Early-life social connections influence gene expression, stress resilience


Strong social connections and greater maternal care early in life can influence molecular markers related to gene expression in DNA and future stress response, suggests a […]. Biology Ecology/Environment GeneticsCredit: Kay E.

Researchers speed identification of DNA regions that regulate gene expression


Jude Children’s Research Hospital scientists have developed a highly efficient method to address a major challenge in biology–identifying the genetic ‘switches’ that regulate gene expression. Biology Gene Therapy Genes Genetics Medicine/Health


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Gene expression altered by direction of forces acting on cell


The type and direction of the force on a cell alters gene expression by stretching different regions of DNA, researchers at University of […]. Chemistry AND Physics Biology Biomechanics/Biophysics Biomedical/Environmental/Chemical Engineering Cell Biology Genetics Medicine/Health Technology/Engineering/Computer ScienceCHAMPAIGN, Ill.

The Equalizer: An engineered circuit for uniform gene expression


Technology and Engineering Biology Biomedical/Environmental/Chemical Engineering Biotechnology Cell Biology GeneticsThe function of a protein can depend on its abundance in a cell. So, when investigating the properties of a new protein, it is essential to make sure that the same amount is produced by every cell. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University have found a new way to do just that […].

Researchers identify RNA editing events that impact gene expression and phenotype


CHOP researchers find small changes in RNA due to RNA editing could have a large impact on gene expression and phenotype Philadelphia, March 9, 2021–Combining computational mining of big data with experimental testing in the lab, researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) have identified RNA editing events that influence gene expression and, in turn, […]. Chemistry AND Physics Biochemistry Genes Genetics Medicine/Health Microbiology

New 3D maps reveal inner workings of immune cell gene expression


LJI scientists track down control elements that govern gene expression from a distance Credit: Alex Fung LA JOLLA–The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how our small genetic differences can have a tremendous effect on how our bodies respond to disease.

Key early steps in gene expression captured in real time by CSU researchers


Cellular proteins get their marching orders from genetic instructions encoded in DNA, whose sequences are first copied and made […]. Chemistry AND Physics Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biology Biomechanics/Biophysics GeneticsCapturing how RNA polymerase enzymes kick off transcription On scales too small for our eyes to see, the business of life happens through the making of proteins, which impart to our cells both structure and function.

Racial/ethnic variation found in nasal gene expression of key protein used by SARS-CoV-2


Medicine & Health Biology Genetics Medicine/HealthFindings suggest one factor that may contribute to disparities in COVID-19 infection New York – In a study published in JAMA today, Mount Sinai researchers report findings that shed some light on the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Blacks, who have experienced rates of infection and death that are much greater, in some areas twice […].

Combining the Powers of Single Cell Sequencing and AI in Understanding Disease Biology and Drug Development


The detailed complexity of these processes can be captured by creating models that combine correlates of gene and protein expression, providing insight into the molecular composition of tissues. Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution.

Hackensack Meridian CDI scientists find one-two punch for preclinical cancer models


Biology cancer Clinical Trials Genetics Medicine/Health

Basic cell health systems wear down in Huntington’s disease, novel analysis shows


Mathematics Computer Science Genes Genetics Mathematics/Statistics Medicine/Health Mental Health Molecular Biology Neurobiology

Study revealing the secret behind a key cellular process refutes biology textbooks


For the first time, researchers describe how Rho protein really stops gene expression COLUMBUS, Ohio – New research has identified and described a cellular process that, despite what textbooks say, has remained elusive to scientists until now – precisely how the copying of genetic material that, once started, is properly turned off. Chemistry AND Physics Biochemistry Biology Cell Biology Genetics Microbiology Technology/Engineering/Computer Science

Biomarkers in fathers’ sperm linked to offspring autism


These biomarkers are epigenetic, meaning they involve changes to molecular factors that regulate genome activity such as gene expression independent of DNA sequence, and can be passed down to future generations. Medicine & Health Biology Developmental/Reproductive Biology GeneticsPULLMAN, Wash. – Biomarkers in human sperm have been identified that can indicate a propensity to father children with autism spectrum disorder.

UIC research identifies potential pathways to treating alcohol use disorder, depression


The study, “Transcriptomics identifies STAT3 as a key regulator of hippocampal gene expression and anhedonia during withdrawal from chronic alcohol exposure,” is published in the journal Translational Psychiatry by researchers […]. Chemistry AND Physics Addiction Alcohol Genetics Medicine/Health Neurochemistry Pain Pharmaceutical Sciences

Anti-convulsant drug can modify DNA conformation and interact with chromosome proteins


Brazilian research group shows that valproic acid (VPA), used to treat epilepsy since the 1960s, modulates gene expression in tumor gene models and acts on DNA conformation and the histones in chromatin Results of recent studies involving valproic acid, used for decades as an anti-convulsant drug, show that it can interact with the conformation of […]. Medicine & Health Biology cancer Cell Biology Genetics Metabolism/Metabolic Diseases Neurochemistry Physiology

“Nuclear speckle” structures inside cells enhance gene activity, may help block cancers


Study shows that tumor-suppressor protein p53 brings speckles and DNA together to boost gene expression PHILADELPHIA – A team led by scientists at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has illuminated the functions of mysterious structures in cells called “nuclear speckles,” showing that they can work in partnership with a key […]. Cancer Biology cancer Cell Biology Genes Genetics

New insight into a placental gene pathway and its association with vitamin D


Preeclampsia-related gene expression in the placenta may correlate with vitamin D status during pregnancy, report researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina.

New drug inhibits the growth of cancer cells


Blocking gene expression in mitochondria in mice stops cancer cells from growing Credit: Hauke S. The new compound prevents the genetic information within mitochondria from being read.

Gene Therapy and Pharmacokinetics


How and When to Incorporate PK Design into Your Gene Therapy Development Plan. Gene therapy, which was in its infancy around 30 years ago, is now becoming a more prominent treatment method in many therapeutic areas, from personalized therapy to mass vaccinations against COVID-19.

Advances in Genetic Medicine May Be Outpacing Some Clinicians’ Understanding, But Pharmaceutical Marketers Can Do Much to Address the Problem

Pharma Marketing Network

Almost two decades after the human genome was sequenced, a trickle of new genetic medicines (i.e., With over 100 late-stage gene therapy trials underway and an increasing number of gene-editing technologies entering trials, it’s clear that this trickle will soon become a torrent.

Data dive finds cheap diuretic could be Alzheimer’s drug

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The research has focused on Alzheimer’s associated with an apolipoprotein E4 (APOE4) gene variant known to be a major risk factor for late-onset forms of the disease.

Women in Science Who Have Paved the Way Forward in Genetics


This has ushered in a new era of genomics that is fostering rapid, detailed and personalized insights into human genetics. Here is a profile of some of those brilliant women who helped shape genetics research. Rosalind Franklin: From Chemistry to Genetics.

AI tool may help doctors select best drugs for COVID patients

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It could also be made more powerful by incorporating personal genetic information and gene expression profiles in tissues such as the lungs, they suggest.

Epigenetic Editing with CRISPR Might Be Easier Than We Thought


Researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the Whitehead Institute have developed a novel CRISPR-based tool called “CRISPRoff” that can switch off genes in human cells through epigenetic editing without altering the genetic sequence itself.

DNA 83

Artificial intelligence could be new blueprint for precision drug discovery

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“This is mostly because drugs that work perfectly in preclinical inbred models, such as laboratory mice, that are genetically or otherwise identical to each other, don’t translate to patients in the clinic, where each individual and their disease is unique.

Why Women with Alzheimer’s Live Longer and Do Better Than Men with the Disease


A study from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) has revealed that women with Alzheimer’s do better than men with the disease due to a genetic advantage conferred by their extra X chromosome. The Active Gene. One of these doubly active genes is KDM6A.

Gene 76

Anti-tumor agent from the intestine

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On the other hand, they can inhibit specific enzymes that regulate the accessibility to the genetic material and thus the gene expression in the T cells.

Using CRISPR to Edit the Epigenome Might Be Easier Than We Thought


Researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the Whitehead Institute have developed a novel CRISPR-based tool called “CRISPRoff” that can switch off genes in human cells without editing the genetic sequence itself.

DNA 52

Current and Emerging Therapies for Patients With Multiple Myeloma

CATO Research

Noteworthy, in addition to established risk factors such as cytogenetic aberrations, the gene expression patterns of the malignant cells can also help to better predict prognosis. Clonal selection and double-hit events involving tumor suppressor genes underlie relapse in myeloma. Genetic correlation between multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia provides evidence for shared aetiology.

bluebird seeks gene therapy trial restart after cancer scare

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bluebird bio is to ask regulators to restart clinical studies of its LentiGlobin for sickle cell disease, after an investigation concluded that a case of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) was “very unlikely” to be caused by the gene therapy.

Zynteglo halt re-ignites viral vector safety concerns; analysts

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Bluebird Bio’s decision to hit pause on the launch of Zynteglo for beta thalassaemia after two cases of cancer were seen in a clinical trial could see fears over the safety of viral vectors used to deliver gene therapies resurface. .

Decibel Therapeutics Announces $82M Series D Financing to Advance Gene Therapies to Restore Hearing and Balance

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BOSTON–( BUSINESS WIRE )– Decibel Therapeutics , a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel restorative gene therapeutics to treat hearing loss and balance disorders, today announced the closing of an oversubscribed Series D financing, which raised $82.2M. The program, developed in collaboration with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, uses a proprietary, cell-selective promoter to precisely control gene expression in cochlear hair cells. 9, 2020 11:00 UTC.

Symvivo’s Oral COVID-19 Vaccine Enters Clinical Trials


The Burnaby, BC-based company developed the oral DNA-based vaccine using its proprietary bacTRL Gene Therapy Platform, which uses genetically modified bifidobacteria as carriers of genetic vaccine elements on a DNA plasmid. The gene therapy-based vaccine targets mucosal tissues in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing for greater selectivity and targeted delivery compared to traditional vaccines. BacTRL Gene Therapy Platform.

The 4 Biggest Cancer Biotech Acquisitions of 2021 So Far


Using a simple, standard blood sample, the assay can detect actionable genetic mutations in cancers, including cancer-driving alterations. The tool analyzes the differential expression of over 90 genes to distinguish between 50 tumors types and subtypes.

HR 90

Fulcrum Therapeutics Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock – Jan 20, 2021

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Nasdaq: FULC), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on improving the lives of patients with genetically defined rare diseases, today announced that it has priced an underwritten public offering of 4,000,000 shares of its common stock at a public offering price of $11.00 Fulcrum Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on improving the lives of patients with genetically defined rare diseases in areas of high unmet medical need. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.,

My Hemochromatosis cb vsl | Blue Heron Health News

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I was recently reminded of my journey out of the HCT nightmare as I watched a documentary about gene therapy. Gene therapy is a huge deal – some gene therapies are already achieving jaw-dropping results for people with previously untreatable illnesses.

Gene editing: beyond the hype

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Cutting edge’ is, for once, a truly apt description when it comes to gene editing – both because the field is pushing medicine into areas we might never have dreamed possible, and because these technologies involve literally cutting DNA at a specific point in the genome.

Burning Rock Announces an Exclusive in-Licensing of a Risk Stratification Test for Early Stage Lung-Cancer Patients from Oncocyte in China

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Combining DetermaRx with our products for genetic testing and MRD detection (currently under R&D), we can provide a comprehensive testing strategy for oncologists to ultimately benefit Chinese early-stage NSCLC patients by improving their survival and quality of life.

Angelman Syndrome Market: Insights Into The Recent Late-Stage Drug Failures And Novel Approaches To Treating This Rare Neurogenetic Disorder


Angelman syndrome (AS) is a complex genetic rare disorder that affects the nervous system. Angelman syndrome is a result of the missing or dysfunctional gene known as UBE3A. Thus, restoring the presence of this particular gene can help to restore several of the functions of the brain.

Gene 52

Clinical Catch-Up: December 21-25 | BioSpace

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STP705 is a small interfering RNA (siRNA) therapy that leverages a dual-targeted inhibitory property and polypeptide nanoparticle (PNP)-enhanced delivery to knock down both TGF-beta1 and COX-2 gene expression.

Otto Bayer Award goes to Prof. Ruth Ley PhD

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Before, she was associate professor at Cornell University in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. Her cryo-electron microscopy studies include analysis of nuclear peripheries and the machinery of gene expression in bacteria. The Bayer Foundation has awarded Ruth Ley PhD with the Otto Bayer Prize, endowed with 75,000 euros.

Tezepelumab granted Priority Review by U.S. FDA

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24,25) Expression of TSLP is increased in the airways of patients with asthma and has been correlated with disease severity.(24,26) This approach begins by using tools like advanced human genetics to unravel the complexities of disease and understand the fundamentals of human biology.

Tezepelumab NAVIGATOR Phase 3 Trial Met Primary Endpoint Of A Statistically Significant And Clinically Meaningful Reduction In Exacerbations In A Broad Population Of Patients With Severe Asthma

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1,2 Expression of TSLP is increased in the airways of patients with asthma and has been correlated with disease severity. This approach begins by using tools like advanced human genetics to unravel the complexities of disease and understand the fundamentals of human biology.