March, 2021

FDA approves first CAR-T cell therapy for multiple myeloma

Bio Pharma Dive

Approval of Bristol Myers Squibb and Bluebird bio's Abecma expands use of CAR-T treatment beyond leukemia and lymphoma

America’s healthcare costs are in deep crisis

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: The media loves to blame pharma companies for high healthcare costs, but unless we start to invest in healthy lifestyles, we’re headed for a healthcare crisis the likes of which we have never experienced.


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In the News: February 2021 Regulatory and Development Updates


Each month, Camargo’s “In the News” series highlights important changes and advancements in the regulatory and development space and explores how those changes could impact your program. FDA: Sponsors Seldom Disclose RTF Letters’ Existence or Contents and Often Ignore Agency Advice.

New research adds to evidence that POTS may be an autoimmune disorder


Persistent work from scientists at The University of Toledo could aid in diagnosing and treating postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome Credit: Daniel Miller / The University of Toledo The symptoms of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS, can be as varied as they are confounding.

VirTrial and uMotif Partner to Further Expand Decentralized Clinical Trial Capabilities


Scottsdale, AZ – (March 9, 2021) – VirTrial , the leading provider of telemedicine technology, and uMotif , the patient-centric data capture platform provider, are joining forces to combine their Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) technologies in one seamlessly integrated solution.

Pharma Hones in on its Patient Engagement in 2021

Pharma Marketing Network

Until the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world in early 2020, pharma had been pretty resistant to the idea of involving the end-customer, or the patient, into their business models.

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Should doctors refuse to treat obese patients?

World of DTC Marketing

IN BRIEF: Doctors are not required to treat obese patients who won’t do anything to lose weight but the problem is more than reminding patients they need to get exercise and drop pounds.

Technology Transfer: What Is It, and How Is It Done?


Technology transfer is a critical step in any drug development program, occurring for various reasons and at different development stages.

How our microplastic waste becomes ‘hubs’ for pathogens, antibiotic-resistant bacteria


Isolator webinar series continues!

Syntegon Technology Pharma Blog

Liquid Dosage Andrey Yermakovich barrier systems Isolator Laura Moody Matthias Angelmaier Project Management Qualification/Validation Stefan Schuh Syntegon


More than just being Tired

Triage Cancer

Cancer-related fatigue is the most prevalent symptom of cancer patients at diagnosis, during treatment, and potentially for years post-treatment. Let’s understand more about what it is and why you should be discussing it with your care team. What is Cancer-Related Fatigue?

Roche stops giving Huntington's disease drug in closely watched study

Bio Pharma Dive

A disappointing recommendation from outside data reviewers raises doubts about the DNA-targeting drug's benefits and puts pressure on Roche's partner, Ionis Pharmaceuticals

DNA 266

The right balance in DTC: Tv versus digital ads

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: Television remains the most important medium for healthcare advertising , accounting for 54.7% of all spend in 2018, far higher than television’s 30.8% share of the advertising market as a whole.

FDA Designations for Rare Disease Products, Part 3: Rare Pediatric Disease Designation


The Camargo Blog is publishing a four-part blog series highlighting those designation programs available specifically for products with rare disease indications : Orphan Drug Designation (ODD), Rare Pediatric Disease Designation (RPDD), and Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) designation.

Researchers discover why cold induces tooth pain and hypersensitivity — and how to stop it


Cerelle vs Cerazette: Are they really the same?


Cerelle and Cerazette are two brands of daily progestogen-only pill (POP), also known as mini-pill. In recent years prescribing of Cerazette in NHS decreased, in place of other brands, including Cerelle.

How To Get a Financial Fresh Start With Upsolve

Triage Cancer

Extremely high medical bills are a huge problem in the United States, particularly for the cancer community. That’s why we are proud to announce our partnership with Upsolve , a free bankruptcy tool. Most people don’t realize that normally, filing for bankruptcy actually costs money.


Takeda takes full control of drug for rare epilepsies

Bio Pharma Dive

A new agreement with Ovid Therapeutics has Takeda paying almost $200 million to secure global rights to soticlestat, an experimental treatment for certain brain diseases, including Dravet syndrome and Lennox Gastaut syndrome

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Why hasn’t pharma embraced email marketing?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY : DTC marketers are spending tens of millions of dollars on programmatic ads that are full of fraud and have low click-through rates but they have yet to embrace email marketing which has an average click-through rate of 3.43%.

How to Position Your Program to Investors: Leveraging FDA Feedback to Communicate Risk and Boost Confidence


When pitching to investors, a sponsor is not just selling them on the product; it is also selling them on its own ability to develop that product. Investors want to know the risks involved with the program, but they are also evaluating the sponsor as a risk factor of its own.

New CABI research confirms presence of highly invasive apple snail in Kenya


New research published today by scientists at CABI and the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) confirms that the apple snail (Pomacea canaliculata) has been discovered in Kenya for the first time.

The drug Fenbendazole can make tumors sensitive to radiotherapy just like agents of chemotherapy

Pharma Mirror

Triage Cancer’s New Resources

Triage Cancer

Practical Guide to Cancer Rights and Legal & Financial Navigation Program. Navigating the legal and practical issues that may arise following a cancer diagnosis can be confusing.

Drugmakers flock to Vineti's fix for a cell, gene therapy problem

Bio Pharma Dive

A group of drug companies, including Novartis, Takeda and Roche's Genentech, have agreed to collaborate with Vineti to usher in new identification standards for complex medicines

Can ROI ever be used with patient-centric?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: The goal of business is to maximize profits for shareholder returns but when a company that serves the public good pays CEOs millions of dollars in compensation while having among the highest profit margins within ANY industry I would argue that something is dreadfully wrong. The U.S.

phactMI: Delivering accurate drug information to point of care

Pharma R&D Today

Part 1: How healthcare professionals can access the latest and most accurate information on medications. Access to accurate, up-to-date information on medications helps healthcare professionals make better decisions.

Fruit fly egg takes an active hand in its own growth, highlighting parallels to mammals


Credit: (c) Simons Foundation A cast of so-called ‘nurse cells’ surrounds and supports the growing fruit fly egg during development, supplying the egg — or ‘oocyte’ — with all the nutrients and molecules it needs to thrive.

ERT Imaging Accelerates Ground-Breaking Research to Improve the Development of Oncology and CNS Treatments


Blue Earth Diagnostics utilizing ERT imaging solution to evaluate a novel imaging agent for potential use to inform brain metastases disease management.

DarshanTalks: Blockchain & Information Technology – March 1, 2021

Pharma Marketing Network

[link]. Blockchain technology has become an increasing tool for life science organizations. How is this technology being implemented, and what value does it offer?

The Apple Watch in clinical trials: Current uses and future possibilities

Bio Pharma Dive

Why the Apple Watch will likely be one of the top choices for use by sponsors, CROs and clinical trial teams wishing to use wearables in their trials

The true cost of COVID-19?

World of DTC Marketing

SUMMARY: COVID-19 has killed many people worldwide, but how many really died from COVID, and how many died because they had an underlying chronic health problem as a major factor? We may never know, but we can not afford to do anything while our population becomes more obese and unhealthy.