the effects of natural killer cell transplants in leukemia, though analysts remain skeptical


The waiver on COVID vaccine patents is not about the vaccine

World of DTC Marketing

IT’S FRIDAY: The Biden administration’s decision to support a temporary waiver of Covid-19 vaccine patents prompted instant and false outrage in pharma. Pharma is afraid the move could compromise future drug profits, so they need to fight hard now to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Study finds Germany trails Spain and the US in digital health

Pharma Phorum

Germany is lagging behind other countries in the adoption of digital health, including Spain and the US, according to a new survey carried out on behalf of drugmaker Fresenius. .

Mediterranean turtles recovering at different rates


Credit: Olkan Erguler Numbers of two Mediterranean turtle species have risen in the last three decades – but in Cyprus the recoveries are happening at different rates, new research shows.

Kintor’s Proxalutamide is Bolsonaro’s Newest Answer to Brazil’s COVID-19 Crisis


Proxalutamide, a selective high-affinity silent antagonist of the androgen receptor, is being developed by Chinese biotech, Kintor Pharmaceutical Limited (9939.HK

5 Ways Pharma Can Create Quality Experiences for HCPs

Pharma Marketing Network

Laura Dix, Managing Director, Life Sciences, UK breaks down ‘5 ingredients’ that are sure to make a positive impact in the interaction between pharma marketers and healthcare professionals (HCPs). COVID-19 drastically changed the playing field of HCP communication and engagement.

Moderna founder launches new biotech, looking to cure diseases through 'endless RNA'

Bio Pharma Dive

Laronde comes equipped with $50 million in funding from Flagship Pioneering and a goal to upend how diseases are treated with long-lasting RNA medicines

RNA 272

Thoughts on working with and in the pharma industry

World of DTC Marketing

THOUGHT: I love working in the pharma industry. Yes, I have been critical of the industry because I believe there is too much focus on pleasing Wall Street, yet I believe that there are some really good people starting to climb the ladder and that soon we’ll see some really substantial changes.

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CVS Health broadens commitment to improving clinical trial infrastructure

Outsourcing Pharma

The owner of the pharmacy giant has announced plans to partner with various stakeholders in an effort to effect improvements across the trial ecosystem. Clinical Development

Serotonin transporters increase when depression fades, study shows


Credit: Lou Almskog Low levels of serotonin in the brain are seen as a possible cause of depression and many antidepressants act by blocking a protein that transports serotonin away from the nerve cells.

New Cell Therapy Shows Promise in Treating HIV


At the Seraph Research Institute, scientists presented new research at the 2021 ASGCT that shows promise in treating HIV

Biden Backs Suspending Patents on Covid Vaccines

NY Times

The Biden administration, siding with some world leaders over the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, came out in favor of waiving intellectual property protections for coronavirus vaccines.

Pharma erupts as Biden administration backs waiver of vaccine patent rights

Bio Pharma Dive

The shift in U.S. policy might not undermine future research as the drug industry claims. Easing patent protections, though, isn't likely to translate to an immediate boost in vaccine supply

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Disruption my ass! Tech companies want healthcare dollars

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: Amazon has set its sights on healthcare as it smells another profit opportunity.