#news #biotech Protein that manipulates gene expression inside the cell nucleus could inspire new RSV drugs, vaccines

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Biotechnology, Pharma and Biopharma News – Research – Science – Lifescience ://Biotech-Biopharma-Pharma: Protein that manipulates gene expression inside the cell nucleus could inspire new RSV drugs, vaccines.Protein that manipulates gene expression inside the cell nucleus could inspire new RSV … Continue reading → #news

Salt stress alters legume responses to symbiotic rhizobacteria by modulating gene expression


Crop legumes are an integral part of sustainable agriculture, as several of these species represent an important protein source for both human and animal populations. Social & Behavioral Science alters expression gene legume modulating responses rhizobacteria salt stress symbiotic


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The Equalizer: An engineered circuit for uniform gene expression


The function of a protein can depend on its abundance in a cell. So, when investigating the properties of a new protein, it is essential to make sure that the same amount is produced by every cell. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University have found a new way to do just that […]. Technology and Engineering Biology Biomedical/Environmental/Chemical Engineering Biotechnology Cell Biology Genetics

For the first time, researchers describe how Rho protein really stops gene expression

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Source : Biology Textbooks Wrong?

Key early steps in gene expression captured in real time by CSU researchers


Capturing how RNA polymerase enzymes kick off transcription On scales too small for our eyes to see, the business of life happens through the making of proteins, which impart to our cells both structure and function. Cellular proteins get their marching orders from genetic instructions encoded in DNA, whose sequences are first copied and made […].

Racial/ethnic variation found in nasal gene expression of key protein used by SARS-CoV-2


Findings suggest one factor that may contribute to disparities in COVID-19 infection New York – In a study published in JAMA today, Mount Sinai researchers report findings that shed some light on the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Blacks, who have experienced rates of infection and death that are much greater, in some areas twice […]. Medicine & Health Biology Genetics Medicine/Health

Combining the Powers of Single Cell Sequencing and AI in Understanding Disease Biology and Drug Development


The detailed complexity of these processes can be captured by creating models that combine correlates of gene and protein expression, providing insight into the molecular composition of tissues. Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution.

#news #biotech Enabling cells to talk to computers

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Biotechnology, Pharma and Biopharma News – Research – Science – Lifescience ://Biotech-Biopharma-Pharma: Enabling cells to talk to computers.Genetically encoded reporter proteins have been a mainstay of biotechnology research, allowing scientists to track gene expression, understand intracellular processes and debug … Continue reading → #news

Mount Sinai researchers identify mechanisms that are essential for proper skin development


Mount Sinai researchers have discovered that Polycomb complexes, groups of proteins that maintain gene expression patterns, are essential for proper skin development, according to a paper published in Genes & Development on February 18.

Study revealing the secret behind a key cellular process refutes biology textbooks


For the first time, researchers describe how Rho protein really stops gene expression COLUMBUS, Ohio – New research has identified and described a cellular process that, despite what textbooks say, has remained elusive to scientists until now – precisely how the copying of genetic material that, once started, is properly turned off.

“Nuclear speckle” structures inside cells enhance gene activity, may help block cancers


Study shows that tumor-suppressor protein p53 brings speckles and DNA together to boost gene expression PHILADELPHIA – A team led by scientists at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has illuminated the functions of mysterious structures in cells called “nuclear speckles,” showing that they can work in partnership with a key […]. Cancer Biology cancer Cell Biology Genes Genetics

Gene Therapy and Pharmacokinetics


How and When to Incorporate PK Design into Your Gene Therapy Development Plan. Gene therapy, which was in its infancy around 30 years ago, is now becoming a more prominent treatment method in many therapeutic areas, from personalized therapy to mass vaccinations against COVID-19.

Epigenetic Editing with CRISPR Might Be Easier Than We Thought


Researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the Whitehead Institute have developed a novel CRISPR-based tool called “CRISPRoff” that can switch off genes in human cells through epigenetic editing without altering the genetic sequence itself.

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Modeling Coronavirus – Cytokine Storm

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Proteins regulated by “coronavirus infection”. Regulatory network of coronavirus-related proteins. We then extract all the high-quality regulatory interactions between these 18 proteins as found in the Biology Knowledge Graph to assemble the corresponding immune signaling network.

Why Women with Alzheimer’s Live Longer and Do Better Than Men with the Disease


UCSF scientists found that having an additional copy of the sex chromosome gives women two “doses” of a gene found only on that chromosome. The gene, called KDM6A , is a histone demethylase that is believed to function as a tumor suppressor. The Active Gene.

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Using CRISPR to Edit the Epigenome Might Be Easier Than We Thought


Researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the Whitehead Institute have developed a novel CRISPR-based tool called “CRISPRoff” that can switch off genes in human cells without editing the genetic sequence itself. It’s a great tool for controlling gene expression.”.

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Blood vessels produce growth factor that promotes metastases

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” With a particular focus on the lung, the researchers performed global gene expression analyses of the metastatic niche. Blood vessels supply tumors with nutrients and, on the other hand, enable cancer cells to spread throughout the body.

bluebird seeks gene therapy trial restart after cancer scare

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bluebird bio is to ask regulators to restart clinical studies of its LentiGlobin for sickle cell disease, after an investigation concluded that a case of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) was “very unlikely” to be caused by the gene therapy.

Symvivo’s Oral COVID-19 Vaccine Enters Clinical Trials


The Burnaby, BC-based company developed the oral DNA-based vaccine using its proprietary bacTRL Gene Therapy Platform, which uses genetically modified bifidobacteria as carriers of genetic vaccine elements on a DNA plasmid. The gene therapy-based vaccine targets mucosal tissues in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing for greater selectivity and targeted delivery compared to traditional vaccines. BacTRL Gene Therapy Platform.

Angelman Syndrome Market: Insights Into The Recent Late-Stage Drug Failures And Novel Approaches To Treating This Rare Neurogenetic Disorder


Angelman syndrome is a result of the missing or dysfunctional gene known as UBE3A. The gene is responsible for the normal and healthy development of an individual physically as well intellectually.

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The 4 Biggest Cancer Biotech Acquisitions of 2021 So Far


The portfolio includes Maverick’s lead candidate TAK-186 (MVC-101) that is currently being studied for the treatment of EGFR-expressing solid tumors in a Phase I/II study. The tool analyzes the differential expression of over 90 genes to distinguish between 50 tumors types and subtypes.

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Roche-UCB’s $120M collaboration; Omega snags $85M; ExeVir raises $27M; GSK culls pipeline meds after failures


The drug, UCB0107, is designed to impede or decrease the buildup of tau proteins in the brain, which leads to nerve cell damage and death. Omega’s platform is designed to adjust gene expression to healthy levels rather than switching genes on and off.

Gene editing: beyond the hype

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Cutting edge’ is, for once, a truly apt description when it comes to gene editing – both because the field is pushing medicine into areas we might never have dreamed possible, and because these technologies involve literally cutting DNA at a specific point in the genome.

Angle PLC Announces Submission Accepted by FDA for Substantive Review

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ANGLE’s proven patent protected platforms include a circulating tumor cell (CTC) harvesting technology and a downstream analysis system for cost effective, highly multiplexed analysis of nucleic acids and proteins. CTCs enable the complete picture of a cancer to be seen, as, being an intact cell, they allow DNA, RNA and protein analysis and thus provide comparable analysis to a tissue biopsy.

Clinical Catch-Up: December 21-25 | BioSpace

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The drug is a topical ointment applied to the lower lid to address the build-up and shedding of proteins at the opening of the Meibomian gland. ATYR1923 is a fusion protein made up of the immuno-modulatory domain of histidyl tRNA synthetase fused to the FC region of a human antibody.

What the Glycome Can Tell Us About Persistent HIV Infection


Studies have identified the presence of two types of HIV-infected CD4+ T cells: ‘Transcriptionally inactive’ cells that do not typically produce viral RNA or viral proteins. Fucosylation is the attachment of a specific sugar molecule called fucose to proteins on the surface of cells.

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Women in Science Who Have Paved the Way Forward in Genetics


After several such Nobel Prize snubs for female scientists, 2020 saw the Nobel Prize in Chemistry go to a female scientist duo for the first time for their revolutionary discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system. Daly’s work on histones stemmed from her interest in nuclear proteins.

2020 Year in Review: COVID-19, CRISPR and Immunotherapies Define the Year for the Life Sciences


From rare disease drug approvals to treatments involving immunotherapies and gene therapies and awarding of a Nobel Prize to the inventors of the gene-editing tool CRISPR, 2020 was a year of great activity and productivity despite the backdrop of the pandemic.

Bristol Myers Squibb Statement on Istodax® (romidepsin) Relapsed/Refractory Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma U.S. Indication

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HDACs catalyze the removal of acetyl groups from acetylated lysine residues in histones, resulting in the modulation of gene expression. HDACs also deacetylate non-histone proteins, such as transcription factors.

Let's Quit Sugar With Audiobook – Let's Quit Sugar

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Hepatic ALT isoenzymes are elevated in gluconeogenic conditions including diabetes and suppressed by insulin at the protein level. Product Name: Let's Quit Sugar With Audiobook – Let's Quit Sugar.